Why do you think that lateral thinking is important?

Michael's reply:
The missionaries of the medieval Church spread Greco-Roman Logic around the world (the right/wrong system) which is very good at judgment. Today, we call this “inside-the-square thinking”.
However, in a post-Darwinian, fast-changing and hi-tech environment we may also need “outside-the-square thinking”.
Lateral Thinking is very useful for this kind of disruptive, pattern-breaking, innovation. I have the first PhD in the world in Lateral Thinking, so I am in favour of it!


4 thoughts on “Why do you think that lateral thinking is important?

  1. On the subject of power outages – thinking outside the square:
    Who put the trees in the streets where powerlines are strung?
    How about trees only on side without powerlines?
    How about shared responsibility for trimming?
    How about tree choices which accommodate street ‘structure’?
    How about subterranean lines?

    When costs are assessed on insurance, maintenance and outage claims,
    thinkinking outside the square has to make sense!

  2. Oh yes! So much serenity can come from thinking this way. It is also a link to a feeling of celebration too?

  3. Lateral thinking is not a process of ON / off ; YES/NO ; BLACK/ White , it is dynamic and hence it includes several changing factors. These factors are of considerable importance .
    When I take in my consideration those factors i feel able to regulate my thinking. !!

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