Lionel Hampton, jazz legend of the vibes …

I love music. I love the virtuosity. Music’s not just words and chat, it’s talent, skill and virtuosity. Much more sexy!

When I was in New York in the 70s my showbiz friends introduced me to Bette Midler and we would go over to her brownstone in the Village on Saturday afternoons and she would make tea and we would create material … songs and dialog … for her new Broadway show, Clams on the Half Shell Revue.

In the event I was invited backstage by Bette to the opening night and I had the fun of seeing her perform some of my lines and one of my songs on the Broadway stage. It was a big buzz for a young Aussie in NYC in the 70s. A different era.

But, on the night, performing the supporting act for her show was the jazz legend of vibes, Lionel Hampton. I was a huge fan and was more excited to see him even than Bette. Just kidding. Anyway, here is the great legend of the vibes (and drums) … Go Lionel! …

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