#063 DFQ

If you were given the opportunity to ask anyone alive in the world today just one question:
1. what would be the question? and
2. of whom would you ask it?


If you were given the opportunity to ask anyone in history who ever lived just one question:
1. what would be the question? and
2. of whom, in all of history, would you ask your question?

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  1. What can I do to become deeply and truly humble?
    To anyone who values humility

    What can I do now to please you?
    Srila Prabhupada, my spiritual master

  2. How do I change my actions to match my desired intent?

    How did you write music that you could not hear?
    Ludwig von Beethoven

  3. Neil Armstrong- how did you deal with the fear and the unknown ?

    Nelson Mandela- how did you make peace with the silent loneliness of imprisonment ? what did you do with your mind ? How did you forgive and move on ?

  4. Q1:Why before the extinction of the dinosaurs all plants and animals were so huge? Did the asteroid change the earth’s gravitation?
    Q2:Can we create another Manhattan Project to solve the world’s problems like: Poverty, Energy, Pollution and sustainability?

  5. Obama- who can tell me if we really have discovered any aliens?
    Einstein- what do you believe is possible with the available info now?

  6. My question would be directed to you, Michael. And it is at the core of today’s lesson: How do you continually apply one’s knowledge, when it is so much easier to be a “couch potato”, how does one continually pick themselves up?

  7. Where will financial devaluation of paper cash end.
    The International Monetary Fund.

    What do you think today,of past damages caused by believers of PTV
    PLATO himself.

  8. Professor Stephen Hawking. I’d like to ask him to take me back to whatever point in “time” when there was nothing and then there was something. And explain how that happened – in plain, simple English even I could understand.

    Philosopher Plato. I’d like to ask him how he feels about having a truth virus names after him.

  9. I have many questions that I would like to ask – some important and some trivial, and when asked to nominate only one, my brain almost self imploded.

    I understand that I’m not being graded and we are not playing for sheep stations, but the thought of picking only one question to one person, puts a heavy weight on that question being great and worthy.

    If however I can ask a multitude of questions, which I am able, I think I could go on forever.

  10. 1. How do you maintain the enthusiasm and focus in constant state of innovation ahead of your competitors?
    2. Bill Gate.

    1. What make you who you are?
    2. Adolf Hitler.

  11. Living
    bob hawke do you remember having a beer with me?
    Rhonda birchmore to record “crying” by Roy orbinson I saw her sing it on a morning show and she did a fantastic job
    don’t remember which pope but he sentenced the man who questioned that rainbows weren’t miracles and was sentenced to confinement for life
    fortunately the pope died after 10 years and he was released to prove his theory


  12. Why just one question? Why just one person? hehe.

    I suppose it is human nature or whatever to focus on the individuals who make it into the media or who are remembered in history. Yes they are symbols of success and icons in there own way.

    However from what I have noticed is that the ‘great’ people did not become ‘great’ in a bubble. I’m a nobody one day and ‘shazam’ I’m famous, rich, influential etc etc.

    Yes Im straying from the exercise however I have been thinking about what has been written.

    Who would I ask that is alive or in the past and, what would I ask them?

    Obama?Mendela? Branson? Gates? Jobs? George Lucas? Hitler? Freddie Mercury? JFK
    etc etc.

    One of my favorite books/movies is ‘Lord of the Rings’.

    Yes there are epic battles and rich/famous influential characters that dominate the story line however without the perseverance of two small insignificant
    creatures the whole story is for nada….

    Back to the question in hand.

    I would ask two or more questions of two or more individuals.

    1 For the person who has made it into the limelight.
    2 The individuals that supported that person.

    The people alive today.

    1 Neil Armstrong commander Apollo 11.
    How did he manage, day to day after landing on the moon.

    2 Michael Collins crew member Apollo 11. Did he dream while he orbited the moon?

    People from the past

    1 The person that went. Lets create a wheel.

    Were you in competition with the person who domesticated fire?

    2 Family members of the person that invented the wheel.

    What were your initial thoughts on this invention?

    The person in history.

  13. 1. How can you live with yourself knowing that you are being a person of expediency rather than on principle every day of your life

    2. Julia Gillard

    1. How can you face yourself every day knowing the evil that you are perpetrating.

    2. Adolf Hitler

  14. Is thinking something that all children should be taught, or only the adults who choose to learn?
    Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

    Who were you really?
    William Shakespeare.

    1. I think that both options should be available, Jax.

      Since 1980 SOT has been working to get ‘thinking’ on school curricula. This is now happening in many school districts around the world. Also we have been offering pro bono lessons to adults who are interested.

  15. Why would I limit myself to any constraints like this?

    I can ask anyone any question at any time. With the right technique, I can even connect with anyone anywhere anytime have it be the present, past or future. Hence I find no challenge in your questions.

  16. 1- Who are you? – to me (metaphysically speaking)

    2 – What´s – if there is any – the purpose of this all? – to Jesus (as the divinity personified).

  17. 1. Did your interesting in computing involved making games and would you develop a business plan to develop it?

    2. To myself when I am younger before high school…

  18. 1. To all politician: Have you ever thought of being a great ‘Leader’ like Gandhiji or Nehruji.

    2. To Adlof Hitler: If you would have been alive how would you rule your country?

  19. Abraham Lincoln,
    If you were me today Abe, what would you do with the rest of your life if you new you could not fail?

  20. I would ask Richard Branson – What do you think was different about you that made the Virgin group of companies successful?

    I would ask Plato – Why did you start the Plato Truth Virus?

  21. 1. How does someone excel at something they choose? – John Grinder
    2. What did you do to inspire so many people to follow you in the pursuit of peace? – Gandhi

  22. Alive Person – None really
    Person who is no longer Alive -My question will be to Mahatma Gandhi. I willl find out whether non-voilence was him portraying his own views or was it a strategy to get the British out of India. In other words did he think non-violence would get more support from the Indian population and it would make more sense to follow that path to freedom.

  23. 1. What is your views on humans as multidimensional beings, free from human constraints?
    2. Nostradamus

  24. nelson mandela i want to ask him about his endurance.HOW DID YOU GET THAT ENDURANCE TO BRING THOSE FREEDOM FOR BLACK PEOPLE? and he is my whole life hero.i have respection for him.

  25. “you really believe in this?” or “isn´t there an alternative?”
    -> any soldier in the moment of killing someone

    “what is your vision of your followers in 2000 years?”
    -> Jesus

  26. Alive: Marc Andreessen
    Q.Where do you see the best opportunities for starting a technology business during the next decade?

    Deceased: Hitler
    How would you describe yourself?

  27. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Nelson Mandela
    No questions need. Their look tells you all the answers you need to know!

  28. The Question : How did you manage to focus on a positive future during your decades of detention and imprisonment?

    The Person: Nelson Mandela

    The Question: How did you find the inner strength to keep going in adversity and never ever ever giving up?
    The Person: Sir Winston Churchill.

  29. The opportunity to ask anyone ‘just one’ question is not…much. How do we pick the question and make the most of it?

    Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

  30. Assuming Jesus existed, I would ask him why his quotes in the Bible are full of contradictions? And if that was not true then why wasn’t his teachings made more clearer?

  31. If you were given the opportunity to ask anyone in history who ever lived just one question:

    Of whom, in all of history, would you ask your question?

    what would be the question?
    What went wrong with the invasion of Russia.

  32. Question 1 – To Warren Buffett – When will you start teaching and directing people in this country (USA) to be more self sufficient and financially independant, and by this I mean hardcore campaigning to the lowest of the lowest.

    Question 2 – To My Father – Can you tell me about your times in Iraq and the Middle East were Christian, Muslims , and Jews lived in Harmony ?

  33. I really would love to ask Charles Darwin if he thought it was slightly possible that genes were programmed to replicate and adapt as they progressed over time?

  34. Question for Anyone Alive in the World Today:
    -What would you have done differently given what you know today? Living World Leaders

    Question for Anyone in History:
    1. Assuming I could bring it back to present time–Could I have your autograph?

    -What technique(s) did you use to come up with all of your ideas? Leonardo da Vinci

  35. (1) Against all the odds how did you achieve your goal of becoming president of the United States .
    Barack Obama

    (2) Why?
    Osama bin Laden

  36. If you were given the opportunity to ask anyone alive in the world today just one question:
    1. what would be the question?
    Do you believe, as I do, that if everyone lived the Golden Rule and loved his neighbor as well as himself, that war would be eliminated?
    2. of whom would you ask it?
    Leaders of the United Nations.
    If you were given the opportunity to ask anyone in history who ever lived just one question:
    1. what would be the question?
    How would you compare the health, happiness, and freedom of life beyond our life on earth to where you are now?
    2. of whom, in all of history, would you ask your question? Jesus Christ.

  37. Papa Francesco: how do you feel about the chuch in general ?
    Einstein; what do you think about human kind?

  38. 1. What would be the question? and
    Where did the belief come from in you questioning other peoples theories?

    2. Of whom, in all of history, would you ask your question?

  39. To Yngwie Malmsteen (alive): With your extreme level of understanding and ability with the guitar, is it now impossible to see the instrument or music from the eyes and ears of the normal musician or listener?

    To Bill Lawry (also alive): How could we get some comradery between people back in the way your cricket team existed with each other in the 60’s?

  40. Myself, good do I want myou thinking to be?

    Confucius, what is your advice to the third world countries?

  41. What drives you that keeps you at the top in rugby.
    Richie McCaw

    Why did you succeed in climbing Mt Everest along with Tenzing Norgay when others before you had failed.
    Sir Edmond Hillary

  42. What made you so committed to getting to the top the right way and how did you stay focused with all going on around you?

    Cadel Evans

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