SOT Pedagogy: Four ways to create better value in life using lateral thinking skills…


It is now my mission to personally train and mentor 100 true masters of lateral thinking around the world before I retire in 2020. These will be the highest qualified lateral thinkers in the world. Their superior ability to create value will be my legacy.”


Lateral thinking is not natural human thinking but it does happen, sometimes by accident, and we celebrate it when it does.

Many skills are not natural to humans like judo, playing a harmonica or writing code but, like lateral thinking, such skills can be taught, learned and developed through training and practice. It takes about 100 hours of PRR to become a master lateral thinker. (In SOT speak PRR is Practice Repetition Rehearsal).

Lateral thinking is unique because there is no more valuable life strategy that we know of. This innovative life strategy can create value in four ways:

Wealth: Better decisions = better bank balance

Your career, business, investment and commercial success is directly related to the quality of your decisions. Every day you make decisions that will either increase your wealth or decrease your wealth.

Health: Poorer choices = poorer health

Your physical, mental and emotional health cannot be separated from the pattern of choices you make. Every hour of every day you are designing your future. If your designs are weak your future cannot be strong.

Productivity: Faster strategies = faster results

The possibilities, options, strategies, tactics, pathways, networks and environments that are available for you to think about will either accelerate or inhibit your own personal productivity and results.

Security: Deeper thinking = deeper security

Your survival and growth, in a Darwinian sense, cannot be separated from how you make your decisions over time. If you don’t do your own thinking others will do it for you. These other people, institutions or authorities may not do it well, at all, or even in your best interests.

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