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START: The first of the SOT tools for thinking

Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

What is starting?

It can be very difficult to start things. Once you get started there is momentum and feedback but getting started can be difficult. Most races are lost not at the finishing line but at the starting blocks. Why? Because most people never even enter the race! They just never get started. Wasn’t it Lao-Tzu who pointed out that all epic journeys begin with a single step.

The Start of the Sale = Customer Attention

What is the start of the sale? The start of the sale is Customer Attention. Before a customer can say YES or NO their attention must be on your offer. Fred Herman, author of KISS: Keep It Simple Salesman used to say, First, you’ve got to get the customer’s attention!

Yet, most of the time the vast majority of customers’ attention is not focused on your offer at all. Whenever, at any particular moment, the customer’s attention is not on your offer then there can be no hope of a sale.

The Check Move

To manage customer attention I designed a new unit of measurement. In my book NewSell, which became a best-seller in Australia, I designed a new unit of measurement which I called: Check.

Check, or, the Check move

A Check move (taken from the game of chess) is simply a customer contact of any kind. This has all been revised and in my new book WOMBAT Selling: How To Sell By Word of Mouth and you can request an ebook copy here with my compliments.

For years it’s been a common belief in selling that most sales were lost at the close. In other words, salespeople were missing sales because they were not ‘closing’ them. Our research showed that this is a grand illusion. The whole issue of ‘closing the sale’ is a nonsense and I have offered a reward of $100,000 to the first person who can prove the salesperson closes the sale.

  • FACT: The decision to buy is an electro-chemical event in the brain of the customer and the salesperson does NOT control that event.
  • FACT: 99% of sales are not missed at the close at all but at the start.
  • FACT: It’s the failure to start the sale – to contact a customer by phone,
  • by snail mail, by email, by fax or in person – that is the source of most lost business.
  • FACT: 99% of check moves have never yet been made.

Noting their check moves (customer contacts) helps salespeople keep a measurement of how much energy they are putting out into the marketplace. Focusing on their check moves helps them: 1. to raise their energy level and avoid wasting time, and 2. to stop their obsession with ‘the close’ and all the archaic manipulation tactics that customers hate and which have given the selling profession such a bad image and poor ethical reputation.

Focusing on the start–check–rather than the ‘close’, reduces the rejection and disappointment salespeople feel which so effects their energy levels. Check allows them to initiate many more customer contacts.

This, of course, always leads to better sales results because the only move that can turn a prospective customer into a client is CHECK which is enough to make it the most important move in business. As Woody Allen said, “80% of success is showing up.”


How to start? Most plans are full of details on how to get to the finishing line but contain little or nothing about how to get to the starting blocks. Yet nothing happens until someone STARTS something. For many years in business we have had MBO or Management By Objectives. Perhaps we also need MBS or Management By Starting.

Many management gurus write books about “Goal-Setting”. Maybe they should also write books about “Start-Getting” since, most of the time, most people never get started.

To Start is the fundamental creative act. To change a switch from the OFF position to the ON position is to start something and means something has now been created. It has been said that the most important skill in writing a book is sitting down at the keyboard – getting started.

To Start is a Strategic Act

Strategy is about control. If you are in control you are in a strategic position, if you are out of control, you aren’t. Starting is a strategic act because we can control starting but we cannot control finishing.

Once we start, many other factors come into play: other peoples reactions, the weather, consequences and the unexpected. These may prevent us from finishing. But if we are good at starting then we can always start again, and again, and again. It may be that finishing is simply the repetitive act of starting, and starting again, and starting again, until we declare that we have “finished”.

Some people are good at starting. Others are good at the follow-up. Some are good at both. What are you better at? Do you see starting as a skill? How can you improve your starting ability? Is it worth it? What would be a better skill to develop than starting? How do you start to start? To start or not to start? To flip the switch or not to flip the switch? To start is to be! I start therefore I am. He who hesitates to start is lost. Start before you leap. etc.

Where to start?

Anywhere is a good place to start. Sir Yehudi Menuhin, who was a tutor at my college, started playing the violin at home when he was four. Home is a good place to start. He made his professional debut, when he was seven, in San Francisco. San Francisco is a good place to start.

In 1962 he started a boarding school for musically talented children, at Stoke d’Abernon, near London. Boarding school is a good place to start. Sir Yehudi’s son Jeremy made his debut as a pianist, in Gstaad, in 1965. Dare I say it – Gstaad is a good place to start!

Is there a best place to start? Why? Is there a worst place to start? Why?

Why start things?

When you start you begin to overcome inertia. Inertia is the enemy of starting with its lack of feedback. Once you escape from the spell of inertia you begin to get feedback. Feedback is the food of decision-making and the food of design. You can assess feedback and react to your assessment. Do I like it? Do I not like it? Do I want more? Do I want less?

We are much better at reacting than at proacting. By creating feedback it gives us something to react to and so we can make a decision and proceed. A simple way to create feedback is to start something … anything.

When to Start?

There is really only one time to start and that time is the moment called … Now! We need to create as many Now! moments for starting as possible. Just suppose a Now! moment is one second. In other words, let’s define the time it takes to start something as one second. Here are some examples:

  • How long does it take to pick up the telephone? One second.
  • How long does it take to press ‘send’ on an email? One second.
  • How long does it take to start to get up and go for a walk. One second.
  • How long does it take to start a Yahoo search on the net. One second.
  • How long does it take to say “No”? One second.
  • How long does it take to start your laptop? One second.
  • How long does it take to start to contact a customer. One second.

There are an unlimited number of things you can start to do in the quite comfortable space of one second. How many Now! moments are there in a day? I’ll save you the trouble of the maths. It’s 86,400.

Unfortunately we waste most of our Now! moments because we squander most of our time immobilised by inertia because of our Western fear of making “mistakes”.


Mistake-phobia is the morbid fear of making a mistake. It’s an aversion to ever being wrong. It comes from our medieval habit of looking at the world through the concept of “right” and “wrong” (not shared by other cultures like the Chinese, for example).

Compared to the Chinese our mistake-phobia causes us to lose countless opportunities on a daily basis in Western countries like Australia, Britain, France and America and may be one of the biggest single blocks to our increased productivity and potential economic success.

Have a go!

One way to cure mistake-phobia is to accelerate our willingness to have a go, to get started and get busy. When you have a go, one of two things happens:

  • 1. you make a mistake, or
  • 2. you make an un-mistake.

To the brainuser, both these types of feedback are useful.

If you are not afraid of mistakes, if you are not a mistake-phobiac, then you simply assess the feedback and start again. If it was a mistake you try something different. If it was an un-mistake then you can keep going. These are like loops that can be called:

  • 1. IF (mistake) THEN (start again) ELSE (proceed), or
  • 2. IF (un-mistake) THEN (proceed).

Both these outcomes are useful results of starting, they just have different values. Inertia may have no value at all.

This is how we have taught computers to be intelligent. They keep doing something. Anything. They keep busy going through the loops and learning. This is how we learned as children until we were taught to dread making a mistake. If computers were as afraid of making mistakes as we are then they would take as long as us to learn. But they don’t.

Computers are not afraid of mistakes and are rapidly catching up. Today’s cars have more computing power than the whole world had 40 years ago. They are becoming less ‘computer-assisted cars’ and more like ‘driveable computers’. Where will computers be in the next 40 years? In the next 400 years?

Lazy Critic

Lazy critics suffer from mistake-phobia. The PTV-infected brain will turn the most amazing cognitive somersaults to avoid being ‘wrong’. When a brainuser tries to creates something, s/he never really knows what will happen. There is always risk and uncertainty. Risk is enough to keep the mistake-phobiac hiding in inertia.

But, remember, nothing happens until someone STARTS something.

Soren Kierkegaard said, “To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.”

Do you prefer the starter or the critic? How do you feel about mistakes? Are you comfortable with them? Or do you fear mistakes? Can you take a risk?

Starting by Asking

To ask is one way to start. Mrs. Robert Lee Kidd started something simply by walking into the office of the San Francisco Examiner on May 2, 1962 and placing her advertisement which asked for the following:

I don’t want my husband to die in the gas chamber for a crime he did not commit. I will therefore offer my services for 10 years as a cook, maid or housekeeper to any leading attorney who will defend him and bring about his vindication.

Her husband had been tried and convicted of the murder of an elderly antiques dealer, Albert Clarke. Mr. Kidd’s bloody fingerprints were found on the murder weapon, an ornate sword. But Mrs. Kidd had insisted her husband was home with her on the night of the crime.

One of San Francisco’s most eminent attorney’s, Vincent Hallinan responded and proved in court that the sword was not the murder weapon after all. Subsequently both husband and wife went free. Hallinan graciously refused to take up Mrs. Kidd’s offer of 10 years service.

Ask and receive! Asking is one way of starting.

Every day, thousands of people start something by putting their ad in the paper or online asking for something eg a job, a house, a vote, a sale, a friend etc. By asking, there are literally an unlimited number of ways of getting started.

When did you last put an ad in the paper or online? What happened? What other ways can you ask? What did you ask for yesterday? What will you ask for today? What will you ask for tomorrow?

Getting Started

The hardest part about getting started is … getting started! This is a circular trap that is difficult to get out of and is the cause of a lot of inertia. The way I get started is to write down a list of 10 things I can do to get started, then I just choose the ones I like.

When it comes to the power of STARTING no-one said it better than the German thinker, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, said: Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.

DFQ #062:

How to get started:
– write down TEN things you wish you could get started on.
– write down TEN things you can do to get started on number1 on your list.
– what can you ask for to start something?
– write an ad you can place to support this request.
– if you wish, you can place the ad and discuss the results.

239 thoughts on “#062 DFQ

  1. 1. Make more friends
    – greet others more often
    – agree to most invites
    – go out more often
    – Join a running club
    – Go out to football(soccer) games

    2. Reading practice to aid my speech
    3. Use X10 more often
    4. CCNA/L2 Ip certification for work
    5. Learn to swim
    6. Plant vegetables in my Garden
    7. Exercise
    8. Run a marathon @ the Soweto Marathon in November
    9. Buy Nintendo and play more
    10. Start meditating

  2. 1=Eat healthy
    Do more exercise
    Get ontop of costs
    Prepare family history
    Develope biz oppourtunities
    Refresh my native language
    THINK sot
    Spend more time with family
    Focus more on the positive
    Do more public speaking
    2=Dig a home vege garden
    Walk 20 minutes more
    Do own repairs around home
    Listen to elders before they pass away
    Available within our corporation
    Respond to all DFQ
    Invite family every quarter spend 48 hours togather
    Leave negative conversations as i find them
    To accept most invatations when invited

    Help wanted to pay my morgage

    1 bedroon furnished flat for rent $260 a week
    10 min walk to town,bus stops at gate
    10 replies thru word of mouth before notice got on board.

    I now know there is shortage of rental accomodation in my area.

  3. 1. Get the new project up and running.
    2. Have that larger family.
    3. Learn those languages.
    4. Write Book No x.
    5. Become a refined gourmet chef.
    6. Ride daily.
    7. Extend my general radius.
    8. Take up carpentry.
    9. Dance.

    1. Think it. Value it. Do it.
    2. Process jobs immediately.
    3. Refresh plan daily.
    4. Learn to cut people and the unnecessary out of my life to a greater extent.
    5. Shorten activities.
    6. Double thinking time.
    7. Log it.
    8. Always ask out loud what the benefits are.
    9. Start with the unpleasant.
    10. Give myself a free treat every time 20 items on the list are struck off.

    Ad done and posted.

  4. 1 – running for Local Government Councillor position.
    2 – study for a diploma course in Clinical Nutrition.
    3 – repaint my house.
    4 – renovate the second bathroom in the house.
    5 – learn Tai Chi.
    6 – retire from work in 3 months time.
    7 – learn electronics.
    8 – go to fishing more ofter.
    9 – to participate in more social life.
    10 – see more of my family anf friends.

    To run for Councillor, i need to:

    1 – find out the date of the election;
    2 – how to register as a candidate for election;
    3 – legal requirements regarding the egibilty of a candidate;
    4 – to familiarise with the functions and responsibilities of Local Government;
    5 – investigate local topics that have significant public interests;
    6 – what are my assessments on those topics in relation to my own values and beliefs;
    7 – what contributions can i provide to advance the discussions and to achieve acceptable outcomes;
    8 – the breadth and depth of my experience and knowledge gained over the last 40 years working in local government environment shall give me a good stead in contributing to the running of a Council;
    9 – it is the time that i would like to give my greater contribution to the community;
    10 – i believe that in my ability to success in this goal.

    To fulfill a dream, a challenge and overcome a self inhibition of negativeness.

  5. Sell property in qld
    Work out where I really want to live
    Find my true passion
    Sort out my finances
    Write a blog
    Be more assertive
    Clean out my files
    Visit my son in Copenhagen
    To sell the property go to qld to check out the house
    Investigate the market
    Visit the real eastate agents
    Contact my friend to see if she has any info
    Check out market via Internet
    Contact letting agent to get feedback re making a deal with the tenant
    See if need to clean up for sale
    Compare relative prices
    Have a drive around the area to get a feel of the market
    Sell or auction
    Add. “Four bedroom house for sale with ensuite, huge living area in a fantastic location with views of the river”. Won’t last long so don’t miss out!

  6. learn the guitar
    complete more work on line training
    spend more time with my family
    spend more time or contact friends
    house and garden maintenance
    car repairs and maintenance
    book accomodation and insurance for holiday
    replace underground water pipe
    make a list of places and people to visit on holiday
    list books and music I want

    Try to finish work earlier to access more time
    set up a permanent location for practise
    purchase new strings
    prepare study music
    print out notation
    replace old capo
    set a fixed time to practise
    enquire about lessons
    get inspiration through friends and playing favourite pieces
    dont put guitar away leave it out and handy

    ask for appointment to lessons

    request guitar lessons for semi compotent player classical after 7pm
    prefer in the Knox area

  7. 1. Do an advice memorandum for Mr X
    2. Do an advice memorandum for Mr Y.
    3. Clean my apartment
    4. Shred old client files
    5. Train for a soft sand race
    6. Prepare for aviation examinations
    7. Plan a trip to Melbourne for a family visit
    8. Make a flight booking for a wedding in LA
    9. Get New reading glasses
    10. Have a skin test

    For No 1:

    Think about it for a short while.
    Get the file out.
    Read the notes in the file
    Do research
    Prepare an outline
    Start typing the document
    Print the document
    Proof Read the document
    Correct the document
    Send off the document

    What to ask for: What is the desired outcome?

    Ad: I need someone to assist me in preparing a document.

  8. To do:
    Writing a complete chapter of any of the books I am in progress with.
    Writing my next blog on politics.
    Re-writing my resume.
    Learning Ruby.
    Learning tunes on the bagpipes for the band.
    Reading more about AOP & Spring.
    Sending out requests for measurements for the groomsmen at my wedding.
    Telling my step-son how rubbish he is at cleaning up.
    Cleaning up the study.
    Applying these techniques more rigorously.

    Doing No 1
    Have a plan for the book.
    Have themes.
    Write skeletons of chapters.
    Expand on the mini-chapters I have written.
    Think more about “what happens next” for each chapter.
    Determine how to publish.
    Talk the book over with my family.
    Have a timeline for writing.
    Have some time set aside for writing.
    Work out who the audience is.

    I can ask for help from my lady – to see if co-writing is an option.

    Dear D,
    Nothing would please me more than you joining me on the journey of writing the book that I have been toying with on my own for the last year or so. I think that your insight & input would be illuminating to me, & therefore of great benefit to those who mgiht read the result.

  9. 1- Learn French
    2- Improve my Piano skills
    3 -Exercise daily
    4- Meditate daily
    5- Write daily
    6- Spend more time with family and friends
    7- Improve my cooking skills
    8- Do some renovations at home
    9- Relax and enjoy the moment
    10 – Declutter my closet

    Things that I can do to get started:

    Look for a teacher/course
    Buy books and magazines in French
    Listen to French songs
    Watch French movies
    Watch French TV channels
    Join online study groups

  10. 1. writing a children novel
    2. writing a fictional novel
    3. channeling ideas to motivate another person
    4. accumulate enough funds to renovate our house
    5. support a family with a good holiday
    6. starting a healing business
    7. develop some musical songs to put onto You tube
    8. contribute programming Visual Basic for Application online
    9. Support my blog on Excel and VBA
    10. Enjoy my life with Yoga and Mediation

    1. Learn how to write confidently
    2. Learn how to play a story plot with Storybook application
    3. Have fun developing sotry ideas
    4. Find how much is to publish a book via FastPencil website.
    5. Select a few people to review the developed book
    6. Ensure I have a good grammar checker on the story
    7. Practice drawing some illustrations of my own
    8. Commission a friend to do the illustrations for me?
    9. Put the piece of illustrations and story together
    10. Enjoy the rewards of selling the story book online.

    The ideas and the emotion to create something is good.

    Dear Peter, Need good ideas for a story, GO for it.

  11. (1) Web site. (2) Book. (3) CD. (4) Video for YouTube.
    (5) Remove 14kgs. (6) Skip for 10 minutes (7) Begin weight training.
    (8) Use my CHIP cook books. (9) Sell equipment in garage.
    (10) Put dads books on website.
    1/ Examine similar web sites in my line 2/ Choose & Register name.
    3/ finish DVD web videos. 4/ set up site. 5/ Start a mastermind group.
    6/ Join a second TM club, 7/ Rejoin Rotary. 8/ rejoin NSA.
    9/ Attend 3 extra meetings per week. 10/ Watch/listen YouTube on
    my iPhone every day.
    Ask Reg for help in setting up my web site.

  12. Could it be that the Vatican Bank scandal will now reach above the clouds?
    A new question from investigators: Who ended up with the tons of
    Vatican Bank cash that Pope Leo took with him to buy his way past the
    Pearly Gates?

  13. 1. Photo website for Dad’s photos
    2. Get a full time job
    3. Redo my own websites and blog
    4. Speak to Dale re: her website
    5. Put stuff on eBay
    6. Start course in Psychology
    7. Get my budget organised
    8. Start looking for somewhere to live
    9. Start my guitar lessons
    10. Start looking for theatre groups to join

    1. Go through photos with Dad
    2. Select 10 photos to start with initially
    3. Start website development
    4. Pick a domain name
    5. Set pricing for prints
    6. Organise drop-shipping
    7. Put an SEO plan in place
    8. Advertise on Facebook and Twitter
    9. Set up a Blog for Dad’s work
    10. Launch website

    I can ask Dad to set aside some time to go through his photographs and start selecting photos that could be sold as prints, canvasses etc.

    Wanted – AMAZING Photographs!!! Are you an amateur photographer who has some fantastic work but don’t know how to get it online to sell? Let us help you to select and market your best work and make great money doing it. Contact Mick on ……….

  14. To do list
    1 Finish front windows
    2 Buy video camera
    3 Choose school for 2013
    4 Run 10 km race
    5 Run half marathon
    6 Finish front fence
    7 Finish curtains
    8 Finish front verandah
    9 Put up pictures in house
    10 Buy boots and gloves for the snow

    Actions for first item
    1 Determine materials and equipment required
    2 Determine what steps need to be taken
    3 Buy materials and equipment
    4 tbc – step 2 required first

  15. After doing this exercise I started inviting people to a business event through printing posters and ordering tickets. The feedback I got from doing the exercise (what I noticed) is that 1. Having the tickets provided the motivation for me to invite people along and 2. The tickets were sold in ways I didn’t expect (with the help of other people).

  16. Have created a list. The top item being having a health checkup.

    This has been very insightful. Especially the importance of sales opening which is the opposite of what we typically beleive – i.e closing the sale is more important. Typically we see the companies send junior resources to open a sales call in a B2B scenario but send a senior person to close the sales.

  17. To do:
    1 – 1 Year travel abroad
    2 – Stop smoking
    3 – Complete hypnotherapy course
    4 – Tyra’s nail course
    5 – Tyra’s driving
    6 – Debt Free
    7 – Reflexology
    8 – Car service
    9 – Week end away
    10 – New CD player

    How to achieve # 1:
    1 – Start saving
    2 – Talk to Vernon
    3 – What to invest in
    4 – Which countries do I want to visit?
    5 – List reasons for which to visit
    6 – In which countries do I have friends
    7 – Tyra needs to be able to drive
    8 – Review Tyra’s progress – acceptance @ University
    9 – How much money will I need
    10 – What else would I need?

  18. – prepare new lecture for winter semester
    – work in garden (weeding, mow the lawn,…)
    – train constantly (every day)
    – finish a certain report
    – call a certain customer group again
    – barcelona
    – start innovation project with a certain customer
    – actually – a lot of calling customers 😉
    – read a list of books
    – reduce pc-gaming time
    – empty inbox (GTD), check project list more constantly

    1. read notes of last meeting concerning the new lecture
    2. go to library for literature
    3. ask friend for some ideas
    4. draw a mindmap – first ideas of lecture
    5. google similar lectures
    6. read magazines about the topic (data management)
    7. get/prepare powerpoint template
    8. write a todo-note for my Inbox (getting things done)
    9. empty my inbox

    ASK a former business partner for help with sales in certain region
    Ad: i could place this ad in some business magazine in that region (chamber of commerce eg.,…)

  19. 1. Clear out wardrobe.
    2. Update CV.
    3. Complete client project.
    4. Plan trip itinerary
    5. Put in insurance claim.
    6. Make police complaint.
    7. Complete SOT lessons.
    8. Make eye Dr appointment.
    9. Complete business plan.
    10. Write book.

    1. Schedule some time to do it.
    2. Identify clothes not worn for 12 months.
    3. Find charity to accept cloths.
    4. Get a friend to help.
    5. Re-asses attachment to some items of clothing.
    6. Throw out old suitcase.

    I probably only need these 6.

  20. 1 Exercise More
    2 Healthy eating – Vegan
    3 Start a new Enterprise
    4 Improve Relationships
    5 Book next family adventure
    6 Read 1 more book a week
    7 Finish my unfinished studies
    8 Increase Income X 10
    9 Be financially independant 10 years sooner
    10 Keep on with SOT Training

    1 Exercise 4 times a week for 1 hour
    2 Walk every day around the Suburb and talk to my neighbours
    3 Cycle more – 3 X a week out of my Suburb
    4 More weight training in my back yard
    5 Increase Protein intake and reduce calories
    6 Enjoy food more – try to become Vegan
    7 Walk in the outdoors – enjoy the bush and the city
    8 Enjoy the weather -the sunshine the wind and the rain
    9 Enjoy growing things in my garden
    10 Work Out on the way to Work – climb stairs – take a walk – don’t get a Taxi.

    Stuff Starts to Happen when you Start to do stuff…..

  21. I understand the purpose of this DFQ.

    I can write down twenty things that I wish I could get started on.

    However, that elephant in the room, haven’t muster enough courage to talk about it.

  22. -have longtime investment.-compose my intergrity.-be fear in all i do.-To have loyalty among the world of people.-to be successful in all i intended doing.-to be compassionate with my school of thinking.-work every day to expatiate my ability.-enjoy making friends.-keep teaching the less privilage in the society.-meet with good people and from tham.

  23. 1. Be a better thinker
    2. Exercise every day
    3. Keep my diet healthy
    4. Relate with people for new business
    5. Study how to start an online business
    6. Be more productive in my job as a salesman
    7. Visit my family abroad in the next three months
    8. finish my buteyko training
    9. Find a volunteer activity
    10. Learn how to create and find opportunities.

  24. 1.Start writting again
    2.Reconstruct my diet
    3.Start an internet side business
    4.Plan a vacation to Spain for Summer 2015
    5.Get back on my supplements
    6.Increase my frequency in going to the gym
    7.Increase my water intake
    8.Walk everyday
    9.To leave my work on time so I can enjoy more time with my family
    10. Finish the books I started

    2.Keep a note pad on hand to write down thoughts
    3.speak thoughts into a recorder
    4.dedicate some time every week specifically for uninterrupted writting
    5.Educate myself on how to write a book

  25. At present, there is only ONE thing I really desire to start – the very first NHIS Community Based Health Insurance Programme for a rural community under the management if my organisation.

    I shall take the appropriate steps to engage the community to set up a Mutual Health Association by discussing with the head of the community before 10AM tomorrow morning.

  26. Things to get started on…
    1. Get in better physical shape
    2. Learn German
    3. Photoread more books
    4. An NLP business
    5. Write another book
    6. Find more income streams
    7. Travel
    8. Increase Income X10
    9. Actively practice what I have learned
    10. Take a vacation

    10 Things I can do to get started on getting in better physical shape
    1. Start tracking my activity and food intake
    2. Talk to people about my goal
    3. Post a tracker in my home office
    4. Implement the 12 week year–so there is intense focus
    5. Schedule the activities I plan to do–Walking, Cardio, Strength and Strength
    6. Plan my meals
    7. Schedule time to meditate
    8. Schedule time to relax
    9. Get 6+ hours of sleep a night
    10. Get started on the above

    Can ask for support from my family.

    Need to figure out the ad.

  27. 1. Understand what I need to do to secure a senior executive role
    2. Improve my fitness
    3. Double my salary
    4. Improve my golf
    5. Sell my existing property
    6. Buy a better property
    7. Dive with great whites
    8. Spend more time with my family
    9. Write a book
    10. Start painting again

    1. Research what skills and qualifications are needed for the role
    2. Identify the two skills have least experience in
    3. Identify courses and self-study options to improve knowledge and skill set
    4. Sign up to relevant courses once identified
    5. Learn more about the industry I want to work in
    6. Contact and talk to other senior executives
    7. Research current opportunities
    8. Expand my professional contact network
    9. Publish management related articles
    10. Contribute to on-line executive forums

  28. 1.Teach my children to be effective thinkers
    2. Learn to swim.
    3. Publish my book.
    4. Improve my English.’
    5. Time Management
    6. Start doing sports.(Improve my health)
    7. Get rid of the bank loan
    8. Design a course in effective thinking
    9. Increase my earnings.
    10.Improve my family life

    1.Start in summer, during holidays.
    2. Organize my time properly.
    3. Play the relevants games , e.g. Thinking Hats with them
    4. Spend more time with them, going on excursions
    5. Read more online or books connected with the issues.
    6. Make them understand the importance of studying foreign languages.
    7. Watch learning videos with them and explain these.
    8. Identify their talents.
    9. Be a good example for them
    10.Get them involved in talking with other people.

    I would ask my husband for support.

  29. Buy-back the grid, green bond, communty super, no financial problems, yoga mentoring program, indigenous equality, solar business, storage business, complete renewables accross australia and the world, largest green fund in the world

    Just do it. It has begun. Persistence and determination.

    Ad: Wanted, energy to continue, courage, ability to get myself our of the way.

    what if we just turn everything into task that we have to start, break it down.
    today I called Treasury. a start.

  30. Wish I could get started on:
    1. write an article for religious magazine.
    Choose several topics. Be grateful. Type the first sentence on computer on any of the topics. Continue letting the ideas flow. Just start.
    2. Learn how to prepare/change my book, Yosemite A to Z, so that it is accepted for publishing by Yosemite Conservancy or another publisher.
    Re-read and edit. Locate illustrations. Talk to Conservancy Representative.
    3. Learn the hula dance with bamboo sticks….PPR
    Find the directions. Take bamboos out of case. Get the music. Dance. PPR
    4. Learn more uses for my android Smart Phone.
    take another class at Verizon and ask more questions.

  31. 1 = write a book on leadership
    2= teach people how to be more positive
    3 = develop my business ideas
    4 = learn another language
    5 = travel
    6 = I wish to become more effective
    7 = learn more about physics
    8 = doing more excercise
    9 = watching more movies
    10 = visitingfamily
    1 = take an holiday
    2 = ask for help
    3= read some books
    4= talk to people about it
    5= learn about leadership
    6= interview people
    7= give myself deadlines
    8= create an outline
    9= have a set time to write everyday
    10= start writing

  32. How to get started:
    Write down TEN things you wish you could get started on.
    1. raise $5M capital for the business,,
    2.organising all our photos the computer,
    3. travel,
    4. get my business off the ground,
    5. read the 5 books I have beside the bed,
    6. buy a holiday house in Maui,
    7. buy my Ferrari Californian,
    8. help charities,
    9. cure MS, which my mum has, and
    10. teach kids to think for themselves.

    Write down TEN things you can do to get started on number1 on your list.
    1. Finish the business plan,
    2. Approach Government for grants
    3. Join Aquaculture Association,
    4. Approach venture capital organisations,
    5. Join China Aquaculture Business Group,
    6. Make contact aquaculture specialists in Cairns,
    7. Make contact with Department of Primary Industries in Brisbane,
    8. Research life fish exporting to China,
    9. Research nitrification and denitrification processes,
    10. Research Australian companies currently exporting to China.

    What can you ask for to start something?
    A mentor to provide guidance

    Write an ad you can place to support this request.
    Experienced in Aquaculture?
    Have you exported live fish?
    New Australian startup is seeking the help
    of an experience aquaculturist to provide a mentoring role to
    a company wishing to export fish live to Hong Kong.
    — if you wish, you can place the ad and discuss the results.

  33. Ten things to start:

    1) Take playing guitar more seriously
    2) Improve contact time with my friendship group
    3) Work with my boss on career progression
    4) Exercise
    5) Eating better
    6) Get my car fixed
    7) Many work projects piling up
    8) Limiting my screen time before bed
    9) Start reading more books
    10) Start taking life seriously

    10 things to address number 1:

    1) Dedicate time to practice
    2) Attend a course at Tafe
    3) Look into private lessons
    4) Write down a practice schedule
    5) Play guitar with others
    6) Record my playing to listen back to
    7) Play with practice tracks
    8) Learn music theory
    9) Learn some songs I don’t like
    10) Book a gig

  34. I could get started on this list
    I could start riding my bike again
    I wish I could start riding on a new bike
    I could start looking to further my education
    I could start to travel more
    I could start looking to replace my car
    I could start back on my fitness plan
    I could start back on my house painting
    I could start to read some books
    I could start on some urgent house maintenance

    I could take the phone of the hook
    I could take some time to think about it
    I could find a quiet moment to do it
    I could look inside my mind for inspiration
    I could re-read the DFQ article
    I could look online
    I could start typing on a blank sheet
    I could read the paper
    I could look at where I want to be in the future
    I could write down some goals
    I can ask my wife to also answer this DFQ
    Perhaps prioritise to do list then work on a plan for an advert

  35. I could get started on my interest in learning to weld
    I could get started on my house cleaning
    I could get started on my RC car racing again
    I could get started on travelling
    I could get started on further career improvements
    I could get started on my job improvements
    I could get started on my fitness
    I could start planning better, or putting more effort into it
    I could start learning better general trade skills
    I could start on getting my other car back on the road

    I could google learn to weld
    I could call my local TAFE
    I could speak to other people who know how to weld
    I could speak to my father
    I could buy some welding gear
    I could borrow some gear
    I could watch some tutorials
    I could learn more about metals
    I could learn more detail about how different welders work

    I can ask for assistance to start something.
    I can place an ad looking for a welding teacher.

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