Ten times faster …

“Lateral thinking is ten times faster than logical thinking!”

– Michael Hewitt-Gleeson


Ten Top Gears for Speed

SOT students can become highly skilled in the theory and practise of the following x10 gears:

Speedback means faster feedback. The making of decisions is based on feedback. The slower the feedback the more difficult it is to make a decision. How can you speed up the feedback in your local team.

Customspeed means 'customise but with the imperative of speed'. How quickly can you customise your offer to each individual customer?

Anything that can make you smarter, much faster, is an added value. 

How quickly are your upgrades offered to your customers?

Trading is a two-way process. You're not just selling, you're not just buying. You're buying and selling. 

Be first to get a good spot. And another good spot. And another good spot. 

Linking up with new people, new customers, new relationships is an important part of the growth process. Being too slow is a common mistake.

In the slow world prices were fixed when costs were fixed. In the speed world we have speedfees. Be quick to change your fee, your price, your cost.

Speedstop is about stopping quickly. Very quickly. Sometimes things have to come to a stop. Is there an area of your business or your life that needs to stop?

Managing acceleration is speedup. It's the rate of speed. Speedup is not how fast am I going but how much faster should I be going?


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