x10 Selling: Multiply your sales by ten!

“To change the way you sell you first have to change the way you think.”
– Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Author,  NewSell (New York, 1984) and WOMBAT Selling (Melbourne, 2006).

In addition to x10 Thinking, an important stream in the certified Thinking Instructor SOT (TISOT) training is x10 Selling.  

x10 Selling focuses on how to multiply sales by ten! x10 Selling explores ways to increase sales results using the disruption and innovation methods of science.  

In particular, x10 Selling focuses on creating R&D solutions to the four BIG SALES PROBLEMS. The BSP are the main hazards that prevent x10 Selling.  

The BSP are the four daily sales problems that every business needs to face up to and solve in order to survive and grow:

1. Too few WOMBATs

2. Too few REFERRALS

3. Too few REPEATS

4. Too low NPS.

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  1. If you can see the way your customer see’s things you can sell you customer the way your customer wants to be sold.

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