How does x10 Thinking work in a company – large or small?

x10 Thinking a

Following are some recent examples of corporate clients who are using the x10 Thinking and x10 Selling systems.
There are examples of clients using our intensive 'Green Beret' live weekly masterclass training, like SEEK and VCCI. These are for 50 employees or less.
There are also examples of clients using the large-scale, enterprise-wide platform solution like REECE, BENDIGO BANK and CABRINI HEALTH. These are for 5000 employees or more.
Starting 2016, we designed an x10 selling experiment (WOMBAT selling) for iSELECT. This has had an immediate and high impact on sales results.
Return On Stimuli (ROS)
Human behaviour is all about stimulus and response. 
Our system sends OUT x10 stimuli to employees (who opt-in) across the enterprise every day. We report to clients on analytics and cognitive surplus as applied to specific executive/CEO themes (like innovation and revenues. However, the most compelling feedback is the bottom-up responses coming IN from the staff and employees across the enterprise. 

We call this Return On Stimuli (ROS) …

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  1. Once there was a VP who said, “out customers either love or hate me”. He never took the time to figure out why this happened.

    The VP approached every existing customer in the same way and never considered there is at least four different styles and many personal interests of each customer and potential customer. In order to know how to sell the way customers want to be sold, you must see and hear things the way they do. Building a relationship with people requires knowing their personal style and interests, which properly utilized can create the potential for a successful/business-customer relationship by four times ten-fold.

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