What is newsell?

“Selling is brain2brain. To become ten times better at selling you have to become ten times better at thinking. Why?

Because, strategically, selling is a skill of your brain not of your mouth or your feet.

Tactically, your mouth and your feet may or may not be involved.”

– Michael Hewitt-Gleeson



Oldsell is the American Theory of Selling which is the salesperson closes the sale.

Newsell is the Australian Theory of Selling which is the customer closes the sale.

Oldsell leads to product selling and call reluctance. The oldsell expectation is often one call = one sale and may be re-inforced by a culture of “Did you get the sale?” when you get back to the office.

Unless they are price-shopping for commodities, customers hate product selling. They become un-cooperative and salespeople, sensing this, become reluctant to make calls with un-cooperative customers. As a result, customer conversations can sink to less than one per hour per salesperson. This opportunity cost is unsustainable for shareholders.

Customers prefer newsell because it’s all about them and not the product. They become engaged, co-operative and interested in the value of potential gains and benefits. Salespeople respond positively to engaged customers and become confident and willing to make many more calls. As a result, customer conversations can be raised to more than one per hour per salesperson.

(These numbers are just an example. Each business has it’s own historic homeostatic number of CCs (customer conversations) and we can work with whatever is the base number for Insurance House Melbourne. It has been my experience, that when accurately measured, many businesses are shocked at their actual CC number and how much lower it really is, than they had assumed.)

To the business itself, the difference between more, or less, than one customer conversation per hour per salesperson is the revenue difference between night and day. This revenue difference also has an impact on the value of the business as an asset and therefore on the total shareholder return.

Training a newsell team can demonstrate two things:

  1.  how the number of customer conversations per hour salesperson (CCs) can be raised, and

  2. how the direct impact this has on the customers can be measured by new referrals.

After training these gains can be dollarized in terms of business KPIs and metrics like, # sales, $ increases, % participation, CCs, # referrals and, ultimately, WOMBATS.

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  1. It’s all about the buying cycle. The more we understand that, the more we can both help and sell to our prospects and customers.

    I find it easier to believe that whatever I sell, the customer neither wants it nor needs it, it’s up to me to discuss with my prospects to find out if that’s the case.

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