One thought on “cvs2bvs: The First Law of Thinking

  1. BVS is always a better alternative agaisnt keeping the status quo. Whreas CVS tends to defend a point of view, a situation or idea, even when it is a dangerous one; BVS on the other hand, is a higher order thinking that frees us from evil and rotten thinking. BVS helps us create new pathways to solving business, political, social, economical and many sorts of problems – be they health like or otherwise. In short, if we keep doing what we have been doing (CVS), we will end up getting what we have been getting(CVS – same results of yesterday). By escaping the CVS through BVS we become X10 more resilient, productive and more effective in our approaches to creating a safer and better world. Covid19 for example should be approached with a BVS mindset if we are to keep the world safe and free. Otherwise we may end up creating a solution that may not fit into the reality and needs or necessities of different regions of the world.

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