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  1. The thought leadership showed here is, 1. the recognition that the child did not want to say anything in public, but was given a chance in private. 2. The child was asked if his question could be shared, showing respect. 3. The question was answered in a way that it displayed compassion from the child’s point of view, not the churches.

  2. There was a time when that would have been a straightforward answer based on centuries of doctrine. The Pope showed his ability to acknowledge and respect a different view.

  3. Thought leadership has three dimensions in this case: 1) The position you’re in, the Pope’s office in this example, 2) your natural thinking abilities and compassion 3) the connection between the three.

    The convergence of these three makes you a powerful thought leader yet you can still be one with 2) alone.

  4. The pope listened carefully to the child , understood the key issue, then he introduced a public prospect to his talk.
    He made a lively conversation with the audiences to share with the child a common understanding concerning a real-life experience.
    His way was an easy way for his audiences to share a real-life experience while the key issue was passing from private to public situation.

  5. A person steeped in catholic tradition is confronted with a situation that requires him to respond outside of his training. This is not so strange. For different religions to work together one must show tolerance. It is only when tolerance is not shown that it is publicized. What is striking about this situation is that the pope who has a great interest in maintaining catholic orthodoxy is acting contrary to it.

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