Dr Nigel Gaunt Ceremony at School of Thinking

Dr Nigel Gaunt with his son Peter Gaunt at the School of Thinking ceremony.

In the ancient academic tradition, on Tuesday (18 April 2017) the School of Thinking bestowed an Honorary Doctor of Lateral Thinking to recognise and thank Nigel Gaunt for his long and generous support over 30 years. Nigel, literally, put the School of Thinking on the Australian map!

He was the man behind the inauguration ceremony of the School in Australia, in Canberra in 1988, where Nigel thoughtfully arranged for both the Governor-General and the Prime Minister to attend. On that historic occasion the idea of Australia as “The Clever Country” was initiated.

The traditional degree is Honoris Causa, which is to say an Honorary Degree, and his citation read:

 ... in recognition of his foundational assistance during the establishment of the School in Australia in 1988 with the Clever Country initiative and his sustained support for thirty years.

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