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  1. I have started one of the tasks in my list. I found it better to try to work out the entirety of the task to begin with the then break it up into smaller tasks.

  2. When I do , I am able to find avenues and ways to do it …doing is self sustaining.
    I wanted to walk everyday …i started it ..i did it inspite of rain …and then I get days of sunshine giving me all the more reasons to go out and work. Its like universe concerts and supports a positive , self motivating action.

  3. I cleaned the gutters. Got the ladder out, found the easiest place to get access and start doing – clean the gutters.

  4. A way of working out what to do next is to spend an hour making a comprehensive list of everything you might want to do. After you have exhausted that exercise, try ordering the list into priorities using different criteria

  5. I took a task from my “To- start list” , and started to work…. I found that the priorities were clearly set . That was very satisfying . it’s actually motivating me to learn more.

  6. Got my answer once I listened to the lesson………… I had to chuckle because the Universe brings answers when I let it happen. Gracias for reading that comment and this.

  7. I always keep to do lists but I tend to fall behind on them at times. For me to get back to DOING, I find the following helps for me:
    * Going for a walk, usually with company (such as my dogs) helps
    * Listening to some music
    * At times the sheer length of the list of things to do is simply motivating to get started. 🙂

  8. Good, bad or indifferent – time ticks on and need no reminders to push hard as possible while I’m still around. Got home late last night but went to the gym for 2 hours after getting the kids to bed. I did it and I feel better

  9. While I always keep a to do list, and make sure I have a good grasp of the priority order of those tasks, beginning the next most important task can sometimes be daunting. Whenever I feel this way I scan my list for something less daunting to do first, in order to get a few runs on the board. This brings up my positivity and gives me the inspiration to begin the more difficult task (and also avoids procrastination time).

    The obvious trap of this technique is that you then only ever to the easy tasks. My solution has been to limit myself to one “easy” task per day, the rest have to then come in priority order.

  10. I’ve started reading my todo list first thing every morning. By going through all of the points, it allows me to prioritise or re-prioritise what I need to do to grow my business that day. It also triggers a different reaction as I read through since my mind, experience, and knowledge have changed, slightly, since yesterday. This allows me to write new ideas or angles to tackle the issue listed even though I might not focus on it today.

  11. I fixed my website as well as my twitter accounts (the one that relates to my work as a teacher of thinking). I also did a lot of calling as well as emailing about current projects that have been shelved or banished to the peripheries of my attention so that I can once more focus on them. There is a renewed attention to the things that I need to do after I have decided to start them.

  12. I find my START, moving from inertia to motion easier than DO. My struggle with DO is maintaining engagement and not falling back into inertia.

  13. Making the start is so critical, but now that i have started its about making it happen.
    I find that the thinking time, alone, is critical to my DOing. If i cannot find the time to go within, i end up going without!

  14. For me, the “do” is to keep going through sustained effort. In my current situation where I am unsure about the future, it is more difficult but just as necessary. I do my job, I do my duty as a parent and partner, I do the myriad other things that fill the day. I do the DFQ and look for its application through the day. I do a lot. A friend once said that we have to spend time as a “human being” as well as a “human doing” but sometimes too much reflection leaves insufficient time for action.

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