AIXIO IS COMING! Multiply your AI by ten!

NEW: ten day course with Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

Multiply your AI by ten.

To move forward with AI let’s get in front of the game. Let’s teach ChatGPT to think outside the box. Let’s teach AI to do lateral thinking. Nothing on Earth is more powerful than lateral thinking. For example, it’s ten times faster than ChatGPT which has only been programmed and trained to use Greco-Roman Logic. It cannot think outside its own box. But, because of its relentless moment-to-moment neuroplasticity, your human brain is quite able to do so! Now, to do X10 Thinking, we can multiply our AI by ten. It’s a real breakthrough opportunity. It’s fast, it’s new and it’s amazingly simple to do.”


NEW: ten day course with Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. FEE: AUD$100.

Course begins 1 June 2023.

You can enrol and get the coursebook now.

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