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  1. I googled what it typically costs to get the gutters cleaned professionally ($100-150) and also emailed a gutter guard supplier to get an order of cost for the gutters. I refrained from calling a tree lopper to get rid of the neighbour’s tree, though my father in law did mention that he could help trim the tree to remove as much that is hanging over our side of the fence as possible.

  2. I have a number of active matters at any one time. When I am a long way from finishing I have found that it is best to start and periodically action each matter rather to let it lie dormant for an extended period.

  3. On Friday regarding what to just do now !….I went ahead and talked to an influential person and got a way ahead. He said that his diary is booked but I should tap him on the shoulder on tuesday for more discussions.
    I think whether he is available or not is another it was good to touch base with him to know where things were at in the intermediary phase of the change happening in our department !
    It felt really good …atleast much better than what I was feeling before I just went to talk to him..

  4. This is a lovely example of the perfect DFQ
    Specific: On Friday …
    Toolkit – The EFU (Escape From Uncheck): I went ahead and talked to an influential person

  5. SO if I understand this correctly, you can go from 50 percenters to 100 percenters just by taking actions. It could be any action because as you are paying attention, you are guided by the results. If you are getting the results that you want just keep doing more of the same. If you are not getting the results that you want just try something else. As long as you are working, then you will eventually reach your destination. Am I correct on this?

  6. What was happening to my daughte?!!!.. interacting with her in different ways gave me a new start in thinking about what I had done, also gave her more ability to listen and understand .It is a feedback loop that has no end, but makes sequence of actions and thoughts… “action- thought continuum ” which I like to call it….if I’m right !

  7. I loved the idea behind that 100% is just a task away when you are at 50%. In fact it is something I think about on a daily basis when I step out for a run and it’s cold outside. At least I’m outside ready to go and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle when I could have been at 0% sitting at home.
    I think I jumped ahead with my last DFQ. I applied SDNT with my team to make a small change in how they interact with me. So in essence I have done something I have learned through this course. But there is much more to do and learn and do again.

  8. I love this lesson. Practice makes perfect and it is only through the doing that we realise how much we don’t really know. Anyone can explain how to do something to someone, and that person can likely recite exactly what they were told, but without actually putting it into practice you 1. never know that you can do it and 2. never realise the things that you thought you knew, but really did not.

    An idea is simply that, an idea. While many consider the idea to be the most difficult part of creation (the first 50% in the lesson), distilling the idea down to a working prototype often has many unforeseen difficulties that need to be overcome and require significant effort (the second 50%). I’m looking forward to doing more than 50%.

  9. 86,000 opportunities to do something, or not. That’s a lot. It’s almost unbearable. 86,000 ways to fail or succeed. The opportunities are endless.

    It reminds me of an old mind trick to get yourself off your butt and exercise: it’s when you really don’t want to go that you go. The mind will always go for the easy way out. Knowing that you have 86,000 opportunities a day to change your mind and do something is a crucial belief that we all need to know and practice.

    As a practical exercise, I’ve set my list of ten as an hourly reminder in my phone (every second was unpractical ?.) Let’s see how that helps me change.

  10. I can think for ages before action. Writing a dfq for example making it perfect. SDNT is so powerful because it creates action then refine

  11. My do it now opportunity is to start looking for new opportunities and horizons. I have been marking time in one area of work waiting for a watershed moment, and keeping comfortably engaged in the other. The watershed moment has to be created. I am hoping that persevering with the lateral thinking training will provide a fertile substrate for creation/recognition of that new horizon.

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