What was the biggest thing in THINKING in 2016?

In this message I’d like to share with you what I’ve been following and what I now believe to be the biggest thing to have happened in the world–in THINKING–in 2016!

I hope you’ll find it valuable food for thought.

Although I’m a cognitive scientist and an agnostic I’m also a vaticanologist, an observer of the Vatican. I suppose it’s been a kind of intellectual hobby for over 50 years.

However, if one is interested, professionally, in thinking then one is interested not only in the science of thinking but also in its history and its origins.

And, in the West, the origin of our Greco-Roman Logic comes to us from the Greeks … via the history of the Vatican. This means, for 800 years, the Vatican has been teaching judgment. Judgment is black/white, right/wrong thinking.

If Pope Francis has his say, the Vatican will now teach discernment. This is a very, very BIG transformational change in global thinking policy.

I believe it’s enough to make Francis the greatest lateral thinker in the world. It is also enough for him to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

“Not everything is black over white, or white over black. No! The shades of grey prevail in life.”          – Pope Francis (2016)


If he does nothing else during his pontificate but switch the Vatican from judgment to discernment then this will be enough to make him one of the greatest popes who ever lived.

I’ve been writing about this over the last year and have collected these articles into a short iphonebook–you can read it on your iPhone.

I appreciate your interest in thinking and your support for SOT and I’m offering you a preview of this book as a gift to get your 2017 thinking off to a great start.

Very best wishes for 2017,


PS You can click here to download the book with my compliments …






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