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In the last few lessons we looked at PTV – the Plato Truth Virus. We saw how the ‘thinking’ hackers of ancient Athens – Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – fooled around with ‘thinking’ software and how they developed and packaged the concept of ‘absolute truth’.

These next few lessons we’ll explore how PTV was picked up and spread  throughout the Western world, infecting millions of minds and killing  millions of human beings and still flourishing 2500 years later.

In tracking the spread of a virus, we can try to find our way back to the identification of its Patient Zero. Who was the first patient who really got the virus going? Who was the one to spread it around enough to let it take hold?

Well, when it came to the spreading of Aristotle’s Logic Software (already infected with PTV) no-one was more successful than a young Italian nobleman called Thomas Aquinas.

Doctor Truth and ‘The Truth’
Born, in 1225, into powerful nobility near Naples, Aquinas outraged his family when he decided to become a Dominican friar. When it comes to truth freaks, Thomas was one of the greatest ever. He was Doctor Truth himself!

Thomas discovered a new translation of Aristotle from the Greek and so he set out to synthesise Aristotelian ideas in such a way that it was useful for defending The Truth.

Of course, as far as The Truth was concerned, there was never any doubt for our Fra Thomas. No need to look around. No need to search. He already knew exactly where and exactly what The Truth was. There was no further search required for The Truth as far as Aquinas was concerned. Just a matter of defending it and preserving it from any attempt to change it.

The Truth, proclaimed Thomas, was the teachings of the Church. And whose  church might that be, Thomas? The Muslims? The Buddhists? The Jews? Picture Thomas opening the envelope, “And the winner is … The Catholic Church”.

That’s it! Nothing else. Stop looking. Here it is. The lucky winner!. Well, now, the winning True Church also happens to be YOUR church, Thomas old chap. What a coincidence! What a stroke of luck!

As it happened, Thomas’ Church was an information monopoly. All European universities were run by the Church with head office in Rome. Rome literally owned all of knowledge and was busily exporting its corporate education system. The powerful but flawed thinking software, logic, was the cognitive operating system they used, courtesy of Aristotle via Aquinas.

This educational enterprise amounted to programming brains with what the church taught – verbatim – and repeating it back again. Scholarship was reduced to mere defence of Vatican teachings, which were known collectively as – The Truth.

Only Microsoft’s export of Bill Gates’ DOS has ever rivalled the Vatican’s export of Thomas Aquinas’ PTV.

By 2010, there will be around 1.3 billion personal computer users in the world and when they switch on their desktop or laptop computer the first thing many of them see is “Windows”. This is an amazing accomplishment for Bill Gates and Microsoft in less than 30 years.

This is only beaten by the fact that all 1.3 billion PC users are also necktop  brainusers.

And, most of the 1.3 billion are using a Vatican-exported logic operating system to work their necktops computers so they can work their PCs!

In the original Thomist Aristotle neuroware the logic operating system worked like this:

TRUTH: Vatican teaching is The Truth.
ITEM: using Aristotle’s logic to match things up, we are meant to ask:
Does ITEM match TRUTH?
If NO, then it is WRONG and it is HERESY.

Even people with the most superficial knowledge of history know what  happened to heretics.

Truth Machines
I was recently in Amsterdam and paid a visit to the notorious Inquisition’s Torture Museum. This popular tourist spot features a collection of the ‘truth machines’, the extraordinary array of macabre machines, racks, bastinados, tongs, and spikes.

These and other implements of torture were used by the Inquisitors to ‘purify’ the heretics. One could only marvel uneasily at the cold-blooded ingenuity that went into the design of these instruments of truth.

The Inquisitors, invariably, were Fra Thomas’ fellow Dominicans. They were quite willing to inflict  unspeakable horrors on thousands upon thousands of fellow human beings just for disagreeing over minor academic issues about the nature of life and the universe and all in the name of Truth and virtue.

Thomist Aristotle doctrine could show up any contradictions.

It could show that their point-of-view did not exactly match The Truth and so they were heretics. Cut out their tongues! Crank up the rack! Get me the branding iron! Off to the stake! It still sends  shivers up my spine.

‘Angelic Doctor’ Truth
In the fourteenth century, the ‘Angelic Doctor’ was canonised for his great contribution to the defence of truth and Saint Thomas Aquinas became a kind of god in the church. Here is the famous painting by Zurbaran called The Apotheosis of St Thomas Aquinas which shows Thomas, resplendent on a cloud in heaven in those frightening Dominican Inquisitorial robes, with sundry popes and scholars at his feet. And below on earth, more popes and cardinals look up and pray to him in ecstatic admiration.

John XXII said that to deny Aquinas was tantamount to heresy. Later, in 1879, Pope Leo XIII proclaimed that Thomist Aristotelian doctrine should be accepted as ‘the official doctrine of the church’.

Exporting the Virus
Since Aquinas imbedded Aristotle’s logic into the Vatican’s education system it has become the main thinking software of Western civilisation, wherever it has been exported.

Since then, ‘The Truth’ has been carried to all parts of the world with missionary zeal. In fact, Western education may be medieval Europe’s most successful export.

Australia is a good example. Although Australia is geographically in South East Asia, it has culturally been in Europe for the past 200 years. At that time, along with rabbits, the Western education system was imported into Australia.

Since World War II, however, Australia has become less Eurocentric and more Euro-Asian. Australia is now one of the world’s most successful multi-cultural societies. Accordingly, ‘unique rightness’ has become a less useful cognitive asset to Australians than ‘tolerance and plurality’.

Today, Aussie kids are less interested in defending a medieval European truth and are more interested in designing new Aussie truths that are useful and relevant to life in the Third Millennium.

DFQ #055:

What is the most important insight for you from this lesson?

Why is this important to you?

398 thoughts on “#055 DFQ

  1. Living with uncertainty is uncomfortable – but it is better than living with the TRUTH. As John Maynard Keynes (the famous Economist) said –
    “It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong”.

  2. I wasn’t aware that all European universities had been run by the Catholic Church. I wonder if this obsession with right and wrong has impacted our grading systems where assignments, tests etc are often graded against how “right” they are.

    Of course being “right”is very important in some areas of life – like engineers building planes or bridges. But I see the overflow into other areas of life – particularly politics – as damaging because in our two part system we often end up with “I’m right, you’re wrong” from both sides. A better approach would be “that’s a good idea, but we think this is a better idea because…”.

  3. “vengeance is mine saith the lord, I will repay”.
    vengeance on earth by man.
    How do these two get pigeon holed together?
    Followers are told to spread the word not carry out punishment on earth.
    I live in the “bible belt” of America, I ponder on the teachings of PTV but I have yet to discuss this with anyone. I have noticed that I ask god for help when I feel things are out of my control. I have an uneasy feeling when I work at seeing life with no god, or no life hereafter as the church describes. I will continue to study the PTV lessons and make them my own.

  4. There are so many different religions all offering their versions of the truth; with frightening passion.

  5. “Truth” is something, what we learned very early to expect from certain people. First parents, then teachers, church (sometimes teachers as well)

    So everyone has almost the same sequence of truth sources (in the early stages of life).
    So – it will take quite a long time to change this. Even under perfect circumstances – 100% of next parent generation drops PTV – it will take many generations.

    “Truth” is also an extreme power source. Power for parents, then for teachers who generate this power for the mighty ones.

    Important for me: foces more on young kids, learn how to better teach young kids

  6. The truth machine to protect a version of truth – ‘our version is the only truth’ is shocking.

    Even today a lot of money goes to protect some groups version of the truth and makes both the parties (one with the popular view and the other with the contradictory view) unhappy.

  7. It is frightening to think of the people tortured for holding different beliefs centuries ago. It is hard to believe it still happens around the world today. I am glad I live in Australia with my family in more tolerant society.

  8. The insight that the way that I (and others) have a tendency to think (in terms of right/ wrong, good/bad) has a long history and originates from the Catholic church in medieval times.

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