Inside the bucket (or box) thinker? Categorical thinker? Me? Why?

Q. Why is it not natural to think outside the square? Why does lateral thinking have to be taught?

A. Because, for 500 years, we’ve been taught to think inside the square, inside the bucket, inside the categories.

Excellent lecture from entertaining New Yorker, Professor Robert Sapolsky. Here he discusses inside-the-box-thinking (or bucket thinking or categorical thinking) with a class at Stanford. It’s an enlightening one-hour trip with a world-class teacher you can take during your lunch break.


If you would like to be considered to take the whole 25-lecture masterclass you can start here and thanks to the excellence of Stanford University located in Silicon Valley, California, you will find no better way to learn about the exciting ideas of cognitive neuroscience that provide the research provenance of all the School of Thinking algorithms - the brain software, the apps for intelligence and even the new thinking emojis.

You need no previous experience but can immediately start learning about the network of science ideas that builds continua from Behavioural Evolution, Molecular Genetics, Ethology, Endocrinology, the Limbic System, to Language, Agression and Schizophrenia. 

School of Thinking "A" Students students can take a year to listen to all 25 lectures ... twice!

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