Limbic Games

I sometimes think of the ways we respond emotionally to situations and how we can use our cvs2bvs thinking to manipulate or change our emotional responses in our mammal brain. I call these ways to change, The Limbic Games. For example, the 4 following limbic games can involve switching:

from Anger to Surprise … cvs2bvs

From Sadness to Trust … cvs2bvs

From Fear to Anger … cvs2bvs

From Trust to Joy … cvs2bvs

To get a list of human emotions we can refer to Darwin’s book, The expressions of the emotions in man and animals

Suffering and weeping
Low spirits, anxiety, grief, dejection, despair
Joy, high spirits, love, tender feelings, devotion
Reflection, meditation, ill-temper, sulkiness, determination
Hatred and anger
Disdain, contempt, disgust, guilt, pride, helplessness, patience, affirmation and negation
Surprise, astonishment, fear, horror
Self-attention, shame, shyness, modesty, blushing.

Or, Plutchik‘s List of 8 …



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  1. What a wonderful encouraging statement.

    If I was more flexible with my thinking I would have fewer obstacles posing as problems. Luckily practice and experience seems to underpin this conviction. And I imagine that on a global scale focusing on solutions instead of fighting over cources would solve many of today’s issues regarding violence and environment.

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