Pope Francis: The Lateral Thinker (free book download)

Jorge Bergoglio, the man from Argentina, has just celebrated his fourth anniversary as Pope Francis.

He is now an acknowledged world leader who has shown a remarkable ability to create change in the oldest multi-national organisation that teaches the world how to think.

We have seen how for nearly 800 years, since Thomas Aquinas, the Vatican has taught judgment. We have seen how missionaries from the Vatican have spread this brain software (Greco-Roman Logic) around the world and then into our brains since we were very small children.

Has it served us well? Yes, it has served us very well indeed … but it is just not enough. Defending our righteousness makes us very slow thinkers.

And, the high cost of the judgmental I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong confrontations and conflicts are exorbitant and often fatal. We need a much better way of thinking. If Pope Francis has his say, the Vatican will teach discernment.

This is a very, very BIG transformational change in global thinking policy. It is enough to make him the greatest lateral thinker in the world. It is also enough for him to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

If he does nothing else during his pontificate but switch the Vatican from judgment to discernment then this will be enough to make him one of the greatest popes who ever lived.


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