Great Lateral Thinkers

I’m sometimes asked ‘Is lateral thinking something new or can I find it in the history books?’

Lateral thinking has always been a potential of the human brain and has been so described since the beginning of literature. Eve’s own thinking about the famous apple tree showed her ability to think outside the box.

Here are some great lateral thinkers who are quite worthy of your curiosity and attention.

Napoleon and Henry VIII. They were great men but they were not lateral thinkers. But they were savvy enough to employ two great men who were. Prince Talleyrand was a consummate lateral thinker and so was Lord Cromwell (Thomas not Oliver).

Joseph of Nazareth was a lateral thinker and so was Yeshua, his son.

Voltaire could think outside the box and his lover, Emilie, the Marquise du Châtelet, could match his talent, too.

Ayn Rand was a fearless lateral thinker and so was her lover and protégé, Nathaniel Branden.

Let’s not forget the Viscountess Anne Conway, the great Enlightenment lateral thinker, as was the (in)famous Mary Wollstonecraft.

The learned Pope Benedict XVI was not a lateral thinker but he moved aside for one who was.

2 thoughts on “Great Lateral Thinkers

  1. It surely takes all types. Perhaps it is only when there are straitjacketed thinkers, that the out of the box thinkers bloom and stand out.

  2. Lateral thinkers do not dwell on the status quo. They challenge conventional wisdom and stalled thinking by employing better ways of thinking to generate 10X faster solutions to problems.

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