A favour, please …

If you can, please take a moment to answer this one question. (We are considering a project with a leading medical school and I’m still collecting responses to last week’s post. I would be very glad to have your response, too.):

You choose: RIGHT diagnosis or BETTER diagnosis?

Here’s my thank you … a smartphone book called: Bad Philosophy. If you like, feel free to pass it on.


52 thoughts on “A favour, please …

  1. Does…
    Right presume no other option at this point in time.
    Better presume that it is the right option at this time and other ‘more right’ options, which are better than the current right, may become available or are being looked at.
    Right locks the thinking into this is the only way, better allows for options, alternatives.

    Better for me.

  2. Better please… There is no “right” in the sciences, which includes medicine. My Grandfather, Father and Daughter were or are doctors. They would suggest ” rightness” leads to arrogance and the defence of one’s self. Dad would say ” more is miss diagnosed by not looking than not knowing”..

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