WWIII – The War of the Codes: Human Genome vs Covid19 Genome

I recently stayed with a family of five cousins, including three kids, who kindly shared their wonderful home while I had a new uber knee installed. During the 6 month interstate sojourn I became increasingly aware of how much everyone’s attention is commanded by screen time. I’ve also observed that more and more of my own attention has been commandeered by screens, particularly by my smartphone. I also noticed the bingeworthy preference for war games, war movies and the staying power of the warfare metaphor in the modern human brain.

Again, this year, I noticed on ANZAC Day that the memories of WWI and of WWII are still strong in the current mindset.

I watch a lot of Netflix and especially am hooked on hours of binge streaming of geopolitical shows and events. If Netflix deployed a thousand cameras – handhelds, drones and satellites – and produced an annual series called WWIII: The War of the Codes, I’d bingewatch it every year just like I’m currently bingewatching Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

So here’s a thought experiment …

Thought Experiment #138:

The biggest problem on Earth now threatening the Human Genome is the attack of the coronavirus. A better strategy for us to survive this global plague is to protect ourselves with the time-tested strategy of warfare, with particular attention to the ideas researched and developed by the Roman Army two millennia ago.

The metrics used and accountable every day are those used in previous World Wars and include: killed in action, engaged in battle, enemy losses, the leaders of the world, cost to treasury, cost/benefits to economy, weapons development, territory captured, deployment of assets etc etc.

Many humans living today own decades of theoretical and practical experience in the metaphor of war. For our survival we may need to arm ourselves with that bellicose wisdom.

Action Step: that the current war is globally recognised and declared, in writing, by the UN to be a global digital battle of codes between the Human Genome and the Covid19 Genome.

What do you think? Would you bingewatch WWIII, too?

2 thoughts on “WWIII – The War of the Codes: Human Genome vs Covid19 Genome

  1. I refuse to carry my cell phone daily. This is my CVS. I wonder what will be 10x better?
    I don’t have television. This is my CVS. I wonder what will be 10x better?

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