There’s never been a better time for lateral thinking …

Lateral thinking gives you more. Much more.

More options. More hope. More choices. More solutions. More value. More ideas. More opportunities. More futures. More mindfulness. More wellness. More resilience.

Training is available from SOT.

The numerical synonym for lateral thinking is x10 thinking. Although x10 thinking is not natural for humans it can be taught and learned and applied.

Lateral thinking (x10 thinking) is our best tool for creating value, our best hope for solving wicked problems, our best defense against imagined fears, fear of mistakes, fear of failure in career, business or job-related situations, fear of family crises, relationship conflicts, social media, fear of political or global issues.

Intelligence we are born with. Lateral thinking is a skill that must be learned. – Edward de Bono

Lateral thinking is hard. That’s true. But, there’s nothing on Earth more powerful than lateral thinking. – Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

2 thoughts on “There’s never been a better time for lateral thinking …

  1. Yes, thinking can be learned and does take practice. It can begin by listening, quietly allowing ideas to come and develop, and cherished the ability to reflect all that is needed.

  2. Lateral thinking is hard, is very difficult, but the gains to all who apply it is worth all the effort, time and expense involved in acquiring it for use in all human endeavours.

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