American Amygdala

Since the sudden spread of silicon across the States in recent decades there has been an enhancement of the American amygdala. This consequence has fired up a significant increase in FEAR and a subsequent increase in violence.

The unprecedented storming of the Capitol, like the storming of the Bastille, is strong in our memories and will not easily fade away.

The ubiquitous saturation of siliconphones in America has fattened the American amygdala and lowered the fear threshold. People have shorter fuses than they did in the 80s. People with fat amygdala syndrome are quick to hate and quick to bully. FAS or fat amygdala syndrome can be fatal. It can even lead to civil war.

What may be needed is an active antidote for FAS. Some powerful algorithm, some software for the brain.

Fear of Mistakes

The amygdala is the fear centre of the brain. Another big fear, especially in business, is the morbid fear of ‘mistakes’. Much innovation, engagement, satisfaction and returns are lost due to this widespread fear …

2 thoughts on “American Amygdala

  1. Practise getting over the fear of failure. Have a go. Fail fast. Keep having a go. PRR PRR PRR. CVS#BVS. Have a go. PRR PRR PRR. It is actually HUGE FUN. Better than getting mad, storming the Capitol or starting a civil war. CVS#BVS. PRR PRR PRR.

  2. Great to read your thinking idea…have missed hearing from you,
    All the best…and thinking is the best, Maralee Burdick Knowlen, Studio City, CA

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