Lateral Thinking. So what?

Lateral thinking is ten times faster than logical thinking and so the point of lateral thinking is value creation.

Especially in the business context. Most business thinking is far too slow and costly. Lateral thinking is a tool for creating better solutions. Better strategies. Better opportunities. Better attitudes. Better timing. Better outcomes. Better returns. Better results. Better consequences, Better Futures, etc etc.

On any given day, on any given business payroll, there are value fountains and value drains.  On that day the value fountains created value for the shareholders. The value drains depleted shareholder value on that day. The job of the CEO is to multiply the number of value fountains by ten on any given day.

water funnelDFQ: Write an example of how your DFQ training has helped you to create value in this past week. Be specific.

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  1. Continuous Movement ;Creating alternatives ; Better attitude ;
    I did not hesitate to start and had very good conversations with 2 knowledgeable people in the organisation . One conversation has lead me to create a list of work accomplished as a performance review . Another conversation will help the organisation evaluate project estimation approach I created for future use. If there is re-usability of this tool/approach then the organisation will either save money or gain speed or both.
    By talking to more people I ( SDNT ) am evaluating my own paradigm of my goals ; expectations , desires and wishes. I am evaluating if I am in the box of my own beliefs and limits. What is the bvs of this cvs ?
    As I will be more open to my own personal bvs I will have a better understanding of and adjustment to my current situation and I will be more at peace and happy. This really helps me maintain the quality of my current work which will definitely ensure that I am not a value drain.

  2. Getting started is hard. There are so many unanswered questions that provide cognitive obstacles to getting started. The DFQ training sets a process for getting started. But not just once. Starting over and over again. Each time with more information available, so the next start is better. There is comfort in that. This past week I started a process I’ve used in other jobs, developing a basic Project Plan for a company-wide endeavour. Standard practice in large organisations, completely foreign in this particular Start Up. Before, my colleagues weren’t sure where to start. I’ve now given my colleagues their own DFQs (not exactly named the same), so now they can start their work within their field of expertise, but in a coordinated manner. Now we’ve turned one start (the plan), into 10 new starts.

  3. There have been a number of work tasks which I have been putting off because the tasks have seemed to be too formidable to see through to completion. In the past week I have commenced some of those tasks by committing to starting rather than to completing them. Now that they have been commenced I am able to see how they can be completed with less effort than I previously thought.

  4. I started by writing down my core desires. Things that I really want to do, be, and have. Then I prioritized them and started working on them one at a time. I am using my current challenges and writing down 10 better views of the situation and focusing on bringing about those results. Instead of focusing on the problem “CVS”, I work on the solution “BVS”.

  5. Today, I had two incidents that show how a deliberate SDNT can create wonders. One was a conversation with a political leader who I have dealt with for so many years now. My “problem” with him is that because of his stature and the respect I have for him a lot of the political projects which I want to partner with his organization never get off as I am sometimes coy about bring it up. I have many self-doubts. Today, I deliberately started to propose grand projects, 10X the magnititude and the scale. And to my surprise, he was very receptive and we are now in the process of operationalizing the plans. The second one involved a training that I am offering to teach young children to learn how to think which consists of 4 Saturday mornings. As a deliberate start, I told my associate to send a 100 invitations to potential parents. This is the first time that we have done this. Although the results are yet to come, I am happy that we again started with a 10X the usual invitations. I guess truly it is not in the number of targets hits but the number of arrows that one has “fired”. The more arrows shot, the more possibility of targets hit.

    1. Both excellent examples of designing daily experiments based on this training, Bong. SDNT. Just try and see what happens. Your arrows metaphor says it all.

  6. My current business model relies on comparison sites for 60% of its revenue. While high in proportion, we’ve only covered the top 5 sites we can partner with. I’ve been very slow developing this source further despite its importance. using SDNT, I decided to stop procrastinating, asked a freelancer to do the search for me (S) and I’m now contacting them one-by-one at a higher speed than before (D). The next phase will be N and T with the later expanding into thinking about other ways to bring in new business while reducing our dependency on this source.

  7. L’association dont je m’occupe est un organisme de formation qui diffuse une approche pédagogique très efficace et son objectif est de former les enseignants et les formateurs. Cette association existe depuis près de 40 ans et fonctionne avec des bénévoles sans aucune aide financière. Depuis quelques années, nous nous sommes beaucoup développés mais nous pouvons faire bien mieux. Au cours de la semaine, j’ai listé tous les chantiers qui nous attendent pour mettre le passé en ordre : beaucoup de documents écrits, audio et vidéo à préserver qui constitueront sous peu des ressources utiles, à préserver ; optimiser notre fonctionnement pour les outils pédagogiques que nous créons et vendons ainsi que pour les formations que nous proposons ; sortir de notre propre boîte pour les conceptions qui ont prévalu jusqu’à maintenant, notamment le fait de gagner de l’argent pour réaliser d’autres projets ; surtout, alors que l’échec scolaire et l’illettrisme sont de véritables fléaux, prendre pied dans l’éducation nationale française en dehors de toute polémique sur les méthodes et auprès des organismes de formation. Cette réflexion a été menée de façon systématique et le calendrier de réalisation a aussi commencé à prendre forme.
    En tant que présidente, l’une de mes premières tâches est d’amener les membres du conseil d’administration à sortir de la boîte de l’association et de passer de sa cvs à une réelle bvs, de devenir a value foutain.

    1. Très agréable Michèle!

      Michèle is doing the MLatTh(SOT) program from France and we use Google Translate to communicate …

      The association I am working with is a training organization that disseminates a very effective pedagogical approach and its objective is to train teachers and trainers. This association has existed for almost 40 years and operates with volunteers without any financial assistance. We have developed a lot in the last few years, but we can do much better. In the course of the week, I listed all the projects that await us to put the past in order: many written documents, audio and video to be preserved that will soon constitute useful resources, to preserve; optimize our functioning for the pedagogical tools we create and sell as well as for the training we offer; come out of our own box for the designs that have prevailed up to now, including making money for other projects; especially when school failure and illiteracy are real scourges, to gain a foothold in French national education, apart from any controversy about methods and with training organizations. This reflection was carried out in a systematic way and the timetable of implementation also began to take shape.
      As president, one of my first tasks is to get the board members out of the association’s box and move from her cvs to a real bvs, to become valued fitter.

  8. At a team meeting yesterday the owner of the business spoke briefly about a marketing issue he was having. This issue is outside my area but I could see it was troubling him. Normally I would let this slide and leave it to those responsible for that area but instead I set myself the goal of seeing if I could present a better way of looking at the issue. The point for me was not to find a solution but a better way to view the issue which would lead him to his own solution.

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