Do you have decision insurance?

How do you know you are taking the right decision?

Are you satisfied with your decision strategy?

If you or your family, your organisation or your government are soon to be taking a risky, costly or important decision, are you sure it’s the right one? The consequences of a bad decision can be very career costly.

What if there is a much better option than the one you are choosing?

Do you have an independent second opinion?

No-one ever lost their job by getting a second opinion!

What is Independent Second Opinion?

Independent Second Opinion is one that seeks a better decision strategy.

What is strategy?

Strategy is not “walk and talk”. It’s not a skill of the mouth nor of the feet. Strategy is a skill of the brain.

The kind of lateral thinking involved in strategy – the search for a better alternative – is a highly specialized one.

Why consult Independent Second Opinion?

The sole reason clients seek an Independent Second Opinion is because the senior executive decision-maker values strategy as the primary logic behind the taking of a big commercial decision. The very act of taking a decision means one has already stopped searching for a much better strategy – a choice has been made!

When you plan to strengthen your strategic resources there exists a unique opportunity in seeking an Independent Second Opinion.

Independent Second Opinion can respond to specific strategic problems or requests from management by generating additional options, solutions, directions or alternatives to those already under consideration by management.

In lateral thinking, proof of one particular view of the situation is very often nothing more than the failure to notice an alternative view of the situation. The history of commercial decisions has faithfully recorded endless examples of this phenomenon. Very often the “right” strategy is simply the most recent one. A ten thousand dollar decision may be the “best” one simply because a better one could not be found.

How does Independent Second Opinion work?

The purpose of an Independent Second Opinion is to reveal specific alternatives that exist that may have not yet been considered. Such alternatives may be subtle or dramatic, simple or sophisticated; but they will all possess the quality of being new. They will all be, by definition, alternatives that the client did not see.

The risk insurance value of an Independent Second Opinion lies in the specialised ability of the lateral thinker to add value to your decision making by adding a new dimension of alternatives that would not be there without the Independent Second Opinion. That is all!

What s the fee?

The fee is less than one tenth of 1% of the decision value.

What are the benefits of an Independent Second Opinion?

It is, of course, the prerogative of the client to consider such insights and use or reject them according to his or her normal operating and decision making procedures.

This decision insurance provides you with these benefits:

• It offers an ongoing relationship, thus giving you a unique strategic edge over your competitor.

• In the field of strategy, the “outside look” can never be replaced by the “inside look” since the type of thinking is a specialized one. Lateral thinking is acknowledged worldwide as better than logical thinking.

What is to stop me seeking an Independent Second Opinion?

Apart from guarantees of privacy, it can, of course, be difficult for one to imagine (or admit!) that there could possibly be strategic alternatives that one never considers in a specific situation. It is just not natural to think outside our own box.

This is not surprising because it is difficult to see what one cannot see. Nevertheless, in the fast-changing and highly competitive global business theatre, it still may be necessary to make a deliberate effort to try.

What is the commercial value of an Independent Second Opinion?

It may be that the quality of a decision is not determined by its “rightness” or ‘cleverness’ but by its ‘value’–it’s future cost and consequences.

It seems the quality of the future of your enterprise lies in the quality of your leadership decisions.

The commercial value of the Independent Second Opinion is to simply point out those better commercial futures that are available to you, if only they had been thought of.

How would one best use an Independent Second Opinion?  

Perhaps on any decision that involved a a thousand dollars or more.   Certainly, any ten thousand dollar decision that is taken without an Independent Second Opinion may be an unnecessary and extravagant risk!

How can I get started?

Contact …

If you’d like to discuss your decision strategy and seek an Independent Second Opinion please contact by email.



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