NAP x10: The ten minute power nap to help balance sleep deficit …

Whether you’re the lucky parent of a new baby or a soldier on active duty or a medical student under pressure or a lonely keyboard-jockey you are very likely to be suffering from sleep deficit.

A Flinders University study of individuals restricted to only five hours of sleep per night found a 10-minute nap was the most recuperative nap duration of various nap lengths they examined (lengths of 0 min, 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, and 30 minutes): the 5-minute nap produced few benefits in comparison with the no-nap control; the 10-minute nap produced immediate improvements in all outcome measures (including sleep latency, subjective sleepiness, fatigue, vigor, and cognitive performance.

Nap x10 is the acquired skill of ten-minute napping. It can be learned, practised and acquired by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Nap x10 skillset is two-fold:

  1. Finding a slot. One needs to develop the opportunistic skill of finding a ten-minute slot of time at various times of the day.

  2. Finding a spot. One also needs to develop the opportunistic skill of finding a spot or location at various places of the day.

Like all other skills this becomes possible with PRR: practise, repetition, rehearsal.

If you practise the Nap X10 skill, say, once a day for ten days, you will own it for the rest of your life and can use it anytime to defy and compensate for your sleep deficit.

Once you develop the Nap x10 skill you can do it  with or without headphones and you can find your own 10-minute pieces to accompany your nap. Here’s a convenient piece that last for ten minutes …


3 thoughts on “NAP x10: The ten minute power nap to help balance sleep deficit …

  1. EXCELLENT its natural, even if you feel ashamed do it, you will be fresh and productive MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE.

  2. Thanks Michael!! I have tried this a couple of times. On the train, in a meeting room, on the couch. I will keep practicing and getting better.

  3. In my life, I never can properly deal with this issue.So, I would be happy if this exercise works for me. I will be putting “Nap×10” to my to- do list.

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