NEW: Coaching ‘At Home’ for SMEs

• By appointment, one-2-one consultations are 30 minutes for AUD$250.

• Each bespoke consultation is specific to your particular problem or opportunity.

• The light fee is designed to assist some SMEs and small business owners during the lockdown. Numbers may be limited.

• All consultations are conducted – ‘At Home’ or office – by smartphone, Skype or Zoom.

Francesco Caso is Founder and Principal of Positive Business consultancy. Francesco holds a Positive Psychology master’s degree from the University of Melbourne, and a graduate law degree from the University of Naples Federico II. His current work in designing innovations for the food-delivery service industry (UberEATS, Deliveroo etc) has led to both business survival and growth results during the severe pandemic business downturn.

Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is Australia’s recognised authority on lateral thinking. The Visiting Fellow in Innovation, Latrobe University, he holds a PhD degree in Cognitive Science from International College, Los Angeles with a research association with New York University and Greater New York Hospitals. Dr Hewitt-Gleeson is Australia’s best-selling author of Software For Your Brain and NewSell. He is currently advising leadership strategy and innovation in Australian property investment and has designed a new online pandemic education experience, Learn Lateral Thinking ‘At Home’ in Ten Days.

How do you get most value from an ‘At Home’ Consultation?   Perhaps on any decision involving $10,000 dollars or more.   Certainly, any $100,000 dollar decision that is taken without an independent second opinion may be an unnecessary and extravagant risk!

How can I get started? If you’d like Francesco or Michael to contact you personally (to discuss your decision strategy) click ‘Please Contact Me’ here with your preferred email address.

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