New: Thinking Instructor Training – Next intake – March 2017

The next intake of Thinking Instructor (TISOT) will be in March 2017.This new series includes The x10 Toolkit.

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Linda says:

I wasn’t fortunate enough to have any leadership training at work, although I was given leadership roles, so I really enjoyed this training. The most important thing I have taken away from it is the various ways to think about the thinking of those you are leading. It will open me up to different ways of thinking!

Nic says:

Leadership training had always seemed vague to me. My BVS is that leadership is simpler than I’ve been making it. The key difference I will take away is exactly what was taught. Create a pipeline for those I lead. Teach the skills of PTO and GBB. Doing this will make me a better leader and at the same time I can stop worrying about this ‘mystical’ thing called leadership.



If you enjoyed x10 THINKING and find it both interesting and useful in your life then you are qualified to apply for this elite training and mentoring program and have your name registered on SOT’s Roll of Thinking Instructors.

Thinking Instuctor training is leadership training and can be undertaken by any interested SOT member and is under the personal direction of Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.



If you can find a way to multiply your thinking skills by ten and also multiply your selling skills by ten, then you will also find that you have—as a result—multiplied your leadership skills by ten. This can be done through daily training and mentoring.

I look forward to personally working with you in this next class of Thinking Instructors SOT (TISOT). And, on the successful completion of your TISOT training, to present you with your TISOT Certificate.




How Can I Apply?

Application: If you wish to apply click here


Who Can Be A Thinking Instructor?

This training is not for everyone. However, there are no special qualifications or responsibilities for being a Thinking Instructor other than a genuine interest in thinking and in teaching thinking.

Many Thinking Instructors are school teachers, business people, sports professionals, parents and neighbours. There are four different types of Thinking Instructors:

Self: Those who simply want the training for themselves. Who want to practise the skills in their own life for personal advancement, cognitive skill and well-being.

Family: For teaching the skills to one’s family and friends and as a forum for family discussions to avoid conflict and deal with family crises.

Business: Sharing the skills with colleagues, workmates, associates and clients to solve business problems and explore potential commercial opportunities. Also to find ways to cut costs and increase revenues. To raise morale and communications through employee participation and involvement in decision-making.

School: Practising the skills in classrooms to accelerate learning and discussion skills and even, where possible, to teach THINKING as a separate curriculum subject.

SISOT Certificate - 4 semesters in ten months.

- What is Thought Leadership and Leadership Thinking?

Thinking is the skill of leading your self. Leadership is the skill of helping other people to lead themselves. Like all skills, both leadership and thinking can be learned and developed.

Thought Leadership and Leadership thinking include the collection of strategies, tactics and skills that are used to train anyone who wants to become a much better thought leader and leadership thinker.

- Personal Training

This is my personal approach to leadership. There are many ways to approach this subject and, since you are interested in it, you've no doubt got ideas and experiences of your own to contribute. 
- Act of Will

However, even if you like the training it still takes an act of will on your part to persist with the lessons, invest the time and do the DFQs.

- Leadership Mood

Try to make your leadership training as enjoyable and as much fun as possible. From a cognitive point of view, mood is very important. Choose to enjoy your training. Try not to think of it as a chore. The leadership attitude is like the attitude you have when approaching an honours course or membership in an A-Team. Doing the training is good. Doing it with a leadership attitude is much better.

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