2 thoughts on ““Aging: Is it binary or a spectrum”

  1. I am proud to be my age 71 going on 72
    I am proud to wear the gray hat of wisdom
    I am proud I can still work and bring value to businesses I advise and mentor
    I am proud to trade as a grayhairguru.com

    Some observations

    1. Every cell in every persons body regenerates every 7 years = so we are all 7
    2. Most days I do a brain training program called Lumosity and compare my self to my age group but I can also compare myself to any other age group – I can confidently walk into any meeting and know i can hold my own with anyone.
    3 Three sayings to live by “The only constant in life is change” ” The only certainty in life is uncertainty” + “Its only a problem until we find a solution” – if you can accept these not much will throw you off your stride

  2. This TED talk is the best. Aging is not a disability…it is adaptability…not to be feared but enjoyed.
    Blessings for sharing this important talk.

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