#04 DFQ

The First Law of Thinking:

The current view of the situation (cvs)

can never be equal to

the better view of the situation (bvs)

George H. Gallup, Founder of The Gallup Poll:

What the School of Thinking is doing to teach people to think for themselves may be the most important thing going on in the world today.


What ‘thinking for yourself’, have you done most recently? What core idea have you risen above? What box have you escaped from? What is your most recent cvs2bvs? Write a 25-word paragraph …

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  1. that what we are trying to pull together has been done before and that theres an acceptable model we should plagiarise. I longed to do it differently but those around me are locked into a CVS that they cant escape from – ive built an alternative that they are starting to understand and move towards – so slowly though

  2. The core idea is that the information I need is not available. This CVS infiltrates many areas or applications. Can social media be exploited [in a positive way] & allow me to switch to a BVS?

  3. It is now very clear to me that I need to rise above major inhibitors in my life: perceived lack of ‘security of person’, retirement stress, my autonomic nervous system.

  4. I have dietary requirements which I have had for over a decade. All this time I have living in fomo (fear of missing out) that I will never eat the good things in life and that my life is worse than other people’s lives because of this requirement. Recently my digestion of various foods has worsened and I managed to convince myself that I should take my dietary requirements seriously and cut out all the foods which may cause me discomfort. To my surprise I discovered a bunch of foods that I have been avoiding for years that I can actually eat, and honestly, my gut feels better, plus I am not even craving most of the foods I’ve given up.

  5. My initial reaction ‘so much to do so little done’. I need to learn Spanish & trying to exploit ‘chatbot’ technology to overcome lack of cultural immersion opportunities (CVS2BVS?).

  6. My CVS is that I am rolling in one place in life but with my BVS I want to transform my changes into positive things doing in my everyday activities,

  7. The closest recent example of a mental shift occurred in my work as an anaesthetist. An elderly patient presented with a subtle but life threatening surgical condition. I realised that her surgery should not be delayed. Instead of seeing her surgery as an imposition to be done at the end of the day’s routine work, I drove the process to ensure that it was done at the ideal time to maximise her chances of recovery.
    To use a mathematical metaphor, instead of being a dependent variable (dependent on other operators and factors) I decided to act as an independent variable and drive the right process which others followed.
    I guess this is good leadership but the realisation of what was needed was a CVS to BVS shift.

  8. Escaping from CVS of what can I do for the team to the BVS of how can I enable the team so that they can do X10 more than what I can do.

  9. My most recent cvs2bvs has been to move on from the “hindsight if only syndrome”. It was actually while doing dfq#2 that I realised just how much I was doing this and what an anchor this was to my progress.

  10. The most current cvs2bvs occurred a few weeks back when my business partner and I were rethinking our approach to getting clients. We had both come from the software world and had happily divided the market into consumer and business segments. We spent months developing both sides and while it was working well, it wasn’t working fast enough. We rethought our model and realised that the traditional business segment was taking too much time and resources. We redeployed them towards the consumer segment knowing that out of talking with consumers, a percentage of the sales will evolve into business sales. We’ve started to see signs of that idea.

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