Why don’t young people vote?

One of the great challenges to democracy in Australia and internationally is to understand the lack of political engagement among the young.

Young people are less likely to vote, to join a political party, or to engage in interest groups than at any time since democratization.


The 2016 Australian Election Study is designed to address this question by examining engagement in and attitudes to politics, as well as replicating many questions from the previous Australian Election Studies.

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Other sections cover the respondent’s interest in the election campaign and politics, their past and present political affiliation, evaluation of parties and candidates, alignment with parties on various election issues, evaluation of the current economic situation, and attitudes to a range of election issues including global warming, taxation, education, unemployment, health, and refugees.

Opinions on social policy issues including abortion, equal opportunities, same sex marriages, and Australia’s security were also covered in the 2016 Australian Election Study.



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