What is an experiment?

“If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research.”                  –  Albert Einstein

What is a genuine experiment?

A true experiment is blind. It is when you try something not because you know what will happen but in order to see what will happen.

These are two entirely different strategies. One is inside-the-square and the other is outside-the-square.

My view of the lack of real experimentation in selling and business has been because of a dominant preference for short term gains. So, there is not such a strong tradition for genuine blind experimentation as there is in science. This is one reason why business can be slow adapting to change.

One thought on “What is an experiment?

  1. Oh Michael, this is so true. years ago we did conduct research into sales success. Whilst we uncovered some useful behaviours we did not account for EQ. We did not have a name for it. Years later we discovered how important that was in developing effective sales people. Kind regards John Hopkins (Sales Scientist).

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