NEW: Lateral Thinking Advanced training ‘at home’ …

Not for everyone.

Lateral thinking is x10 thinking. Lateral thinking is hard. It’s not for everyone. In fact, most people most of the time are thinking inside their box. That’s just the way it is. That is the natural way and it’s hard to escape. Lateral thinking is thinking outside the box. It’s not easy. It takes strategy. It takes effort and skill.

Zoom Masterclasses with Michael in July: (Dates to be announced end of June)

If you think you would like to be considered for ‘mentoring at home’ you can now apply to School of Thinking (SOT) for special advanced training in lateral thinking aka x10 thinking.

It’s a new no-nonsense, no BS course for grown-ups.

There are ten lessons in the at home mentoring course. This is a new SOT course designed in 2020. This full course includes cutting-edge cognitive theory and instruction about the potential of your PFC. That’s the theory and we call it Warm-up Week. Then comes FutureThink Week which focuses on real life application of your PFC potential. The life results are bespoke to you personally, they are tangible and will be measured.

You can read this new fastbook (about 10 mins) on the brain and your PFC potential …

The SOT Certificate

If you can complete these ten lessons, and the ten questions, you’ll qualify and attain your personalised Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) from School of Thinking (SOT). In a recent class of 29 businesspeople only 5 finished to receive their certificates so to add their qualification to Linked-In.

This performance result is quite usual for real lateral thinking skills. About 1 in 5 get through to the end of the ten lessons.

Current feedback from participants

• FEES: Lateral thinking is not for everyone but anyone can apply for the SOT training. The training is priceless. There are no fees.

• CERTIFICATE: For those who qualify the personalised certificate will cost AUD$80.

• APPLICATION: To apply register your name and email address on this page, or by return email. You will receive a Confirmation from SOT.

• TESTIMONIALS: Feedback and commentary from others:


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• HISTORY: ‘The Clever Country’

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  1. I still use 10x thinking regularly and really enjoyed DFQ’s I would love to take my thinking to the next level. I’m definitely a fan..

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