Thought Experiment: Talk to your 9yo self

In our own brain, we are also our own thought-leaders.

Because, if we don’t do our own thought-leadership for ourselves then someone else may do it for us and there’s no guarantee that they will do it well, or even in our own interests.

Thought experiment: What if you could sit down and have a conversation with your 9-year-old self?

Yes, that’s right. You, as you are today, with your hard-earned insights, skin-in-the-game experience and current state of wisdom. What if you could hang out with you when you were 9?

(In fact, of course, in your triune brain, you can do this.)

The Question: What would you say to your 9yo self?

Here’s one crack at it …

“Danny don’t you know that you are cool as f*ck on the inside. You’re just going through an awkward phase from 12 to 29.”

7 thoughts on “Thought Experiment: Talk to your 9yo self

  1. Easy. I’d tell him to do more, to participate more, to join groups (no internet then), find one sport to excel in, study better, learn a new language, learn to code, learn to invest in the stock-market, talk to my parents more, ask questions, read a book a week (I had the time), eat everything cause one day I won’t be able to, ask my parents to travel more and not to the same place every two weeks.

  2. I would tell him that you aren’t dumb -because others in the class have got the easy and not so easy ones before it comes to your turn – and that because you have to work hard to understand right now will serve well later as you will know how to produce when under pressure which those whom do it easy won’t be able to do in the future.

    Just become committed and focussed it will help you so often in so many situations all through your life

  3. I would say: Play in team sports. Be able to see what makes a conditions for a successful team or a bad team. Put yourself in a position to lead so you see what it takes. You’ll need this later when looking for a boss. Learn, but always learn with the purpose of finding alternatives. Leave yourself open to choice. In the end you will need to find the answer the teacher wants, to get a good grade, but you will know there are alternatives that didn’t apply to that specific situation. Be observant, notice things others don’t, including the replication of fads within groups. Be sceptical of people who say, there is no Plan B, or it’s my way or the highway. Seek out friends, mentors, etc… that seem like they play fair and share their experiences candidly and give you the opportunity to try things out with safety. Learn to start more conversations with people. Take an interest. Be authentic. Listen.

  4. Don’t be scared of failure. Provided the failure is of a type which is not fatal the most successful people are those who are prepared to fail.

  5. Learn how to add value to any situation , try to times it by 10X , follow your intuition of attracting honest money & opportunities. Travel the world, spend time with a indigenous tribe and have fun.

  6. Dear little Eman,
    You want to grow and grow, at this early period of your life you have power of life lies in you, and whether you understand it or not, let yourself using this power to extend your knowledge and experience ,so that every time you learn . You grow when you act with desire for good results: your action should be pure and free from selfishness, and therefore, you will add the others’ good experiece to yours. Things around you have a continuous availability to change, to grow like you grow…. so, Grow and always renew yourself.
    Don’t feel guilty, follow your dream and give yourself enough love so that you can give it to others.
    What you see or feel today is completely different from what you see or feel tomorrow… Learn that you must keep a sense of perspective about what you have done; observe carefully, ask why, ask what, ask how …and think more…

  7. Chatting to my 9 year old self – 1973…

    Never give up… You’re going to experience all kinds of fear, from self doubt to panic. Don’t ever let it make you stray from where you are heading. Stay on whatever path you choose, 80% of success is just showing up (someone will say this in a few years – remember I said it first)

    Next year The Stones will release their last great album. Queen has just released their first, it’s really good, so are the next four – the rest are rubbish! Get ready, in 3 years you’ll hear of a thing called Punk, follow it, play guitar and have fun…

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