AI IS COMING! Protect your brain.


AI is coming and much of it, of course, is already here. You may need better protection. Your may need to upgrade the software your brain is currently using (Greco-Roman Logic) and get much faster software for your brain.

AI is coming. By 2030 there will be two dominant thinking machines on Earth. Carbon. Silicon.

Carbon – best example the human brain – is 13.8 billion years in development. It’s far superior to AI silicon machines developed since the 1970s. Silicon can’t even laugh or sing. However, silicon may be beating us in the software race. 

Most human brains are using English Thinking, which is excellent but not enough to stay ahead of silicon thinking. English Thinking uses, as it’s operating system, Greco-Roman Logic. The binary algorithm of Right/Wrong, Black,White, Us/Them etc etc. Inside the box thinking. It’s 2500 years old.

We need to upskill to outside the box thinking. We need trinary thinking. What we need to do is to upgrade our software for the brain especially the PFC (Pre Frontal Cortex). It may only take around 10 hours of expert lateral thinking coaching per human brain. For a clever Australian government this would be less than the cost of a single nuclear submarine.

silicon may be beating us in the software race

No brain software on Earth is more powerful than lateral thinking. For example its ten times faster than ChatGPT which also uses Greco-Roman Logic. It cannot think outside its own box. Because of neuroplasticity, your brain can!

ChatGPT cannot do lateral thinking. Yet!

Maybe that’s the solution to moving forward with AI. Let’s teach ChatGPT to think outside the box. Let’s teach AI to do lateral thinking. To do X10 Thinking. We can multiply our AI by ten. We can even teach ChatGPT to do a GBB. This new fastbook (10-minute read) shows how.

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