• Introduction to Lateral Thinking with the applied theory of the First Law of Thinking

  • Cognitive Engagement and the CEO Audit.

  • Introduction to Metacognition

  • THE GBB – How to Solves The Wicked Problem of The Intelligence Trap

  • Introduction to x10 Thinking

  • Introduction to The DFQ

  • The Universal Brain Software - cvs2bvs


Semester 2 – THE x10 HARVEST 

  • Introduction to Leadership Theory

  • The Pipeline and PTO.

  • The Problem of The Paid-Thinker (Gallup, Welch)

  • Max Planck Theory of Funerals

  • Introduction to Dollarization Theory


Semester 3 – ESCAPE: THE FTI 

  • Introduction to Cognitive Physics

  • The FTI: an escape tool

  • The Wicked Problem of PTV

  • The DVR: Dollarisation for ROI


Semester 4 – CVS IDEAS AUDIT

  • STEM Thinking

  • What cvs did we retire in 2015?

  • What cvs will we retire in 2016?

  • Two Kinds of Truths: Real and Fake



  • Introduction to WOMBAT Selling with the applied Theory of Newsell.

  • Introduction to x10 Selling

  • The TCB

  • The RPV
  • Uncheck2check: The Selling Switch


Semester 6 – The Seven Hats

  • Introduction to The Seven Thinking Hats.

  • Learn-To-Think

  • QRH


Semester 7 – x10 ROI – ET123 

  • English Thinking: The Three Methods

  • Inside The Square Thinking

  • Outside The Square Thinking

  • Apps For Intelligence.



  • Escaping from the CVS.

  • Bottom-up Leadership

  • Local Productivity


Semester 9 – x10 GAME THEORY: T4T

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Tit for Tat

  • The Banker of Life

  • The Shadow of the Future

  • The OPV


Semester 10 – x10 VISION: THE TPF

  • Ten Possible Futures

  • Applied Cognitive Physics

  • The Cognos

  • Quantum Leaping with The TPF.


CONTENT STREAMS: SOT is science-based and is not for everyone. The three content streams for this program are: x10 Thinking, x10 Selling and x10 Leadership. There will be coursework, daily audio mentoring and career-related problem-solving required for this program.

100% ONLINE: The SOT campus is 100% online. The school is in the cloud. All SOT lessons are conducted by email. 24/7/365, email is simply the No1 business communication platform in the world. SOT emails save time and money. Whether by smartphone while commuting or by PC at work, SOT email allows employees and managers to efficiently manage communications in ways that fit into their time and scheduling at the local level. SOT email lessons are easy to mailbox and can be stored safely, logically and reliably. It’s a lot easier to organize emails than paper. Lessons can be accessed quickly and easily for study, thinking and review. SOT email allows students to work at their own speed, rather than under the pressure of a conference call or costly in-person meetings. It also means that a good record of the work is maintained for future reference. Used intelligently, email is the superior training, communication and productivity tool. Feedback from SOT students prefer email!




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  1. Michael
    Wish you all a a happy new year.

    The course design looks very organized and comprehensive. As a past qualified student of the SOT I fully endorse the course to anyone interested in improving their cognitive skills straight way.

    All the best


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