Compare the constitutions.

On the Fourth of July I was at an America Australia celebration event. Over a glass of wine a friendly discussion arose at our table about the relative merits of our two constitutions. I said if you move from theory to actual product then I believe Australia wins. I argued that …

The Trump Family occupies the White House. The Windsor Family occupies Buckingham Palace. Compare the families!

The American Constitution delivered the Trumps. The Australian Constitution delivered the Windsors. Compare the constitutions!

So, the evidence shows that the Australian Constitution works better than the American Constitution.

We all laughed and agreed, however, that none of this makes any difference to the excellence of the Australia America alliance over the last century.

One thought on “Compare the constitutions.

  1. Donal Trump has claimed that Barack Obama was not born in the United States as claimed.
    It has now been revealed that all the while Donald Trump was not of Swedish descent as claimed in his book ‘The Art of The Deal’. At least we know the true ancestry of the Windsors.

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