6 thoughts on “What have smartphones done to teens?

  1. Smartphones impact the emotions and thinking of teenagers by putting them in a kind of “mental cage” that deprives them of interacting with the others with whom they are socially connected. This can and will produce humans who are insensitive and unwilling to realize the consequences of their addiction to smartphones.

  2. Thank you for the statistics…much as it seems it is. And what is all this doing to THINKING?

  3. When I read these statistics I get pictures on my mind of people everywhere in society, both hands tied to their phone and the head slightly bowed as they have their eyes glued on this electronic interface – almost the same picture I remember from history books picturing a line of slaves tied up, linked together and heads slightly bowed in submission. Some people have become slaves – not of technology – but of their need for feeling connected, getting likes and approval from others. I am pretty certain that this is not only happening for our teens but also partly or fully responsible for the widespread increase in adult anxiety, loneliness and depression. And the increase of medication against such mental states – that are now being treated as if they were diseases and not the result of habitual behaviour and/or thinking.

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