Hewitt-Gleeson on Making Mistakes


Speed of thought is how long it takes you to change your mind.

Speed of thought is how long it takes you to escape from your current viewpoint.

Speed of thought is how long it takes you to switch to a much better viewpoint.

The biggest roadbump to speed of thought is your fear of being wrong.

The most common cause of cognitive inertia is mistake-phobia, the morbid fear of making a mistake.

4 thoughts on “Hewitt-Gleeson on Making Mistakes

  1. Ah, yes. The fear of being wrong and the desire to be right and certain. That is the capsule of experience. Humans swing between this duality and desire always to be right and certain always. Flipside is mistakes and failure have their function in helping us eliminate and narrow down options, modify processes and settings. And their in lies the crucible of invention and innovation.

  2. What is mistake and what is not, is quite disputable matter. Many things that were considered mistakes in
    the middle ages are now considered unalienable rights. Everyone has to judge for him/herself !!!
    Many of those who are handing nonchalant judgments are light years away from knowing what the right stuff looks like, since they, themselves, do not have it. They are simply products of narrow systems, where “A” is followed by “B”, and that’s it.

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