SOT Pedagogy: Cabrini Health x10: enterprise-wide solution

Stimuli OUT to Cabrini Health Medical Staff and Employees …

  • daily stimuli train medical staff and employees to be more innovative and deliberately use lateral thinking not only in their daily work but also as a personal benefit in their own life and at home and in sport
  • lessons are fun, enjoyable and voluntary and therefore liberating for employees who opt-in
  • x10 conversations spread virally during the day, on the job, over coffee, in meetings, with customers and after work with family and friends. Through daily practise over time x10 thinking skills begin to grow. Disruptive thinking become more practised. Science thinking becomes familiar and easier. The x10 innovations bloom. Each quarter these innovations are harvested and dollarised 
  • responses create a direct channel of communication from bottom to top giving Cabrini medical staff and employees a direct channel to communicate their innovation to the top administration and leadership.

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Responses IN from Cabrini Health Medical Staff and Employees …

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Just seeing someone smile makes you want to smile too, and to find out what was so funny. I always like to share funny things with people. It’s a good way to connect with people.
I went to a lecture last week and learnt a new way of doing the type of photography we do at work. It was reasonably good before, but now I’ve made it so much better.
You have to have both to some extent. Even if you start with the green, eventually you’ll have to make a judgment on how things went.
Yes, watch this space. It’s going to be an interesting future to see if there will be enough work for everyone in this computer age.
Interesting and lovely sound.
I think it is important to meditate daily and let thoughts and feelings emerge. Later you can test out any ideas that show promise.
It’s very beautiful and mysterious. Slowly we are starting to unravel some of it’s secrets.
I am here to take care of my family, friends and help any other people who may come into my life. To both learn and to teach, give and receive.
Often it is stimulation, different ways of looking at an issue, new ideas.
I constantly hear the sound of laughter – it originates with me !
Wow!!! This is going to be very interesting! Makes you think already! Looking forward to reading more about it.
it is contagious!! just looking at the picture, had me smiling. so my take home lesson is that people will reflect what you project.
I think about how I can make thinking a skill I can apply to a situation like any other tool of trade
Its a bit more tiring and time consuming to put the green (design hat on) because it does make you think outside the automatic judging thoughts. It does however show a different perspective on the same information/situation which often helps to feel softer and kinder about the situation and to see it in a totally different light. Sometimes the first automatic thought and judgement was correct and you havnt misjudged the situation but most of the time it is in fact not the first thought that came into your mind.
Sometimes I find that if I ask myself ‘why’ I am looking for something in particuarly it helps me find out ‘what’ I am looking for.
I’m looking for new ways to get along with people. Learning to understand and empathise.
Try to ignore my preconceived ideas and open myself to listen to other ideas and learn from whoever may come up with new ideas.
This gentleman has obviously seen the funny side of sitting still for a long period of time just to be captured for posterity …. good on him !
It’s the gleeful look in his eye! The ability to find humour, and our humanity, in all situations is essential.
I notice subtle changes in patterns of either behaviour or operations. I like to ask about what I notice and often get confirming responses
I think it is important to consider both black and green in strategic thinking. There are some things that are clear cut and black and other aspects of strategic thinking that require a green hat.
When you have an option, use it..
Being judgmental on everything that you do is not going to help you on the long run..
Designing helps you to cut your cloth accordingly
to me the humour in this painting is the jovial, fat face of the model, but that it is painted in a style, (cant remember what it is called) that brings to mind portraits of serious and sombre individuals.
Humour is a critical part of daily life. Without humour, even of the black variety, life is stale and uninteresting and can cause one to get bogged down in the mundane details of daily life without appreciation of the better elements of each day.
Stay attentive, keep listening, bias towards action rather than delay.
Possibly, but probability data is precisely displayed, so question is, based on which information parameters?
Obsessive dedication arising out of intellectual capacity and interest.
I consider that the critical matters to notice are flaws in information being presented and if there are no apparent flaws, the ramifications of that information particularly how it can be applied to solve relevant current problems or to create new opportunities.
I am looking for new opportunities for growth and development and searching my networks to find those opportunities
Why not stop and reflect rather than rush in where fools tread. We are so busy doing we don’t think about other ways. I think we perpetuate sameness by not asking why not.
Even neighbours and complete strangers can help by offering different points of view.
I enjoy listening to people from different walks of life, varied educational levels, various cultures as each person has something to offer when it comes to having a better view of the situation.
Took a good pro forma and made it better – removed any ambiquities
I have finalised a pt complaint after much investigation
Not really 86000 plus now moments. We are sleeping for 25,000 of these, an one now moment presumably leads to significantly more doing moments. I reckon there might be perhaps 50 potential now moments in a day, that’s 4 per waking hour! The problem is, starting is great, but you need to see things through and finish as well!
there is alot more to it than just observing
I am here to support my loved ones, look after the vulnerable and sick people in my line of work and give back to the community
I need to notice the subtle changes in someones behaviour, demeanor and reflect on the interaction I had with the person maybe because of what is going on personally for them rather than a professional one
I am good at doing the now in the professional arena. I can be somewhat of a procrastinator on the home front when it comes to doing it now.
i need to think about the next steps to my career path
I need to think about how to take the next steps
I can get movement through this information by tapping into resources and people to aid direction
Its fun to think about the future, where might you/your family/your team/your organisation be in 5 or 10 years, and what can you do to either avoid a poor outcome or help achieve a good one.
Judging can be easy and reflex. Can be required for quick decisions but when time allows I think it is worthwhile to take a minute and think more creatively
I don’t think I have consciously thought about it in such clear terms before it now seems obviouse to think this way , this is a very powerful tool , thank you
It’s far too easy to speak a judgement ….. and far more difficult to think of a way to improve something first.
But of course, we should always think of a way to improve.
I worked out a long time ago that my very reason for being here is to serve others in order that I may serve myself properly and wholly ….
Circumstantial: some circumstances require a black and white interpretation; others require a more measured and considered response – dark green hat; and others need completely out of the box thinking – light green hat. Easiest to put on the black hat, hardest and riskiest to put on the light green hat but the rewards might be worth it.
whatever my priority list dictates and hope distraction doesn’t interfere!
Make sure I do not miss out on the feedback, keep alert and listen.
Still looking for that answer! Not really sure of the overall purpose and life cycle. I know my contribution to family and society but is that the overall purpose for why I and only I am here?
I have action plans that are updated each week with my active tasks
As animals on earth, why do we have to have a reason.Can’t we just be?
I think I am pretty good at doing things now – I am not one to put things off for another day because I am likely to forget what it was that I was going to do. I like ticking off (in my mind or on a list) of the things that I have done.
I often find myself thinking about hindsight and what I would have done differently. What I would rather think about is how my thinking in hindsight can help my actions in the future rather than what I could have done better in the past.
Good to be looking deeper into the future state of employment further that just how technology is going to supercede workers in some ares – what does this mean to the broader society?
We need to let our thoughts wander outside of the square, ask questions, then test the hypotheses – broaden our horizons
Latest & evidenced
To nurture family and be a valued member of community and workplace.
The thinng on my to do list that gives ne greatest return for investment
To support, nurture and share with those whom my travels through life lead me to. I believe life is a journey and that throughout that journey we each can support and nurture each other. It may be a small contribution to a few individuals, but it is to the betterment of all mankind.
Leaders like Welch & Page who promote big thinking create a culture that seeks out possibilities, this would be synergystic as the culture would attract employees that also want to think big
This question of ‘something else’ really makes me think of parenting. I find myself looking for something else that will work with my kids all the time in order to get things done without WW3. I constantly have to change my Current view with my kids and it is hard not to defend my view with them but instead to put that aside in order to find a way that will actually achieve the goal!
instead of the kids, for today my “something else” will be me. I will think about how I value myself in the workplace and consider how others value me and what I can do to improve this.
I am constantly planning what do I do next. If I can provide staff with greater notice of things to action instead of creating a “reactive” environment this helps me to achieve my goals as it allows time for work to be done. I don’t always get it right but try to avoid surprises wherever possible
I can get up and go for a swim.
Fantastic endorsement.
Gosh I hope he gets us and the rest of the world there!
Yes. I try to avoid any meetings I can get away with.
I used to hate working at a place where the only time you heard from someone was when something went wrong. I used to lament the vast majority of times when things all went right and nothing was said. I hope to change that in my current workplace.
It sounds obvious when you spell it out like that.
Next ???? It’s been such a long time since I considered the theme of ‘Next’ ……
Efficiency, effectiveness, understanding, contentment, enlightenment, enrichment, a hand to hold before the end …..
I am not searching or looking I am just experiencing
I am getting pretty good at anticipating what is coming my way and at having the next play sorted in my head, I love the game !
I am searching for something different each day – one day happiness; the next day stability; the following day less stress. There is no continuous pursuit of a specific goal.
Im looking for life satisfaction. To find it I need to work out each area of life eg: work, management styles etc.
Information about the customs and immigration strikes at Melbourne Airport as a work colleague is travelling overseas tomorrow and is worried about delays. Yes I used Google and found the answers!
‘Next’ is determine by your list of ever-changing priorities
I have noticed recently that by paying attention to noticing small subtle changes in a person’s mannerism can lead to a better understanding of a sitution
Get moving
I’ve noticed a good worker is very thorough and looks at all facets of the jon
Make the phone call
I’m thinking I need to speak to others to get a second professional opinion.
rejuvenate myself and satrt a fresh this monday morning
Just suppose if we could tap into all the operational technical knowledge and come up with the next big thing in health solutions.
to do my bit for evolution, learn more about human experience
In order to do something at ground level you need staff engagement.
I notice that staff respond and engage when they feel they are being listened to and are an equal member of the team.
Look and listen then act.
today I will trade in my cvs (current view of the situation)…I will do things differently, seek out other views & ask what would Leonardo do?
also use the 2:1..listen twice as much as I speak (2 ears & 1 mouth)
very powerful…’We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world’ (Buddha) so as our skills increase… move from cruise control to driving…we will have a better journey!
Notice what other people are noticing, listen to what they say and try to understand from their perspective.
Start ticking off actions and activities on the “to do” list
think about whatever you want to nothing you need to an dlet this naturally move you thoruhg time.
Having a medical check up
1. identify a general practice;
2. make an appointment;
3. attend the appointment;
4. have any subsequent tests or examinations that are ordered
5. make a follow-up appointment
6. attend the follow-up appointment.
Just suppose it was suddenly 2035…what would I be doing? How and why?
Read about, and talk to, visit and experience how other organisations do it. Its like taking a helicopter view of the landscape to understand the geography and topography.
There is an old blues/rock song entitled “Roll with the Punches”. I think it sums up life and work very well. We all make plans for the future, but it is important to recognise that despite our best endeavours to work to those plans, we are interacting with others and their plans at all times. Therefore unexpected changes and challenges to our plans are inevitable. That is when being able to “roll with the punches” is a valuable tool in our personal arsenals. It allows the flexibility to change and adapt to new and fluid situations and to find the best possible outcome.
my board members;
my family, wife and kids;
at work, staff colleagues, patients and families.
complete my to do list from Wednesday !!
asking questions and keeping an open mind can create movement
being open to new opportunities
trying different things
How true it is. It will be interesting trying to implement that at work, but I’ll give it a go.
Yes, they are tying to make computers as efficient as brains, but I don’t think they’ll succeed.
I occasionally stain brains for a living. They truly are magnificent. I can stain for the nerve fibres or even the myelin sheath around them. They make for a pretty pattern, especially in the cerebellum. Unfortunately tumours and other pathology can make them look very ugly in comparison to normal brains.
Great that the chief scientist is independent – this area needs lots of debate & different ideas
I didn’t even know we had a chief scientist until recently – great to support such innovation in Aus – we have always been good in this area.
The workplace always more productive when it is a positive place – starts at the top!
Sometimes hard to reconcile this in the hospital delivery of inpatient care
I always repeat to my myself and my family, time after time
the first step is always the biggest step, one step at a time
just get the first step down and everything will then follow
No wonder things go wrong sometimes!
Awesome – funny how your brain finds it difficult to comprehend this!
Go and move my car, then enter some stats – both need to be done before 330
How my team are integrated into the wider organisation.
How can my team best support the organisation.
Movement through this information involves stakeholder consultation, referencing evidence, mapping processes, just to name a few!
Create a ‘to do’ list!!??
Someone’s perception is their reality
everyone can improve their thinking,and thinking about thinking ,hopefully leads to deeper and more disciplined thought
make that phonecall, it takes just as long to write a note on the “to do” list
Just suppose that looks didn’t matter – how more equal we would all be. No more dieting, no more body envy.
I need to think about the best way to deal with a probationary staff member
these thoughts open up so many different avenues of thought that need to be addressed without losing sight of my original thought needs
I had the list prepared before opening this email, so why not to start with the first item from the list?
My closest friend, my colleague, my family
I need to think about ascending to a higher role. First how to achieve it and then how to improve all aspects of the role for both myself and everyone around me.
Type the Minutes I put off and put off …. because if I don’t do them now, they don’t go away, and they get harder to decipher …… DO IT NOW !!!
My to do list always takes on a slightly different look by the morning. Sometimes it is just to get it out of my head and other times I email it to myself at work so I have it there ready for the morning.
I tend to do this most days so I am not having it all in my head so I think I “do” most of the time.
Identifying the MAIN POINT is a good start. It is the WHY am I doing this?
Then to think differently and find a better way.
I need to think about seizing the day, don’t wait for opportunity to come to you, create your own opportunity. Be proactive and do not procrastinate!
I tend to write a list at the end of each day about what needs doing the next day for home and work life. It is the one way I switch my brain off so I can go to sleep.
We need to notice the other person and what it is exactly that they want, not what we perceive they want
Habits are often hard to break. Will put ‘prompters’ around my desk to trigger an escape response to think BVS!
I consult constantly. Depending on the issue I might be working on, I will call or speak with a colleague to explore an alternative view point or balance.
A lot of the questions were relevant for my current job role. Whilst the score was ok, it certainly highlighted areas for improvement.
Couldn’t get it to open
It’s hard to think when there is too much ‘noise’ – phones, interruptions, constant meetings, emergency situations. For me, my best thinking comes early in the morning when the ‘noise’ of the day hasn’t started and my brain takes leaps and bounds.
Simply applying the CVS2BVS model does have an emotive effect. Haven’t escaped a box just yet, but certainly makes the outlook and journey a more positive experience.
I need to notice subtle indications that someone needs assistance even though they haven’t asked
I have no clear thoughts on why? A big question which has me thinking.
Will listen and think through things (rather than automatically replying – defensively!) before responding…
everyday is your current view. I agree with the statement but how does one attain the ‘better’ view of a situation. Only with hindsight? by standing back and attempting to be objective?mmmm, very ponderous
Rising above the situation can be thinking ten steps ahead of an idea or thought and particularly a promise to do something, but challenging yourself to continue to “better” the idea,
something else… isn’t that called distraction?
Need to continually keep learning an evolving my thinking…
That we must all work on something to make something worthwhile …. effort equals output.
Stopping. Breathing. Being
I need to notice how people react to the things that get said in the department and then try to emulate the things that receive positive reactions. I want to help create a positive environment and encourage everyone in it to participate in creative ways without fear of reprisals or being called stupid.
it’s equally important to to keep the momentum after you start doing something…
I should practice this more often… ideal case scenario is to do the start list the Day (or week) before and even if you have some left overs from the previous list, review them and add the new ones…. if the list keep growing you are in trouble and it’s more likely you have “focus” issues.
I’ve noticed that the most valuable information is coming from the silent customers…
It´s very important to realise that there is also a lot of opportunities where you have not data or information or you have silence.
It’s amazing how the concepts are setting down little by little and becomes yours. It’s all about “movement” it doesn’t matter the direction…
I have noticed that what seems like clear communication can actually be heard and understood as quite different things by two people! It’s often only in teasing out the unspoken assumptions in a communication that we really understand what is intended or planned – and from real understanding comes the opportunity to really work together and move something forward in a unified way.
Why not do it differently even by 1 degree
just suppose if everyone was equal, what kind of world would we live in,
i’m a great at lists
list of everyday @ home, things to do
list for things to do @ work daily, weekly & monthly
list for holidays, clothes to get, trips to plan
list to get more in contact with family & friends
list to get fit, ways to get fit
list to ask questions of the doctor when I visit him next
I have list to make list
so what have I acomplished today ?
making more list
It reminds me that we can all achieve whatever we set our minds too! Excellence isn’t a trait we are born with but must strive for.
Just suppose I could see into the future
Amazing – once again open your mind!
Do what you love
Often are influences that come into play very early in life
Progressive – can always think of things in a diffenet wayDon’t need to stick within expected boundaries always
Brilliant that we can have the opportunity – it’s not just left as some abstract concept
Engaging staff in this is valuing your organisation and the workers
There are some qualities that some leaders have naturally that make them good leaders – but anyone can learn and improve if they want to
I think it is great for people to be able to learn about ‘thinking’ – its not something I think we generally give ourselves time to do, and improve. Especially as we are doing it all the time!
Great, will get started on it
Great start to the day and the Month
Positive thinking is not new!
I very much believe in positive thinking – it can be hard when other people aren’t but we are all different and have our own choices to make – there is always a choice
  1. Send out Christmas invites
    2. Start Christmas shopping
    3. Shop for ingredients for tomorrow on way home
    4. Organise sleepover for son
    5. Think of birthday present for other son
    6. Ring mother re J’s party
    7. Finalise agenda and send out invites to DVA forum
    8. Go to dry cleaners
    9. Finish performance reviews for work
    10. Annual leave calendar for work leave
I need to notice and monitor the mood of my team. Are they driven? Are they focused? Are they feeling good about the team and themselves? Are they positive? I cannot afford to let these factors slip if i wish to drive ongoing positive culture change.
I need to notice how my decisions will impact on others – it could be that my ‘brilliant’ idea has negative impacts down the line.
  1. Get floors fixed
    2. Organise wardrobes
    3. Clean out old clothes
    4. Exercise
    5. Garden
    6. Pick up furniture
    7. Make more time for myself
    8. Buy a pram
    9. Put in leave form
    10. ?
Just suppose we didn’t get stressed
I have noticed that I think in the back of my mind I notice most things, but often I choose to keep it there instead of bringing it to the front of my mind and acting on it as more often than not I should !
Not sure why I am here. Age old question. Can only do my best at what presents itself and , as Einstein puts it do the best I can to those with whom I cross paths (or who effect my life)
When I view a circumstance or situation I must look broader or deeper than the purely superficial issues and look further for alternative perspectives in the matter.
Just get up and start. Try to commit a certain amount of time per day and keep chipping away at it and things will soon start looking up.
I have now sprung into action completing my management course now there is a time frame on it.
Just suppose everyone was financially the same as everyone else.
Colleagues, senior management, family
I hope to finish the IHI management course that I have already completed.
I find if I am procrastinating about something the best think to do is not concern my self with the outcome or wether its a good idea or a bad one I just simply make a start , thats the tough bit after that it tends to flow
Flap around for a while asking myself where to start, what takes priority? Once the decision is made I steam ahead.
One of the first things I watched was the Ken Robinson TED talk and I took a quote from that which I am using everyday
“if you’er not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything original”
  1. Email tidy up
    2. Computer filing clean up and organisation
    3. Finalise holiday schedule
Just suppose there was no money or religion in the world, what kind of a world would we live in?
Take small steps towards the light, don’t look back, always forward
  1. De-cluttering
    2. Reorganising
    3. Updating my CV
    4. Writing up a job application
    5. Contacting referees
    6. Calling some friends
    7. Regular meditation
    8. Regular exercise
    9. Trying new recipes
    10. Finding the time to read some of the books & magazines that are piling up
It’s nice to see someone following their dreams.
I’m sure Rachmaninoff would turn in his grave, but I like it.
It sounds like it would be well worth doing.
Boy what a huge number of achievements! I wonder if he has any time to sleep.
I have heard of Confucius, but had not heard of what he actually taught. It sounds like it would be worth looking into that. Today I’d like to think about being more positive in the future and trying to help others be positive too.
People who are making billions from the coal industry are too greedy to want to look for alternatives. Hopefully people will come up with better ideas that will not cause the destruction of our beautiful planet that are still profitable.
Just suppose we all lived according to the golden rule. What a wonderful place the world would be!
I think we’re looking at a picture. First we see the smaller chunks of it, and finally when we reach the top, we see the big picture.
My husband
My most trusted friend
My mother
Skilled thinking sounds like a disciplined approach to thinking and making the most of our thinking time. Thinking about thinking reveals how little time we spend thinking rather than relying on intuition and emotional intelligence.
  1. Insurance on car scratches
    2. Packing for holiday
    3. Amending labels
    4. Ringing my brother
    5. Organising security
    6. Filing
    7. Deleting old emails
    8. Organising connectivity changes
    9. Updating manual
    10. Reply to written request
  2. Insurance on car scratches
    2. Packing for holiday
    3. Amending labels
    4. Ringing my brother
    5. Organising security
    6. Filing
    7. Deleting old emails
    8. Updating Manual
    9. Replying to written request
    10. Organising connectivity changes
I actually use these types of lists if I wake in the middle of the night. some of the things are not useful, but others are gems of ideas where sometimes I wonder where I got that idea from….
  1. keep running lists of projects
    2. clean emails
    3. chase outstanding requests
    4.spring clean garage
    5 visit brother in law
just suppose people took responsibility for their mistakes without trying to blame others….
  1. My life’s musings – a ripper read for me and others
    2. Goals for my home
    3. Plan a holiday
    4. Regular meditation and timeout for me
Following up on requests for information that haven’t been returned – are they too busy or procrastinating themselves?
Effective efficient problem resolution
Beginning and completing planning processes
Knocking down today’s ‘skittles’
Reaching out beyond the normal to uncharted territory
Sharing saleable knowledge that grows our gross national product, not the giving away our country’s finite resources
Teamwork to multiply x10 ideas generating income for Australia
work colleague
my partner
I ask why all the time. I was bought up asking why, I rarely let anyone tell me it cant be done. Im am currently working in an industry where for once, I have let someone stop me asking why. I am so saddened by it.
hmm if x 10 of a CVS allows the possibility to see a positive in the space of something that started as a negative it could work and we could all have BVC.
Why not work more closely with our customers (patients, clients) so that they can contribute more to their own wellbeing?
Seeking new opportunities is a discipline and a skill. In day to day work we tend to “fix problems” rather than seek opportunities.
why cant we do things differently? Its good to challenge “the way we’ve always done it around here” as a logic for continuing to do it that way. Often there were good reasons “back then”, but these have been lost in the mists of time and memory.
With teams I always believe that 1+1=5 as far as benefits and production of creative and doable outcomes. Perhaps it should be x10
Just suppose…I could talk out my programming ideas and a recording program not only transcribed them to text, but could format it nicely into pseudocode so that the code structure was already there, I just needed to add the code?Just suppose…I did all the exercise I needed, ate all the right foods, slept at the right times for the right amount, without feeling constrained or bored? Suppose I did these things while feeling incredibly free and happy?
I will focus more on putting into practice the things I think deeply about
my husband (also ask his point of view)
my children (younger point of view)
my family (opinionated lot)
interestingly the stairway analogy is a useful strategy:
– at the beginning of a project
– intermittently during a project &
– at the end of the project.Can I currently use the analogy at work? no
Do I use the analogy at home? yes & regularly
Think outside the box ; no one’s point of view is wrong, just don’t accept black and white answers
My “Why Not for today is
Why not be good to yourself, Why not take time out of your busy day to smell the roses,
Why not be forgiving to yourself
Why Not Take today and be kind to yourself, since everyone I come across lately have been so busy with one thing or the other.
Have a great day everyone
I quite often find staff only look at things from their own perspective. Its good to get them to consider other points of view. Once they realise it is not all about “them” daily operations run more smoothly.
Why not talk less and listen more?
My children
My parents
My partner
I have tried to apply all the stratagies we have spoken of so far in an attempt to climb 10 steps this take’s a fare bit of clear and deliberate thought but definitely helps to get a bcv
I think it is beneficial to be always thinking about different ways of doing things
I dont always have time to consult as I generally have to make decisions right there and then on the spot – there are however times where I need to stop and think about things in order to make the right decision and it is then that it would be a perfect time to consult other people.
Another manager
My mother
My closest most trusted colleague
encourage positive thinking in situations that appear difficult and challenging and not of your control
why not delegate some of my work! good question – why not!
Just suppose I could time travel – when and where would it be?
Time to agenda items at appropriate meeting to ensure all stakeholders involved
Just suppose family commitments weren’t keeping me in Melbourne, what’s first on my bucket list?
Just suppose …. I suppose it’s possible !
love the view at the top of stairs … but as we all know climbing the stairs to get the view takes effort !!
This is really a difficult one! I feel like I’ve missed a page in the lessons because there’s no examples of real cognitive stairways given, especially using Tenpower. I get the metaphor, I just struggle to see a Tenpower method to apply.Normally when I know I need to act, but the task seems to big, chunking it into smaller steps helps a huge amount.
However, moving from a CVS “at ground level” to a qualitively better view I think would require a different approach.When I think about things I’ve learned about that help see a way through problems, I remember the 5 Column Method used in the Strengths Based Approach:
1) Explore the problem, including listening to the feelings, hearing the “dominant story”, and giving a figurative name to the problem
2) Ask how you’d like the situation to be instead (the alternate “preferred story”); try to find out hopes, dreams, and aspirations; find out about times when the problem wasn’t there (exceptions)
3) Identify internal Strengths and Values of the person from their perspective rather than mine
4) Identify external resources and contacts that have been used in the past or could be drawn on in the future
5) Make and plan with steps as to what to do nextI think remember this and being more conscious of applying it to my own situations rather than people I am helping might make me much more practiced at getting a BVS. I’ll see about ways to keep it at hand so that it is more readily at the front of my mind.
Just suppose I could let go of the control every so often …….
Amazing to realise these thinkers have had such a profound impact on the world..
Great way to think about decision making – my day is definately filled with decisions
Onward and upward – there is no other way to success and happiness !
With the normal use of stairs – I don’t see or think differently until I get to the top and have a completely new viewpoint. The stairs are just a means to an end.
Just suppose I could communicate with less words more effectively
Climbing stairs is good exercise – and the brain needs to be exercised the same way by exerting it. Staircases between areas also allow thinking time to gel ideas.
Colleagues, sister, partner
Why not ask for someone else’s opinion, they may see things differently to you
Possibly the main point in many situations is “we always do it this way”…? Time to look for an alternative !
I think the satirway is exciting and it gives a path and feeling of improvement. You are responsible for doing the improvement.
why not get some assistance or another point of view. Things may seem clearer or make more sense when viewed in a different way
why do we do it this way? A great question to trigger us to think of a valid rationale rather than work in auto pilot mode and do it just ‘because thats how we always do it’
These pictures reflect that we as people are changing the way we communicate and to some degree disconnect from the face to face communication. We lose the ability to read cues from people that are so important in the communication process.
Leaders who have the capacity to be innovative and progressive and understand that there are always better ways of thinking and doing things
In every situation of crisis there is an opportunity to learn, adjust our processes to move from a reactive response to a proactive response. It also affords us an opportunity to reflect and possibly do things better
Sometimes steps are sideways as well as up.
I think learning is a skill that we gain from our parents, our environment and daily activities. It something that we need to do all the time to increase our awareness of our limitations and deficits.
to make a difference
I need to learn to quickly identify the difference in any circumstance of CVS verses an opportunity to activate the BVS. Todays challenge will be to make conscious progress.
I certainly look for any opportunity to improve processes or procedures at work to reduce the ‘work around’ done by the staff.
The same goes for my home life. I look for and embrace all opportunities to ensure my family experience all life has to offer.
This is normal practice. Although i admit that sometimes i can get bogged down in the view for a while until i reassess.
I will view stairs differently now
my colleagues / mentor, ask another department, ask your partner
An oppurtunity to learn from every experience, be it a crisis or a everyday occurence
the attuitude of a person will then differenciate what you take away from that experience
my colleague, my friend and my neigbour.
There is the opportunity to ask the question “what is the opportunity here?” many times each day. Today, I can ask myself what the opportunity is in looking for more opportunities each day. Inception!
Who at work:
1. mentor, whom I respect
2. work colleagues, who are at the same management level, but from different hospitals & from a variety of job backgrounds
3. my staff
My Director at work, my colleagues, myhusband
Always look at what you can learn from situations that initially feel like a crisis
a colleague
close friend
work colleague, field expert, friend for personal issues
my colleagues
my staff
my husband
“Why not” help other people when you can – you may be able to learn something that could be applied to your job.
Housemate, colleague, mum.
Why do I feel like I’m always trying to just keep my head above water when it comes to getting everything I need to do, done? Why can I not get on top of it all? Why do I think I need to get on top of it all?
boss, son, daughter
google, work colleagues,friends
Nice to see a woman featured. Now x10 it.
My CVS is that I have too much to do and it’s causing me stress. My Main Point is that I don’t have time to do x y or z.
  1. Go for a 10 minute longer walk than yesterday
    2. Get up 10 minutes earlier.
    3. Review 10 more documents each day.
    4. Talk to 10 of my staff today.
    5. Take 10 minutes of “me time” during the working day.
    6. Think through each problem for 10 minutes before reaching a conclusion
    7. Take 10 deep breaths every hour.
    8. Attend 10 meetings this week.
    9. Raise 10 project action plans.
    10. Review 10 in progress actions.
I note that Australia is not ranked much higher than the US. However, i suspect that there is a generational factor coming to play in these results. As a generalisation, Gen Y has not had to think for itself as much as previous generations. Where will the next generation go?
I dont see many people move up the Career path..
i wish to take the Opportunity to make them feel we can change it
My Boss, my partner, my colleague
Thought provocking. Changing my own way of thinking will be the challenge
A whole new world of learning and thinking. I hope I can cope with the new changes
Try not to defend my point of view believing it to be the right…..
no matter what age one can start to ask questions and not be affraid of the thoughts they had about themselves not being bright, clever or not wanting to express their thoughts out loud. I believe we have many skills that if shown we can master them.
Why not investigate why the same people get involved and the same people do not! What is that we can do to encourage participation from that “non-participating” group?
Two things immediately jump to mind: there’s still hope for those who we perceive to be “poor thinkers”; and we are a product of our environment.
One great example within my family
when my children started to learn to cook a roast lamb, they asked me
why did I tie the knuckle of bone up, before placing into a roasting pan,
I realised that I did it, because my mum and my Nanna before her did this, there were no special reason that I knew of only because my mum and Nanna has always done it that way, and I continued the pattern
Are we a generations of mice following tradition blindly without bothering to ask the reason why or are we to lazy to think for ourselves?
For those who are interested to know why, My great grand aunt told me the answer finally after she had a laughing fit
My Nanna’s roasting pan was too small to fit a whole leg of lamb in it, so she cut up the knuckle and tie it up
Ask Opinion
Got a great positive result and reaction.
Why not stop putting obstacles in your own way – complete the task without procrastination.
Every day is a new day, start again in a positive frame of mind. Each day is an opportunity to tackle every situation with new eyes,
Why take multiple steps when one will do?
The opportunity is just to ask the question, ask different people the same question
As long as the question “why” or “why not” doesn’t cause a reaction from the person you are asking, which happened to me when I asked why, I got a very defensive and rude retort.
What an inspirational trailblazer.
How enlightening!
I’ve seen this before and thought what a great idea.
Should have been a dentist.
I was at a party recently and the old folks like me were outside talking to each other. I went inside to get a drink and found all the young people in a room, not talking, but staring into their mobile phones. I went back out and told my husband. How sad.
It sounds like everyone should use it.
Why not ask someone for their opinion. I did and got given a great idea and ran with it!
There is always something to be learnt from failure – I think we could benefit from not focussing on a situation being a ‘failure’ but a learning opportunity
Why not let other peolpe help – more heads are better than one!
Think outside the square!
Do not pigeonhole!
There will always be new discoveries!
Somebody has to develop the exoskeleton – new opportunities with no loss of job at the other end!
It would be interesting to see how these probabilities are worked outOn the flip side, there will be many new jobs that we haven’t even thought of yet!
What an interesting conceptOne to show the children!
People not satisfied with the status quo!Forward thinking leaders
Why are we doing it this way? Is it because we have always done it this way and it hasnt been questioned or is it because it has been challenged and it is the best way? I am always in this state of mind with the work we do on the ward and am looking for a simpler, safer, better way to do things. I dont always have the answer but if I had more time to ponder the question I am sure I would be able to work through the question and find the answer.
the main point is to adopt a differing viewpoint and see if the outcome is the same
I am a total TED Talk fan. This one hits at the heart of looking outside biscuit cutter education and taping the potential.
It might be time to retire to a tropical island
So true
When ideas and concepts resonate with the individual anything is possible
why don’t I make this convenient for myself instead of it being inconvenient
Parents and education system play paramount role in gearing the development of the thinking in the person at the early ages of brain development.
why not ask for someone’s opinion whom you wouldn’t normaly ask
Its the way of the world.
Why not listen to someone elses point of view?
the opportunity here today is for me to acknowledge that I am changing my thought processes. The changes are subtle, but they are real.
Why not put off a final decision until tomorrow when you have put some thought into it because your instant snap decision isn’t always the best one
Why not ask someone for their opinion?Two things could happen – he or she could come up with a great suggestion that you can use going forward or you could left feeling a little deflated and inadequate – guess it depends on the question you ask!No harm in trying though.
My CSV: My workload is becoming so large I can’t see the trees for the forest.
BSV: WHY NOT do this differently? I can find a better way to auto-matically organise, sort, and categorise it other than the method that’s installed.
Why does it make this noise?
With the hospital renovations, I question why is this not communicated better, so that we can plan our day around the noise?. When a 2 year old was screaming outside my office door yesterday, my reaction was to feel frustrated because it disturbed my concerntration.
I started to think why the noise. I got up and went for a quick walk to clear my thoughts and re- energise.
I then started to focus on my work in a different way.
Over systemizing leads to lack of customer personalization. To be truly customer centric there is a need to balance both individual personalization and systems.
Why not use an alternative (approach, person, method, attitude)?
Finding the right time and audience to ask the question is also very important in order to get supporter. Usually people with a lot of experience in a filed are the ones less likely to change to a different approach.
Score between 31 – 50. I trust this is accurate as my daily decisions are often based around finding creative solutions
Why not … have a go at something I haven’t tried before
Why are we doing it this way?
WHY is a powerful word.. mostly it brings out the negativity in you..
You try to reason out ..
I often look for opportunities when things don’t seem to be going well. I found a great one at work last week and made it work for me. It is going to be of great benefit to our department for years to come.
Why not eradicate the “too hard” basket entirely from your vocabulary !
that anyone can improve their thinking
I can improve the quality of my thinking
I saw this question last week – but could not think of anything specific to write. I thought about the question off & on all weekend without success.
One simple word. 3 letters. so powerful.
will use it in my language from now on – so I can get a point of view from another source, to supplement/strengthen my BVS.
I need to keep reminding myself that in every situation I face , good bad or indifferent It is an opportunity to make the indifferent better the bad good and the good excellent
x10 heads are better then one
x10 heads are better then 1
To practice some acceptance of what is happening without or before fighting it.
I am asking why am I not getting through my ‘to do’ list?Is it work expectation, my expectation or procrastination!
Every new day offers opportunities to learn new things, meet new people and try new things. All very exciting propositions ……. trying to look for new opportunities in all of these things.
How can I do things 10 X better and faster = greater efficiency. I plan my day early in the day and write it all down – I stick to my schedule and I get 10 X more done in the day.
Opportunities are everywhere, the key is to have the attitude to see the glass half full on every occasion an act accordingly.
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and take note of even the smallest positive thing learned – that’s where the opportunity lies
To point out to other people that there is a more effective and less offensive way of doing or saying something.
the main point today is to to emphasise negative problems and using postive solutions to approach and solve the problems that arises every day even if it’s going against what everyone thinks
CVS – ask yourself not only what is the opportunity here but who will benefit as well.
Opportunity is to be efficient and effective. Make the opportunity count. Learn something new every day
We need to ask why because we need reason for choice. Choice has a cause and effect
To grow and learn. Opening your mind and emotions to blossom not to begome stagnant and start withering away.
Why Is this complicated?
Is it really as complicated as I think? Do I just need to unpack and simplify things so that I am feeling less overwhelmed by compounding factors? A BVS could well be attained by asking why at each level. Maybe I am already there on a few factors and didn’t realise.
Testing access from IT
Tenpower helps you to switch patterns of perceptionA ppt presentation Im working on, I have asked someone else to assist me. They have adjusted the slides to improve the presetnation. Normally I would want to adjust them back to my own style, so that I feel more comfortable. However today, Im going to switch my pattern of perception and focus on what that person is trying to say in the presentation and allow myself to sit in the uncomfortable space and explore this different view point.
Why is this so complicated?As I sit at my desk pondering how to tackle an issue I wonder how many people were previously involved – how many fingers were in the pie – and how much ‘noise’ was created to make it all so complicated. Sometimes you just have to unpack all the layers and remove to discover that the answer is right there.
The Main Point I’m trying to move away from is what everyone is currently doing
I can multiply the CVS by 10 by asking for other peoples view of the situation
Following the previous feedback, the main point would be that the tendency to emphasise negative possible outcomes inhibits initiation of the process.
Although I perimiterise, which is my term for thinking of the possibilities related to solving a problem, my perimiterisation of the possible outcomes is weighted toward the negative possible outcomes, rather then the positive.
So, the CVS I need to work on is to escape that tendency or mind-set.
With our integration of businesses, the last 17 mths have been a challenge to the normal thinking. I relish the creative processes required to resolve challenge and find new in place of old.
I am here to promote others to success
To reflect/acknowledge the fact that my current view may not align with others. The main point being there is often more than one way of doing the same thing and as long as the principle components are maintained it doesnt matter how it is carried out
Not one person can be right all the time…. That one person just wants to play to god…. I wouldnt work for someone like that no matter how much money they tried to pay me. I beleive every person is intitled to voice their opioins for a company to be work you need to have your staff engaged in said company.
Yes i do…
Something didn’t go right at work today and so I asked myself why was it so, and what could we do to see it didn’t happen again? It seemed obvious to one person what should have been done, but not to anyone else. So I decided that it gave us an opportunity to look at alternatives, given a similar situation in the future. I believe we now have several solutions that would make things crystal clear to all concerned so that the same mistake will never be made again.
I can overcome more then the ‘average’ person when i put my mind to it
i am trying to look at the postive of every sistuation
I am not sure why i have been put on this earth, however everday i am here i will try and learn and grow into someone that others can look up to
i am going to try and think more “outside the box” and when speaking with people really try and see from their point of view
thinking… is like any other skill we acquire some people are better at it then others.
Skilled thinking is a learned process
Why is such a powerful question and one I will be asking myself from now on – least a couple of times a day.
I will give myself time to think and plan, starting with 5 mins/day, & try not to be so busy with the doing.
Shifting my focus to to the big picture and not sweating the small stuff – easy to write – harder to do!
Why am I doing lots of little things and avoiding the big TO DO list in front of me?
  1. Why do I have this CVS?
    Because I am comparing my in-tray to my out-tray and expecting perfection.
    Because I am a person who highly values plans and efficiency and so this comes to my attention frequently. Because I am prone to worrying about what others think of me.
Following a forum on family violence this morning the question is why we have these preconceived ideas about what a victim or a perpetrator looks like
CVS: multi-tasking at work does not work for me. I find that I am wasting time by leaving tasks not completed or completeling them half heartedly.
BVS: to improve: being mindful & completing 1 job before moving on to the next.
I tend to ask why most of the time but some CVS areas dont allow for the question why.
In our level of work, it is the same work that is being done, day in day out..
Motivating ourselves to doing it differently within the limits is the MAIN POINT
The feeling of being an island
I’ve had a total change of career.
I had a staff member write a letter to me regarding some concerns she was having and for the most part I agreed with her except for one point which I took ,I think understandably personable, when I stepped back and asked my self why I thought this and gave my self a truthful answer a whole new way of addressing the issue became apparent GIDDY UP
Instead of shrinking in certain situations, assess the situation better and become more assertive where required.
Why do I have this CVS? For me this is the most important one… What’s taken you to that point of view or CVS? If you know what you know what you have to break trough.
Why? – such a powerful tool. Most of us lose the drive to use it as we ‘grow up”. Why is this my reaction? my CVS is that not enough why’s are asked, and too much reliance is on the status quo – which if questioned, is often very confronting to those involved. My BVS is to ask why consistently and thus re-assess my CVS.
The main point I will be trying to move away from today will be thinking about different and exploring many other options rather than one or two options. Making the time to consider all possibilities.
To care for my family, to raise our children together with my husband and to be a good role model for them (thus, to continuously learn and improve), to bring happiness into this world by helping others.
If you aren’t failing often then you arnen’t trying new things often enough
No matter how accomplished you perceive your thinking and problem solving skills, there is alway opportunity to improve.
Why? is such a powerful tool … our children use it so well to question the status quo … and then we beat it out of them !!
Bring back the why !
I plan to work on learning new skills. I have a work project to complete in 3 weeks that constitutes a complete set of first time experiences.
Trying my best not to get involved in gossiping about people
To love God and his people
Talk less and listen more
  1. Take ten deep breaths and focus on them
    2. Read the ten emails in my inbox right now
    3. Go to bed 10 x 10 minutes earlier than I did last night
    4. Find 10 minutes to start that task that’s been hanging over my head for over 10 days
    5. Find ten occasions to try flipping my thinking 180 degrees
    6. And on that note, stop trying to think of another four things to put on this list 🙂
Where do I start! Almost everything I do is based on my CVS. Maybe I can try being a “tourist in my own life”. Try thinking like someone who has never been Magda, and see what arises.
CVS = too much to do, too little time
CVS x10 = BVS = do what you can in the time you have, stop shuffling the paper worrying about the amount.
Tangible plus intangible
Encouraging thinking outside the square
The evidence is there and strategies for change do not seem to be working – perhaps some innovation in the classroom, & what are the countries doing who are ‘getting it right’?
Great way to engage busy workers
Excellent use of resources
Good use of technology
Set in a way lay people can understand
Putting myself in the patients shoes – improves the experience and saves time every time.
My BVS is that I am working steadily on my project and feeling great about it. It’s closer to completion than ever before.
This makes you always strive and think differently about a situation
Reviewing my son’s daily routine and changing it to ensure better flow and efficiency.
Our thinking process is an acquired skill, which can and should be continuously developed and improved.
CVS I will try to escape from today is my immediate routine reponse to troubleshooting issues. I will try escaping.
The CVS that I will try to escape from today is my routine, rather I will challenge my thinking and reflect on alternative directions.
The CVS that I want to escape today is the view that we are too busy to do our job’s properly. Escaping this will be less time spent complaining and more time doing our job.
It can be a challenge to change your current view point to a better view point when actively juggling too many situations. Being able to be open to listen goes a long way to considering all view points in order to escape/change a current view point if it is required
This was an interesting challenge that indicates to me that human components (emotions) sometimes get the better of us. The ability to recognize this and strategise to minimize the infleunce of human factors goes a long way to improving brain power and increasing our engagement.
Is it ten ways the CVS can be better?
I look for opportunities all around me. It’s a wonderful exercise.
It’s definitely worth trying else you’ll never find better ways to do things.
10 improved ways to solve a probem
Touch something once, emails, files etc. Don’t procrastinate with action. Do 10X less
how to get surgeons to update a database without constant nagging not dissimilar to customer closing the deal
The mental processes for thinking can be developed, enhanced, trained, improved and adapted.
Touching base with others who might have more information / data that changes the outlook.
Turning a CVS into a BVS can be achieved at ward level by involving other staff for feedback or practical solutions
The monotonous way of doing things in office..
Identify the main idea and then try to what do I need to do to change it. Try to identify the possitive to gain energy/drive to achieve bvs. Don’t be frightened of it.
changed a CVS for a patient today to a BVS by negotiating with another unit, small but with good outcome
When given an ‘I can’t’ or I won’t’ – own the situation and swap the cvs to a bvs by finding an immediate solution.
Thinking meaningfully and effectively and with purpose is a learned process.
No one should expect it to come naturally.
Often companies just seem to cut staff in order to increase profits, despite already having obscene profits. They don’t seem to have any new ideas. Perhaps all their managers should be required to study this course. Hopefully they might come up with novel ideas without putting people out of work. Look at the car industries that are now defunct in Australia. The writing was on the wall, but the companies relied on government subsidies instead of coming up with new cars that Australians and the world would want to buy. The subsidies stopped and now the industries are gone.
What a great idea. Just imagine how much more I can do if I made a list like that every day.
I too have found this lack in the new, younger staff members at work. Their spelling, grammar and general mathematical and science skills are very poor, which is very bad for a science laboratory. I don’t believe class sizes are responsible because in my era, we had up to 60 students per class and we all managed to learn. I think if you want to learn, you can, but the trick is how do you give students the incentive to learn? They have so many short cuts and helps such as spell checkers, Google, calculators etc. that I think their brains are trained to be lazy.
touching emails once and dispatch … improve thinking time x 10
what an engaging way to include so many people in a science experiment … very innovative
Might be trying to escape from the root cause of what the problem is arising from or rather refraining to accept the fact/defeat.
Thats a fantastic thought provoking topic. It looks so simple yet really powerful and methodical. On a larger perspective this theory will eventually bring great changes to oneself and to the evironment around one only if |He/She decides to ponder over it and practice it in real life. Great one to be started with…!
To save, you should control spending (costs). The main point is that costs are bad. To move away we need to consider whether costs (spending) is always bad, and what are the circumstances where this might not be the case?
Every day there are many opportunities to shift from CVS to BVS. When working with a group or committee, someone else’s CVS might be, for me, a BVS. It seems to be about being open to new ideas, many of which will be good ideas!
Hadn’t heard of this before. We need to get the gnome here!
IC is made evident when an employee walks out the door and its suddenly realised that no one knows what they knew and the business is left scrambling.
Regular exercise and training as opposed to sitting on the couch wathcing TV.
The power of innovation and social media
Trying to break out of CVS is hard when people in senior roles dont see your point of view
  1. 10x minutes more housework
    2. 10x minutes more walking today
    3. Give 10 people positive reinforcement
    3. Throw out 10 items no longer useful at home
    4. 10x minutes more exercise everyday
    5. 10x minutes planning my day
    6. 10x minutes planning a strategy for car repair
    7. 10x confidence building sentences
    8. 10x minutes clearing emails
    9. 10x minutes quiet time outside
main point trying to move away from: overanalysising problems
The view that CVS always equals less than BVS. After assessing a range of BVS’ it might turn out that the CVS is equal to BVS’ at times. Of course this necessitates the ability of switching from CVS to BVS’.
I belive you are trying to come up with a different answer/sollution that isn’t the obviouse or perhaps your first thought depending on what level of thinking you are at
The internet is able to reach milliions. Why not use as an educational tool? I guess it would put too many teachers out of work.
I love it! Something fun that people can get involved with and learn.
I want to create something new that will work rather than stay with what has been done.
Creating new strategies that step away from the “Norm”
Calls being answered. How do I get operators to understand that there is a person on the end of that ringing phone that is calling us for a reason, for our help, should they not be our priority?
Do something new outside my routine
do something outside my routine will make me happy
I am trying to move away from the fact that I can’t control everything.
What to prioritise in terms of workload
we have the capacity to constantly learn
Will try to do something different in the sense – doing things more logically and by trying to improve upon what i ve achieved by trying to learn something more complex so that i keep getting more followers as said by Vinci and obviously, being the leader will try to do things more ideally.
The most obvious answer might not be the only answer to a problem. There might be a better one, or even several if you just think about it.
I’ve often thought that our creativity has been stifled so we could be put into a box. Let’s learn to break out.
As some others have said, I see the value of this exercise primarily in pondering the thought processes which influence the decisions I make.
Having trouble following the terminology. It sounds simple if I can get my head around it
It’s never to late to improve yourself or learn something new
46, I was surprised by my answers to some of these questions. It forces you to review your decision making. Will be interested to see if I can alter this at the end..
Feeling overwhelmed re time management
I believe it is important to identify the the main point in a CVS – this allows for all avenues to be explored and a better solution to be reached.
The final comparison will be interesting
My CVS is waiting to hear back from other people before I can progress with something. They are all in back to back meetings so I will just have to keep waiting!
Having a meeting for the sake of having a meeting! If half of the attendees cannot attend why don’t we postpone until we have enough staff here to make it a worthwhile experience and get maximum results?
There is little that can be escaped from in work situation but how you manage the CVS is all important. It’s taken maturity to accept that my CVS isn’t always the right/best one and gathering the CVS of others before progressing is always ideal.
that I am not creative.
Look forward to doing it again down the track
I am many things as most people are. In these busy times we wear many hats, sometimes too many. My first priority is mother and wife. I also am someone who is a great friend and passionate about helping others at work and in life in general. I am someone who cares deeply about people and their hapiness. I understand though that you must look after yourself as well if you are to take care of others so I do have a bit of me time, which of course sometimes I feel guilty about, naturally! I strive to be a better person every day.
I would like to escape my cvs in order to give a reasonable answer to this thought provoking question Im not there yet
being quick to judge and reach a conclusion without taking the time to consider all aspects of a situation
to “ESCAPE” a view implies that the view is one that needs escaping from or is wrong or bad….surely thinking about situational views is about not being closed off to different points of view and turning the negative into a positive or even being insightful enough to realise that different view points can create differnt out comes
That there is too much to do
That I am becoming overwhelmed!
I’m moving from the standing that my view on someone’s negativity is the correct reason.
The CVS I am trying to escape is trying to solve every situation quickly and efficiently and with a positive outcome.
The CVS is often skewed by emotion or past experience – you have to take one step beyond the CVS to see the real situation and make judgements and decisions from there.
Scored better than average brain power. I would like to think that is an accurate score, I could definitely think and anylyse things more.
To continue to human species
I’m usually try to walk away from any traditional CVS in order to get a fresh look to similar situations. Just being aware of the CVS before starting a conversation or discussion change it completely. It’s more transparent and meaningful
Thought leaders could be recommended by someone you trust. They could have a proven track record of improving companies. These thought-leaders can be used to encourage the thought choosers and followers to improve productivity.
Rather than feeling overloaded work out how to assit with reducing this feeling.
Try to focus on a happy positive aspect if possible ie look for the good. Change a routine action to something positive.
This viewpoint on thought leaders is so true.
Fascinating way to look at the different leaders and level of engagement in an organisation
The Main Point of my CVS was to spread the support of my friends over a number of emails throughout the day.
I can escape this by planning to make one phone call during my lunch break to hopefully achieve as much and to not think about it as much during my work.
CVS: I won’t have enough time to support my friends today.
BVS: They understand I work full-time and that I’ll be there for them in the chances that I get.
I find people go on and on about a main point without loking at the cause of a problem
like the idea of understanding what the MAIN POINT is … then trying to explore and move away from that point to think about other options and possibilities …. need more practice with this
important to surround yourself for others who are working on the move from CVS to BVS .. and not get caught up with negative nellies !
I ned to escape from my negative mental block when I see these these acronyms pop up all the time, its tiring,just spell it out.
I’m working on staying open minded about the solutions to problems!
I have always been inspired by leaders who have demonstrated cognitive engagement. They are rare, but when you work with them, you feel energised, passionate and you want to strive for excellence. A truly cognitive engaged manager will inspire you. My goal is to acheive this one day.
I am going to try to escape from my opinion of why staff are negative – is it habit (which I suspect it is) or is there something else going on ??
we are lucky to be able to live in a world that gives us the option of discussion,
to agree and to fo disagree freely is what made us better human beings
I sometimes let emotions effect my final decisions, not all final answers are so straight forward, we have to also consider other options, including human nature
I have always been an average person but have imroved my level of thinking on attaining higher Management postion on my previous employment.
More deligation and responsibilites make you act and think positively..
Brain power can be increased by being actively involved ..
Sometimes I am prepared to think outside the square, bringing others on board to get this to happen can be tricky. We do things this way, because it has always been done this way, doesn’t mean we can’t change things, however it can be hard work to bring people along
Of course I do. Usually manifest when I focus or concentrate one a single task or specific tasks. So, inattention is conditional.
Absolutely, however, I would like to add the words “and responsibility” to each of the points. The implication is that X10 thinkers have acquired a superior skill, so have responsibilities to do all of the above.
  1. Effective teaching requires the teacher to synthesise his knowledge, then communicate that information clearly and comprehensibly. So, it is rather lake an examination – a very effective means of stimulating acquisition and application of knowledge.
    2. Indeed, theory is not practise. Skill is applied knowledge, that requires practice, application, evaluation, reassessment and more practice.
To avoid conflict and the fear that I may ever hurt another person’s feelings is a constant CVS for me
Since no single individual can know everything, or be familiar with all of the circumstances pertaining to a problem, obviously, in isolation, a Top-Down Leader is bound to be an ineffective disaster. A leader should have an overview of all matters,pertaining to his sphere of responsibility, initiate ideas, seek, garner, absorb and evaluate opinion, make decisions, review decisions if the situation changes and accept responsibility for those decisions (though not necessarily for the independent decisions of subordinates, except to the extent of correcting them).
I suggest that it is not necessary to escape from a previous mind-, knowledge- or belief-set to think. The essential component is to actually search, to perceive that a search (new way) is necessary. Actually, I can see that in that context, the perception of the need to search constitutes the “escape”.
Searching engenders thinking. However, o me, it does not follow that the effectiveness of the outcome of the thinking process is necessarily determined by first “escaping” from a previous mind-set. However, it is clear that the majority of revolutionary advances have involved an intellectual escape from the current wisdom. Thus, Galileo, Copernicus, Maxwell, Einstein, Curie, Watson and Crick.
Yes, I did, because I have seen such videos previously, so knew what the point of the exercise was . (However, I lost count of the number of passes.) So, the lessons are:
1. Experience or knowledge allows one to be more effective in a given task, that is, absorb and apply new information to enhance performance.
2. The information given will modify performance. If the question had been, say: “recount what happens in this video” then the responses may have been different.
The question suggests to I was put here by a higher power, which may be so. In that case, the reason why I am here and the outcomes of my existence have been predetermined. However, I believe that the predetermination applies only to the bounds conferee by my genetic constitution.
Within broad limits, I am here to apply my capabilities to their maximum extent, to improve myself, thus my self-esteem and effectiveness, for the benefit of my family, society generally and in my profession.
I feel that whilst a CVS is important to our everyday understanding of the world. It allows our brains to follow well worn pathways and eleminates the need for mental cognition on numerous routine actions that you repeatedly do through the day. For example, crossing the street, knowing how to tie a shoelace, etc. It would be pointless for your brain to compute this information over and over again as you would spend your whole day thinking about mundane things.When CVS becomes a hinderence rather than a help is when you become “stuck” in a way of thinking that is not helpful. Its very important to be able to stop, reassess and discover new pathways that problem solve a task or decicision from a different standpoint and reflect upon that new pathway. Sometimes you come up with better alternatives, sometimes you come up with an alternative that is just a stepping stone on the path to another option. This is what I believe X10 describes as the BVS. I feel it is important to stop and reassess mutiple aspects of our lives on a regular basis to see wether our CVS is still current or wether we can improve it and transform it inot a BVS
In the eight decade, I am unlikely to embark on endeavours that I have not attempted previously. However, there are always opportunities to approach a familiar topic in a different way. So, I have problem ensuring that people consistently and predictably cooperate with a program that I manage. The new solution will be to make it easier for participants to perform their tasks and ensure that they cannot avoid performing their tasks.
I find that in situations when I am not rushed, I take my time to consider different options and how the decision will impact the people and situation. However, there are plenty of times when I opt to just “let the decision” come to me” by intinct. Often i make the right decision rather than the bad one, but it isn’t until after the fact…..most likely when I’m lying in bed, that I mull over and reflect upon thte situation.I imagine that to grow as a person, become great at your job and most importantly become a better friend and family member it is important to consider your options before you make a decision.
The more you think and learn about thinking, you become a skilled thinker.
The cvs thought I would like to escape from is saying the same platitudes in meetings.
Being more open to others current view
I want to be more creative in my thinking and not standardise my reaction to situations, move away from status quo and be a bit more adventurous
You can increase your thinking capacity through learning
All skills are learned and take practice. Through practice you can excel
Feeling brave enough to take time off work and not feel guilty.
By practising we are able to improve our skill in thinking.
I don’t know. But what I do know is interaction with people makes me happy. Giving makes me happy.
It is the quality and not the quantity.
Think about tackling the same challenges from a different perspective – if we aren’t satisfying the expectations of our client group – are we providing the right services in the right way or are they the right clients!
There is always scope to improve our thinking.
how do you promote 1 and not the other 20% mindset there are only so many positions available
everyone CAN be a skilled thinker
To live life fully and be grateful & thankful for each and every blessed day,
to try to be a better person & to give something back for all that I have received,
even if it is just a smile
I am a believer of moving outside your comfort zone in order to grow and develop and avail yourself to opportunities that will provide the experience. Real learning and development takes place when we open ourselves to new/different experiences and ways of thinking
To reflect on the qualities of leadership. Determine what is important in everyday life be it at work or home. Reflect on the specific influences that motivate me to do my best and the attributes required to be a thought provoking, influencing, inspiring leader
Thought leaders are innovative, inspiring and influencers. In order to gain traction and inspire we need to seek out the thought leaders and thought choosers, provide them with the support and right tools to engage and influence the thought followers who in turn with time and effort will influence the thought thwarters and killers to change or move on.
I am thinking about a way to ensure all staff are remaining skilled – I am thinking about the rostering of staff and am thinking about a better way to roster so all staff rotate through all shifts. It is currently giving me a thinking brain headache!!
Also giving yourself time to think
Too little time to give my brain a break!
Cluttered mind is unhelpful
I’ve opened my mind in the last year or two to deconstructing stereotypes of gender (as well as race, and other structures) which afford people (unfair) automatic power and privilege, and result in converse disadvantage to others.
Not much learning and growth happeningNot keen on being a part of thatBeing wrong doesn’t mean failure!
Everyone has their skillsTheir is always an interesting fact!
Always happy to expand the mind – narrow mindedness can be very unhelpful
Obviously I do!
Looking forward to it
Quality care should be advocated for, not compromised for non patient centred interests
To be a cooperative, collaborative, supportive team member that respects the values and visions of Cabrini. To celebrate the wins humbly and learn from the challenges – both inside and outside Cabrini.
Scheduling time with appropriate people who can help me progress the jobs on my to do list
Listen closely, try to anticipate
that my staffs opinions are not as right or as important as mine.
I no longer think this
The brain is a tool and as such with practice and skill can be used more effectively and efficiently.
interesting questions & exercise – I will be interested to see how my thinking improves
We’re works in progress from the time we’re conceived.
The capacity to think is only limited by ourselves.
Slow my brain down. Instead of thinking ahead and of at least ten things at once and not being 100% in the moment, concentrate my mind fully on each individual task and have a better eye for detail.
I try my best to live according to the teachings of my Holy Prophet and Almighty Allah..
Be good to your self, respect your parents and look after your own family..
Live a peaceful life without being a burden to the Others..
It is the duty of the Management to observe and identify the thought-leaders.. as soon as a person is identified of having potential either through past experience or inborn, should be given the necessary opportunity to show there potential.
personally i feel there should be a career path to motivate the 9 in a 100
be more efficient in my weekly maintenance today due to the fact that a lot of people are away.
First and foremost is to react to pressure in a positive way.
Taking a leap of faith and moving out of your comfort zone makes you stronger and more resilient- hence you have more to offer
Seems to vary with usual biological and psychological factors (caffeine seems to help!).
A photographic memory and brilliant perception sounds like a wonderful aspiration if it can be learned.
I find myself asking “What have you been thinking about these past minutes?” to help me come back to focus. Still learning, though.
  1. When thinking about examples I think I under-rated myself. For example, I know that my drive to deconstruct a plan and assess the variables has happened enough to annoy people :p
    I also know I can perform better with this kind of thinking. There’s a lot of places in my life that seem to collapse because I am trying to succeed with emotional autopilot rather than with a thoughtful, strategic pilot.
I was experiencing the burden of perfectionism when it came to wanting to pursue my passion. I listened to a friend talk about his worries in his work, and his story gave me the realisation that I can lessen the burden of perfectionism if I am able to re-focus my intent to Creativity and Fun. When I can focus on these outcomes or pathways for my endeavours, the tasks ahead seem a lot more reasonable to handle.
I think we could come up with some more x10 sayings, but that’s a great start.
I’ve found that what might be obvious to you, isn’t so obvious to someone you may be teaching, so you have to alter how you say things to make it clearer to the student. That helps with future students.
That where there is a will there is definitely a way…
Escaping is a great idea.
It describes my boss to a T. He sometimes puts down an idea I had, then some time down the track, comes up with it by himself, or if one of his lackeys comes up with it, it immediately gets instituted.
It was an interesting approach and it will be a challenge to try to emulate it.
The direction given caused me to concentrate on the people in white passing the ball. Had that not been given, I might have just observed the scene. Therefore I found this test a bit misleading. When driving, cyclists often go in between cars, and being small, relative to a car, unless you happed to be looking in the right direction at the right time, you can miss them entirely.
Score 31: This test made me realise that sometimes I just take the easy way out to get things done. Thinking about why I do this, would be for factors that predominately make the processes more convenient for myself, not who I am working with.
Instead of being frustrated by the answer I am given when asking someone a question, I should research the correct answer myself to get the correct response
31 to 50. Interesting exercise. 90% plus means nearly always, a tough challenge!
I feel I am here to work as a part of a team to support a bigger picture – which I can be a part of creating
It reminds me of the old saying good , better , best never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best.It means that there is always scope to keep improving , the glass is really half full with unlimited potential.
I love reading this kind of stuff. Very interesting.
I think I am here to make a difference helping to make peoples lives a little bit brighter by talking, smiling , handing hands or at time just being present to let prople know they are thought of and respected.
Just keep trying , never give up, keep coming in everyday , making the most of all the new experiences and evaluating each to see if they work or altering the ones that dont it to see what changes help.
Life is really just a trial and error. You do things, make mistakes and learn from them. No one expects to get it right on their first attempt, the key is to perservere.Also this helps you learn from other people’s successes. Often this is the more efficient way than making mistakes and learning from it.
It makes you want to think more about how your decsisions effect others or what needs to be considered.
I have risen above the fact that not all people take pride in themselves or their work. This is fine.
I have escaped from caring. If nobody else does why do I? Find other areas in my life that align with my belief and values.
based on that principle, to work hard, to live long and to love great.
The “something else” for me is to think outside the box and not play safe
think about new ways to go about old challenges, and be open to giving it a go
Anyone who is committed to becoming a skilled thinker can achieve this by learning the appropriate techniques and skills – it is a learning process and not a state of mind that is automatically in place. Skilled thinking can help to enrich your life and the lives of others.
communicate better
The brain is a tool, which with skill and practice we can learn to use more effectively and efficiently.
“To do something else “is to keep abreast of current circumstances or situation that needs to improve or better ones position at the moment.
May not come up with a new concept that is a money making scheme, however to be in a better position at the end of the day then when you started with is moving forward.
This could mean working on ways to improve the daily schedule to so that work is accomplished with a humanly possible efficiency. Perfection is not attainable however to do ones best despite ones health or ability with what one has in the moment promotes a sense of personal satisfaction.
removed the mea culpa shackles & not to take things personally.
Skilled thinking requires a conscious decision and a commitment to development and reflection.
As with the other respondents, I can see that this question can be perceived in different ways, why am I doing this course, why am I here in this point in my life, or the broader question of why am I alive or why do I exist? I may choose the easier route today and say that I am doing this course based on a choice I made two days ago, to take the opportunity to learn more about myself, practice reflection and hopefully gain some new skills.
This was good, it makes you realistically assess how much analysis goes into your decision making
that our thinking skills evolve along with our life experiences and training
Everyday in our society we are bombarded with messages both overt and more subliminal … real effort and practice is required to link the mind and the eye.
Updates and computer changes are a great example of seeing but ‘not seeing’ … how often are we not able to find something which is right in front of us !
Is the questionaire really a measure of brainpower or is it a measure of how well the organisation in which we work is engaging us. The degree of engagement is not merely a measure of brainpoer nor the degree to which an individual responds, but also the environment that the organisation creates. If the environment is sub par then engagement, generally will be sub par and brainscores may be low. If the environment is great, then the opposite may likely be true.
To make a difference
Good leaders will win through negativity with persistence and role modelling. In may cases they will make the positive attitude the “norm”.
Thinking is a continous process, something we continously rely on everyday life for. We always learn something new everyday.
  1. It was an interesting exercise. It makes you want to pay more attention instead of going on autopilot.
It means that skilful thinking needs to be learned.
Hopefully it is not too late to learn
That we need to give the same emphasis to our values and beliefs as we do to technical skills and financial measures…we need to be able to partner with like minded people or organisations to find new ways to improving peoples health and lives.
I need to look at things from a less yes and no perspective and then be less defensive. have the confidence to be bold enough to try new things and personally pat myself on the back when new things work. Be less defensive and less self depracating
Messages must be overt if we expect folk to take notice. Messages need not only to be delivered, they need to received.
I know people who would score quite highly on this because they truly believe they are a team player; value all opinions and are very inclusive when, in truth, they are very much a ‘my way or the highway’ sort of person. It’s actions and results that count, not self assessment.
An interesting exercise and helps you reflect on why you make decisions.
Before going to a meeting today, taking the time to think about what it might be like to be in my colleague’s position, what would be of interest to me? what questions might I have? what concerns might I have?
My something else is to remain always positive in the face of negativity.
This is the cause of so many deaths and injuries to cyclists and motorcyclists. But it also highlights that we only see what we focus on. If we are aware of this i would like to think it can enable us to broaden our view and see the bigger picture and therefore capture the most important bits.
I’m more and more thinking about thinking…
It doesn’t come naturally and takes practice to be a skilled thinker. But in saying that, anyone can be a skilled thinker if they put their mind to it.
Feedback is a very integral part of the continous cirle of the quality improvement process.
… for the sake of each other–above all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends…
To lead a good life, to have meaningful relationships, positive interactions, constructive actions, to do tasks well, set a high standard, not settle for near enough is good enough, so that even when we have done things well we are still looking for ways to make them even better in the future. A big advantage of doing things well is efficiency, you’re far less likely to have to go back and do it again, and things just generally run more smoothly.
Thought-killers (20%) may impact your morale more than you think and get thought-followers on their side.
something else to me means working on areas that need improvement.
A simple quick trick to help any individual think laterally is to think of a challenge and then just put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine how they would see it, an easy step to find another viewpoint (and therefore way of thinking) on a single issue.
Powerful example
‘very interesting’
to be receptive and respectful of others opinions and to open my mind to other ways of doing things.
My new project for today (my something else) is to add my exercise regime into my work calendar so it is not forgotten or ignored.
Feedback is fuel for thinking outside the square
The question posed is evoking a number of other questions & answers. All of them appear right depending on how the question is interpreted. My simpliest answer is that I am here, answering the question because I am curious about the course & where it will lead.
Staffing the unit in a creative way rather than traditional lengtyh shifts and engaging staff to help each other with rostering.
Doing something else to me means getting outside of my routine and seeing what other areas of my work need attention or thought.
may be increase my capacity to work independently
Not an ideal management style…not much engagement there!
This has made me think so far.
I have seen this clip before but I still missed it! I got the number of passes right though!
whilst using a tool to evaluate your brainpower is one method, critical reflectness is another one which i have employed in my everyday life
48 – some questions made me realise I limit myself to possible alternatives or options. But it would also depend on the context of the situation and the decisions to be made.
I am here to share my gifts with others, and to share in others’ gifts, as we work as a community and family in this thing called life. If I can help someone to find God in this process, so much the better. My hope is that each and every person I encounter in my day, feels a little lighter, or brighter for having met me.
Score between 31 – 50. Would be interested to see how the questions were generated to get more specific information on where improvements can be made in my thinking.
30-50 score
Interesting leading questions that make you think outside the box.
I need to take the time to reflect on each patient as a unique individual. Different approaches will be needed, to cater for their individuality, in order to allow patients to open up and engage on a deeper level. This can be achieved by not only listening to the patient, but also other staff members.
  1. no situational context given makes this audit quite random, but it does give some interesting questions to ponder.
Each decision made and process of decision making is dependent on the decision itself
Third trial to post a comment.
Feedback is a circle, so to move forward somethimes you need to go backwards to learn from past experinces
We are never to old to learn and to think for ourselves, and getting feedback is a sure way of moving forward
To enhance the maternity patient experience and lead/guide others to do the same.
Streamlining a booking process for ease of utilisation by all staff.
I can always work on improving myself 🙂
44 score
answers to questions would depend on situation
Thinking is a skill not something we are born with, that said its like anyother skill one holds there is always room for improvement.
Thinking isnt something that we are born with. Thinking is another skill we need to learn at an early age just like talking and walking. Just like any other skill we have we can always improve.
Score: 56they do make you think more broadly
I have stopped thinking of the glass being half full and expecting the worst out of situations. Instead I am finding positives – even if the outcome is a negative one you can always manage to find something to take away from the experience.
I think I am here to laugh, live a good life and support and help other people where possible.
My something else is to look at time management planning for 2016 to get the most out of the new year.
I think the environment you live or work in enables you to draw on everyday experiences to improve the way you think about situations, react to them and provide solutions. You cannot have a “light globe” moment every day that solves your problems – you need practice and patience to become a skilled thinker.
On a strategy to help others help themselves rather than doing for them.
I’ve always loved ‘nutting’ out a new process/procedure particularly when it involves multiple levels to achieve a common goal.
Score 54
I think tiredness and emotions would play a big part in the self assessment on the day. This is also aknowldged in the interpretation
Feedback is used in many aspects of life. In the electronics field, feedback circuits are used to keep a balanced function of the main processing circuit.
EG negative feedback in an amplifier circuit,keeps the output at optimum performance, therefore reducing unecessary fluctuations that may cause undesireable effects.(distortion etc)
Therefore when we receive feedback, whether that be in the form of constructive ( positive feedback ) or negative feedback we can adjust out thinking to cater for varying influences that come our way.
Therefore hopefully finding a kind of thinking that remains constant, reducing the pendulum effect of simply going with popular opinion at the time.
Certainly interesting questions to reflect on, not sure about the scientific validity of arriving at a number for these skills, however.
that its possible to learn anything, just depends on your level of engagement and energy to want to know
make a stand to those who are constantly negative
No metter how gifted we are with our abilities(not just thinking), there is always room for improvement.
to experience all that this world offers us and in return do good deeds to others and love those around us
deliberatly building resiliance to get through tough times rather than giving in
53 really interesting questions, that make you also think about decisions made outside of work
I feel comfortable in decision making while taking in all points of view.
It is quite easy to find thought-killers, however, if an organisation’s culture promotes or protects such people then the greatest damage is done due to that rather than the individuals in question.
Believing that hard work alone will prevail, working smarter and goal setting is far more productive.
To assist all people i meet and find joy in doing so.
Finding another way of doing things that are not working.
Listening more and talking less
49 – room for improvement. I will be interested to see if I have an improved score at the end of this series.
to make a difference
never take negative responses personally and remind myself it is the other persons issue not mine
What ‘something else’ can you work on today?
If Leonardo Da Vinci suggests that we should try and escape from our point of view rather than defend it, I will listen to the experiences of consumers more intently. I will listen to the stories of women with breast cancer today at a lunch I am attending and ask them how they think we can improve the hospital system. I will challenge my own views of how well we deliver care and I will truly put myself in the shoes of others.
I will do this with a more mindful approach.
I am here to be the best I can be, learn from others and provide a loving home to my family.
To care, support and provide leadership wherever my impact is required, whether that be in the workplace or private life.
I am here to thank a loving God for his blessings and mercy each and every day. Out of this mindset of thankfulness I am to relate to those around me with understanding, consideration, compassion and kindness even though this at times seems a very difficult task.
working with a new partner rather than simply going alone, explore new ways to for partnerships with different (not like) organisation.
To look at other people’s point of views
I shall attempt to keep an open mind when people critique my work. I shall attempt not to allow personality clashes or other noise prevent me from considering an alternative view point which just might be a better way. I do not want to be known as a person who has a closed mind and is unable to value others opinions
I have been given the chance to achieve greater things.
Thought leaders create and initiate. Potential thought leaders apsire. Both these groups must be given opportunities to move forward with their ideas. Thought killers will stand out from this crowd and either stay where they are or leave.
Today I will look at my workspace through my staffs eyes
Trying to take emotion out of a situation and dealing with the pure facts,
Cosider giving the oprotunities that may poses the necessary qualities BUT give it to those that ask !!!
Thank god we are all different and all see things differently. The real challange is we can all be right we just focus on different aspects therefore we need to look and listen to others and learn
feedback provides a learning oportunity for me to improve on my skills, communication or whatever it is I am getting feedback about. It also gives me an insight into how I am perceived by others which in turn gives me the oportunity to think about my behaviours.
This motto conveys to me that we can be taught to think in a certain way and although we can have innate instincts or way we think we can be learn skills to think differently
Today’s lesson opens our mind to better analysis and evaluation to see what actually works best rather than defending our own point of view. We are also encouraged to try more of what has worked along with trying new things.
It is my constant challenge to see things from other perspectives. I then have to balance the value of looking at a situation from others’ perspectives versus the risk of descending into analysis paralysis.
Scientifically, I think I am here out of an amazing series of random chemical and physical reactions extending back over billions of years.Existentially, I am here to try and leave the world just a little better than I found it by my actions and influence on those around me.
I recently tried to do something at work in a different manner than we have been doing for years. It seems to be better than the old way. Sometimes we do things on autopilot without really thinking there might be a better way. I’m sure there must be more things like that and I’m encouraged to find more of them.
I am here to learn about life in all is aspects and to use the wisdom thus gained to help other people along their journey.
I am looking at reducing the number of individual control blocks for immunohistochemistry and today I made a combination block for CD15 and CD30. Tomorrow I will test it out to see if it works, and if so, then it will be successful and reduce workload for my staff.
To help others move forward
I have spent a lot of time on thought killers and not enough time investing in all the other key individuals…
You forget how long it has taken our brains to evolve this far. I am looking forward to this program and hoping to expand my mind…
This motto suggests we can continually throughout life learn ways to train our brain to think differently to the current way it is.
We are not born with all the toolkits for thinking and we can constantly learn news ways to do this to improve our performance, mood and reduce anxiety and depression for greater productivity
to pay it forward….so to speak. To interact, love, laugh, discuss and be with people
Humans need paradigms to turn the latent processing power of the brain into a problem solving machine. The problem with this is that paradigms may conflict, become outdated and may be incomplete for the types of problems we face. This is why the lifelong journey of learning is so important for us.
I suspect I am here by chance, but am not willing to leave my being to that and, therefore, wish to make a difference
Take time to reflect and actively seek others perspectives
I didn’t realise I had such clarity in the thinking process …. I have surprised myself and will give this more thought
I consider the result of the outcome far more often than I had realised. I always think I rush to decisions.
taking processes/actions a step further in any direction can benefit, ie think out side the square.
I dont think why am I here, I am, and therefore my family and friends
  1. Not sure what to make of this; test or result. The questions made me think carefully about my usual decision making processes though. I could immediately see areas where i could improve.
to process some actions before reacting
that our individual vibrations that connects us to this existence are mandatory to the whole.
refelct upon the motivations that underlie what we do and say
It means that everyone has the ability to learn to think and as with anything just requires effort.
Einstein also said – “When you look at yourself from a universal standpoint, something inside always remids or informs you that there are bigger and better things to worry about” —- That’s on the wall in my office.
They used to say in the Navy, if you can’t get right the first time, get a bigger hammer
I am here to help others
Learning to accept obstacles as challenges
Time changes things, the solution to a difficulty is not always instantly available, anxiety can get in the way of an acceptable outcome, wait an hour and logic asserts itself.
We all have the ability to be skillful thinkers
Not to focus on whose view point is right or wrong but to focus on a broader view
This motto indicates to me that feedback is a 360 degree process and all feedback is important/relevant and all parties have the right to express their feedback whether its positive or negative.
To make the most of every day I have been given
Im not sure about that because we dont have the ability to express our thoughts at birth so I am not sure that means we dont have thoughts or are skilled at them – we just cant express them.
my driving causes at time’s great anxt with myself and my wife I now realise I need to be more understanding of her persepstion rather than take her criticism personally
This motto makes me reflect on the different ways I have thought about and responded to the same question/challenge/opportunity over time and what I have learnt as a result. I believe skilled thinking is learnt through silent observation, inward reflection and attentive practice.
to give me an opportunity to be a better leader
all organisations need to be inclusive and provide the stimulus necessary to bring the negitive to a similar level as the positive
accepting someone else may be right
It Gives me hope
Patience is a virtue …. learning to be patient with yourself is an even higher virtue
Quietening my mind
Sometimes i think too much and end up feeling anxious, If I’m able to ‘allow’ then sometimes things just fall into place.
An in tune PA can often sort the thought leaders from the thought killers for their own CEO….. you may be surprised that many a thoughtful or thoughtless word is inadvertently spoken in front of a PA.
It would be good if the thought leaders could assist the thought killers to change the way they think
I’m going to work on really listening to others points of view
Change! – I cannot always control the changes that happen and affect me directly, so now I have learnt to wait and see what change will bring.
To learn as much as I can from everyone I meet and be able to pass on that learning to those who meet me.
My something new is to bring mindfulness into the workplace. I have enrolled online for a 6-week mindfulness course in an attempt to change the way I react/handle stress and be present for the moment.
Private v Public school education.
Recognising that something else doesn’t have to be something new, just simply different, or something a little better as long as its something to try.
It depends on your definition of “skilled thinking”. The motto suggests that learning is involved but I think I would like more clarification to decide if I agree or disagree. The motto generates more questions….
To contribute in a unique way.
Not a clear answer here. Not in a short sentence or 2 anyway.
I feel i should have an answer. A very fundamental question.
Will add this to the self awareness to do list!
What ‘something else’ can you work on today?
Set aside some time to reflect and then think outside of the normal routine.
What ‘something else’ can you work on today?
Set aside some ‘free thinking’ time…
No one is ever born a skilled thinker – this made me reflect on the process of thinking, that each individual’s approach is not the same, that like many things in life we go about it in different ways and that through practice we can improve.
Everyone has a story! This shapes how they view a situation and how they behave. I need to remind myself of this and always expect the unexpected. People are not predictable and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
I am here through my parents, yet comprised of all that they know and have shared, plus the interactions with everyone else I have had through my life. I am here because I want to be hear and to go forward and share with others.
To enrich the lives of those around me by sharing positivity, love and friendship.
Try to focus on learning something new and challenging that I thought would be confronting or difficult.
Think more broadly, at a strategic level – shifting focus from completing daily tasks.
I am here to fulfil a bigger purpose beyond my control. I am here to contribute to a society as well as to learn from my own mistakes and life challenges to hopefully become a better human being.
I think one of the most powerful things to realise in life is that the life you currently lead is not the way life has to be, or will always be, or is lived by others. Such a basic thought, really, but leading a different life in a different place made me realise how much we are shaped, and sometimes limited by, the day to day things we do. Change is essential to live a fully realised life.
Thinking more broadly – at a strategic level, not just focusing on the daily tasks.
To make a helpful and positive difference to my ‘communities’ (family, local, workplace, etc)
To me, this conveys the thought that when we are born, we have innate gifts. As we grow and learn through experience, we have the opportunity to soak up the wisdom and mindfulness in the world around us.
I am having to come up with new ideas on a regular basis for my work. I start with an image, then research best practice, then common practice, as well as survey the ideas of others. Often the finished picture looks quite different from what I started with.
Today I will be thinking of a creative way to explain an ‘old’ idea to make it fresh and engaging.
The motto tells me that thinking is a skill that can be developed like other areas of your life.
There is more than one way to do something, more thant one interpretation of a concept or a situation and nothing is black and white.
Glad we’re dealing with the easy questions first up…..!!I am here through the extraordinary science which led to the formation of the universe and the evolution of life. My purpose is to enjoy it, be grateful for the sheer luck of being alive at this point in time in this country, to give love to all those who have given me love and beyond, and to pass on the same sense of love, enjoyment and gratitude to my best works, my children.
be open to opportunities … you just never know where that opportunity will lead you
this applies to work life, home life and social life
In order to identifiy the thought-leaders, thought-choosers and thought killers there first needs to be leadership which has the forsight to and interest in doing so. Then leaders need to be empowered to engage each type of thinker in a way that will develop the individual. Leaders need to challenge those with potential to be thought-leaders in order to seek those that can be made into thought-leaders… don’t leave them in the shadows.
I’m here to live a good life, to create, nuture and teach new human beings, to enhance other peoples lives, to share my life with others, to help others
That I should stay in a secure job even though it wasn’t satisfying. I bit the bullet and am now in an environment more suited to my values.
The “something else” is in us all. It’s about finding the strength and the resolve to push yourself to do the thing that occurs to you but feels harder, rather than the same old same old!
To reflect on how you think about issues.
Having trouble getting a response from a regular service provider, I am going to look around for alternatives.
Staff who are finding it hard to perform. I usually manage these guys 1:1 with feedback and support. This time I have taken a different approach and done group modeling so that they can model from myself and other outstnading performers in the groups.
Read, understand and convey to others some newly released advice directly related to my work
Brainstorming sessions are a mechanism to shed light on thought leaders
to learn, love and laugh, be part of my community. Be here to support and love my children and grandchildren. Make a great life with my husband and family, But most of all to give LOVE.
Seeking to understand and incorporate the bigger picture into my work.
be spontanous enough to try something new today
We do not use our brains to their full potential. For example, we tend to use a lens to view and interpret the world. These lenses can be associated with an occupation, discipline, religion or a multitude of other domains. Learning to view the world through broader lenses is one way to enhance our capacity. The way we problem solve and think can be enhanced through learnt techniques.
“to judge people on first impressions” whilst easy to do, by considering and thinking about people from a different perspective and not being infuenced by a first impression you open yourself up to endless possiblities of human interactions.
No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!This motto conveys to me, that skilled thinking is developed over time through learned experience, challenging the norm, thinking outside the box, learning from others, academic acquisition and challening what we think we know from learnt behaviours. I believe skilled thinking is infinite. Its not a box you tick at the end of an academic course or an exam you have sit. We are definatley not born a skilled thinker, but can enhance our ability to think skillfully as we grow over time.
to interact in a meaningful way with both my surroundings and others
The idea that i can’t/shouldn’t be flexible.That i must stick to a set pattern of doing things or i will not achieve set goals. I am growing to the idea that i can be flexible in my approach to events and still achieve desired outcomes.
I am here by biological imperative and have met the imperative to contribute to the future. While here, though, I have filled my life with experience, knowledge and adventure and have passed this on to my children to enrich their own lives
That I have an opportunity to be as good a skilled thinker as anyone as no one is born a skilled thinker.
Evolution is the reason why I am here on this earth in the form of a human being. While here on earth my funtion is to fullfil my many roles as a daughter, partner, mother, employee and member of the community I am part of. My role is to give back to all, as I have been given to over my lifetime.
I have a purpose for being here. I don’t know exactly what it is or why i was chosen, but i have been led here and i believe i must fulfill my current role within the organisation to the best of my ability. It will become clear as we work together to advance the achievment of mission.
My most recent cvs2BVs was the revelation that what seems like a slam dunk situation at first glance is far more complicated and nuanced with a second glance and further information.
even small contributions by individuals can have a far reaching impact. I like to think my life journey has helped someone, somewhere in the cycle of life
Removing shackles or process constraints often inhibits new thoughts. My focus for the day will be to remain positive under all circumstances, not a new concept but soemtimes a hard on to achieve
It means that you can be whoever you want to be coz nobody is born a skilled thinker. the ability to be a skilled thinker will be to work yourself towards what you want to be in life.
We are all born with varying abilities with a broad range between us. Skills such as singing, drawing, public speaking, running, playing musical instruments, story telling, etc.
I think there are innate high level skills some are gifted at birth.
Thinking is clearly one if these skills. So in that respect I disagree slightly with the Moto.
What I do agree with however is that no matter what baseline skill level we have, without using the skill, developing in, practicing it and working hard on perfecting it, it’s potential will never be reached.
Thinking, and there many forms of it, is amenable to training and practice, which would likely lead to improvements.
Time spent focusing on such a core attribute can only be beneficial to the individual.
money means nothing
without personal reward life will not bring peace or happiness, even if for no other reason than smile or sense of achievement.
To help others in need, to learn from others, to better self.
I don’t believe in fate, but years ago I gave myself a purpose that I discovered:
“My purpose in life is to share joy and knowledge. I will use fun to achieve this.”
To me the motto conveys the exciting opportunities to learn and to change and to think in new ways.
To guide and emotionally support my children through life. Everything else that went through my mind regarding why I think I am here, when examined honestly, were for self satisfaction
A CEO can find the thought leaders amongst staff members by reflecting on which staff members are always open to new ideas. These individuals are supportive of same, and actively engage to continue to strive for new ideas. They are also willing to discuss in a positive way, the pros and cons of a new idea presented to them, and to make a decision from an objective point of view
Life is adventurous and interesting for those people who think out of the box and out of this world to bring great changes to oneself or to others. So better embrace the idea of doind something new in a passionate way whether you are at work or in life… Add passion into it and You will overcome the mundane task with elegance and satisfaction. Thats one of ther secret of living the life!!!
working on my ‘something else’ with the confidence of experiencing an outcome, whether it is positive or negative, that I have learnt something new.
The above motto conveys that as humans, we have the ability to learn how to be an effective, and efficient thinker. That we can be taught to think in productive ways. Hence by participating in this program, my intention is to improve my though processes
For my children…
Build on the learnings of those before me. To find better ways to serve and support the needs of our community.
Requires divergent and convergent thinking to allow exploration of new ideas and then focussing on those that have a higher handle of success. There are no limits to ideas….it’s more about ruling out some to allow focus on others.
Learning is a continuum, progressively building on past experience
to bring joy and love
be able to let go and move on
It’s great to be proud of an achievement but better to see it as a challenge to progress past.
Be free in thinking and spontaneous in reacting
Free my thinking and be more spontaneous
being able to learn how to enhance our cognition in order to think better. This can only be learnt through life experience.
to procreate two daughters who are the most amazing women
We are all blank sheets and have equal capacity but how we learn differs from each other . Just find the way that best suits you
interesting reading
think and review my way of thinking to consider viewing the world from a different perspective a more global perscpective removing the “I” from the view
We all love to define our roles. Often this is based on what we do well which often we find easy
Where do i start? Give myself to the good of others.
I believe it is to help others and put smiles back on their faces and trust back in their hearts
You look for the positive staff members that work hard and want to make a difference in a positive way
Its true that, like practice makes a man perfect so as the brain that is stretched day in and day out makes it stronger and provokes electrifying thoughts which can transfrm the world and people around oneself for a positive reason/s. These techniques have been mastered by few people who were the reknowned thinkers in the history of mankind and eventually they were able to change the way world think. History had been changed by them and the people who think proactively and differently. Its very evident from the histroy to the very present day. Therefore I firmly believe that if one can master how to think then He/She can change the people around and beyond their touch as it goes like a invisible link connecting hundreds to millions. So its infact a fascinating moto to be embraced as it ensures people can practice and train the way they think which later makes them a skilled thinker to contribute for the society and constitution where they live..
Do something else big that you want other people to copy.
Ask others there point of view without expressing my own.
Thinking can be taught, the greatest thinkers were open to this idea. Training is therefore paramount.
creative ways to relax
This statement tells me the brain can always be expanded and can never stop learning. Your mind is like a learning book, you need to open it up to let the information in!
Thinking is developed over time. We learn how to think, and like all things, with practice, we can improve the skills associated with thinking
Thinking means concentration and focus
Work from a different place to help think different and in “something else”
Let go of unfinished work and fun with the kids!
Thinking, like all things we do, is a skill. Like all skills it is learnt, and to become a great/lateral thinker we must nurture and develop these skills.
Can thinking be over rated … after all, we are only what we think we are, which in some cases can be a downfall. How difficult is it really to change the way younthink?
Process of development
It takes practice and experience to think
It is not a natural skill, it is something that can be improved, nourished
Adding to a building will always make it larger. But be choosy about what you use, not all materials suit any foundation.
continuing to learn
willing to do anything help the old brain
Everyone with practice and training can become a skilled thinker.
A great leveller! I am very pleased to have this opportunity to improve and quicken my thinking power.
It means I can learn to think better…not before time at my age!
A great leveller! I am certainly keen to improve and quicken thinking skills! I am thrilled to have this opportunity.
It’s useful because it shows us that the brain, not only recognises words which are written in the normal manner, but also recognises words written backwards.
There is opportunity to improve ‘thinking’ skills, which I think is often not something we think of as a skill
Never stop trying. If you do nothing or keep doing the same thing then you stop learning.
So we all start from the same base, and we are already halfway down the road
I’m not up to doing something different yet. I’m still working with finding what works 🙂
I wil stop spinning my wheels on things that are going nowhere. Make quicker decisions – will this work? yes – move on it – no – drop it. Be decisive
look for alternative ways to assess the situation. Try a different perspective. Consider the viewpoints of others. Take a wholistic approach to problem solving.
I think I still have a lot to learn about thinking
Capacity to build skilled thinking through use of techniques
Driving and engaging innovative thought
Dont put off till tomorrow what can be accomplished today.
Thinking – an inate function with many variables.
The application of ‘thinking’ refines with growth – a newborn is responding to need – but not to a thought however the thinking element, albeit on a pretty basic level, develops surprisingly quickly.
Is it thinking or learning a response or action to a given situation?
The quote though proposes that we can all develop our skills, we are not born ‘with it all’ it is just the starting point
Compliment a team member on something good they did today.
try thinking about what the other person is saying and see if there is any merit or advantage to be gained.
The obvious meaning is that skilled thinking is a learned process. I am interested in the definition of “skilled” in this context.
I have the temerity to question the statement, which is couched in absolute terms. Is it possible that there are exceptions? One could think of Richard Feynman, Karl Popper, Alan Turing and of course, Albert Einstein as skilled thinkers.
So, I assume that in this context, the statement refers to ordinary people, whose essentially mediocre natural thinking skills can be honed to sharpness.
There is scope to train our brain, and be aware of how we think, to find faster, more productive ways to approach problem solving
It conveys the meaning to me that the brain’s ability to learn and adapt is endless.
I’m interested in discovering the techniques outlined in the upcomming leassons.
Thsi motto conveys to me that you can always learn and approach situations or challenges differently.
Everyone has the ability to extend themselves and their thinking.
The useful meaning of this motto conveyed to me is that becoming a skilled thinker is something that needs to be learnt or taught rather then evolved …. not sure if i agree with the motto
Feedback occurs when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs as part of a chain of cause-and-effect that forms a circuit or loop, thanks wikipedia
The usefullness of it is that it highlights thinking as a skill to be learned and continually learned throughout life, like the physical skills we want and accept have to be worked on to become really good at. The same applies to thinking, and we probably haven’t recognized how open it is to continual improvement.
That we are all capable of improving our thinking skills
The motto conveys a message to me that there is room for improvement for everyone including myself. It encourges me to strive to become a skilled thinker.
Valuable feedback needs to be a circular process between all parties
There are different kind of thinkers depending on the previous information that has been process in the brain. This information combined with reality and the person’s believe can lead you to either become a shallow thinker or a deep thinker. Skilled thinker is the ones that has captured lots of information in their brains and trained himself to use it in a skilled manner but deep thinker is more than that :).
We all have the capacity to learn new ways of thinking which in turn will improve how we approach and resolve problems.
The motto conveys a message to me that everyone including me has a room for improvement and to strive to become a skilled thinker.
I am looking forward to learn another skill and hopefully make good use of it.
I’ve very keen to continue to grow mentally, physically and spiritually and believe thinking the correct way will assist me
continuous feedback loop utilising cause and effect data essential for learning and moving forward
Positive comments to encourage improvement in oneself.
One must continue training your brain.
It is a clever diagram with the word “feedback” feeding back on itself. But, drawing it this way, is showing feedback going nowhere. If feedback is given to an idea or method (etc.) it should then instigate a response after the feedback is received.
I’m keen to learn about becoming a better thinker!
Not sure there is a ‘useful’ meaning to it as it’s too general – is it regular, ad hoc, positive, negative, who gives it, who receive its, is it formalised feedback, etc? In this context it’s just a catchphrase with a catchy symbol. Needs further definition to be meaningful.
I can improve on how I think
Now a day the main problem is to switch off all the external stimulus/signals to actually allocate enough time think about thinking.
We are all born with basic abilities – how we extend those abilities allows us to become more skilled.
Skilled thinking, whatever that might mean, is something that can be both taught and learned. The motto gives me hope that I can change and develop the manner in which I think. I hope that I will be able to think more broadly, deeper, quicker, more efficiently and arrive at more meaningfull, clearer decisions.
Development and brain training is important to do regularly and continues throughout life. We should encourage it in our children, exemplify it in our actions and encourage others. We can learn from each other.
It’s possible to improve your ability to make good decisions
Thinking is a skill that can be learned and improved upon.
‘No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!’Our environment and experiences have a crucial role in developing and shaping our thinking. We can seek learning opportunites to enhance our thinking skills.
We are born thinkers, but to be a skilled thinker is a learnt ability.
you can always learn to understand and improve your thinking processes.
This motto conveys the thought that it takes time and effort to learn or be taught how to think effectively and skilfully.
The ability to think is evolutionary and continually progressive over the duration of one’s life. It is dependent on openess and coginitive receptiveness.
Thought ability is more a skill than a talent. Like sportspersons, some have a natural aptitude, and some do not. No elite Athlete has ever reached their standard without time and effort to develop and hone their skills.
we can become a skilled thinker if we practice and think about it
Learning is lifelong,
We learn from the moment we are born. The ability to continue to learn is a life long gift.
Thought ability is a skill more than attribute. Like sportspersons, some people have a natural aptitude, and some do not. But no elite athlete, has ever reached their standard without time and effort developing and honing their skills
Continuing to learn, and being open to learning about learning, is a life long gift to yourself
Skilled thinking is an ability that is not gifted, but earned
Our potential to wisen up is unlimited.
I feel we are all a product of our environment, so people often learn their life skills as they grow up within their environment. Along the journey some people have environments more conducive learning, opportunites to learn more available and learning how to think ties in with this. There are many skills in life we need to learn, thinking being one of them, some people have better tutors than others, thus I feel thinking is a learned skill.
I think that the concept is true and accurate. No one is ever born a skilled thinker. To me this presents as an opportunity for staff across our organisation. But it also makes me think about the need for equity of access to such a resource as the X10 to all staff, regardless of the position (that is, a hand on / front line role that is generally without regular access to a PC). This means that the team leaders and managers need to own the process for equity, and ensure all staff have the ability to participate and benefit from the gains of this program. This would mean that staff across all clinical and non-clinical areas can grow with this program and ultimately give back to our organisation.
need to practice this skill to become a skilled thinker
Information feedback is continuously evolving process
There is hope for everyone to become a skilled thinker if they are willing to give it a go.
Never too old to learn. Thankyou for the opportunity.
The ability to think develops from the time we are born and never stops until we die
learn how to think not what to think
No-one is ever born a skilled anything
The brain can evolve, it may store old or outdated information but it can always update and relearn to the current evolution
Encouraging that we CAN learn to become a skilled thinker and our organisation has opened this option for all employees. Age should then not be problem. So here goes to leanring moe.
We all start out more or less the same, even simple tasks such as clapping hands has to be part of an individual’s learning curve. But those who are active learners throughout their lifespan will develop more skills and knowledge than those complacent with their learning.
With regular practice I can improve the way I think.
‘No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!’ to means you are forever learning and changing and if you stop then you fall behind!
new things are learnable
I can improve markedly by exercising my brain.
Just like we learn other abilities after birth through practice and repetition, so too can we learn to think more effectively through practice and repetition
No-one was born a weight lifter either. So for me skilled thinking is an ability that can be taught.
It suggests to me the importance of environmental and experiential factors on thinking styles and becoming a skilled thinker.
‘No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!’ – I am always learning, always upskilling.
everything is learned
If I am prepared to work for it, I can improve my thinking.
With practice we can change the way we think to make better decisions.
Feedback has no start or end. It constantly reinforces.
if shown – you may become a more skillful thinker
There is hope for us all
No. Education and life experience can give a person common knowledge that is useful in skillful thinking.
Powerful thoughts are the product of time and effort
All skills whether acquired or of natural talent can be improved upon with practice.
Interesting … but not convinced
Thank You for these words – they are truly a most wondrous gift. I am truly appreciative of this whole experience which has supported my growth spiritualy and physically – mind and body. I will take with me from this experience the mantra cvs2bvs2bvs2bvs. May my gratitude reach your heart and soul – thank you
Being inquisitive and open to the unbelieable, the unconnectable, the unproven, the unthinkable, the untried, the untested, the serendipridty of life with your a cvs not equal to a bvs
Address a situation at work I am finding proeblemmatic and actively apply the CVS not equal to BVS – which involves taking the first step on the BVS side ofthe equation
Disconnect from my current opinions/bleifs /solutions – acknowledge them but putthem on hold or use them as stepping stone – aka ladder to a new perspective which is less detailed and more global
work colleagues, partner and my children
Why am I reacting this way – can lead to some head on conversations with your ego – very worthwhile!
Separate myself from the negative framework and perceptions which surorund my CVS and actively search for positive features and benefits to develop a x 10 BVS
That my view is the “right” view or most correct assessment/interpretation of a situation and that it is my point of view/opinion/advice which will provide the best outcome/ solution or way forward
#42 The concept of thinking about thiinking really intrigues me – I wonder does this concept allow for the possibility of “over thinking” and analysis paralysis? Just a thought
I have just recently become committed to reviewiing any of my own strongly felt “positons” through different perspectives – purposefully flipping my reviewing framework – it is quite a liberating experience and I have found that the adage ” there are 2 sides to every situation” whilst seemingly outdated and not a popularist notion anymore can often lead to unexpected outcomes – this practicw almost always opens up opportunities to negotiation, understanding, forgiveness and new ways of interacting or thinking about issues
To nuture love and support my family and friends, to contribute in a positive way to the community, to resepct the earth and all that it provides, to continue learning every day
and to have fun along the way
Flipping a situation to see from anothers perspective and then supportng a different approach
There is an enormous opportunity – to acquire thought patterns and cognitive processes which currently I dont use. If I practise it WILL support my evolution as a skilled thinker – I am excited at having the option to think differently
I seem to be using it more at home with my family and my partner, which is making me more understanding of their points and where they are coming from rather than defending my own point of view and thinking it must be right. So thank you Michael, as the SOT learning is helping me to be a better person and build and maintain better relationships with those I care about the most.
I will praise my two young girls for being so well behaved, as I feel I do not tell them enough how well they are doign with everything they set their little minds too.
Repetition – with everything the more you repeat it the more it becomes second nature.
Practice doing better with the sales component of my job, I still get nervous everytime I go into a meeting, but I know the more I do it the better I will become and the more confident I will be with the situation.
I am active but down, it’s nice and quiet in my office at the moment and I feel I can get alot of work done today in my present state.I do like the post above though, it is so true that we can move from mood to mood within short spaces of time as the environment around us changes.
I had a petty debate this morning with my husband about what is the right way the pillows should go on our bed and again I found myself digging my heels in because I was adament I was right and he was wrong, instead of potentially looking for a BVS. I clearly still need to work on getting to the BVS in some situations, although when I read this question today I had to laugh about our debate.
  1. My Husband
    2. My Dad
    3. My Mum
    4. My Step Mum
    5. My Step Dad
    6. My brother
    7. My best friend
    8. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson
    9. Lauren Jackson
At home, yes, thankfully I do. My beautiful children and lovely partner, help create this, even on days that are tough we try to make something good from it.Do I hear it everywhere I go, sadly no. I work in a hospital and there is not enough laughter.
Looking at this man just makes you smile, because he looks so jolly. Perhaps reminds you of Santa Claus wihtout the beard, and who doesnt love Santa.
Positive encouragement at our meeting today so all staff can start to look for the BVS.
The green hat can be scary as it moves away from what we have known for so long, I have found it can also be difficult to get those around you to put on their green hats with you. I think it takes will power to stay with your green hat on and not move back to your black hat, although I welcome the oppurtnity to try out the green hat for awhile.
A way to lesson the financial strains placed on so many families these days. A way to lesson the strain on my partner who worries about our own situation constantly.
Stop thinking about it and just get moving on it.
Start the review of the files accumulating on my desk.
There is a lot I need to think about, but I need to get movement by starting with the basics.
Yesterday I spoke with my team about our upcoming meeting to discuss possible BVS’s to the way we are currently doing things, I asked them to start thinking about some problems and possible resolutions so we could discuss them at the meeting for next week. Unexpectantly one of those team members took it as a personal attack on her when I asked her to think outside the box…from this what do I need to notice…that not everyone is going to be open to this idea of a BVS, so moving forward I need to notice peoples body language better so I can better prepare myself for the situation.
Yesterday I set the fortnighly meeting I have been meaning to for months now with all the staff in the Melbourne site. Every fortnight we will now meet to discuss all our possible BVS’s.
My start list:1. Start reading a story to my kids again every night before bed
2. Finish the pyschology book I bought over a year ago
3. Clean out my home office
4. Start yoga again
5. Take a lunch break each day
6. Set a meeting to speak with my staff
7. Get the new house plans back from the draftsman
8. Tighten the home budget
9. Spend less on online purchases
10. Source adjistment for horses
I feel very priveledged to have personally met Michael and be apart of this program. It has changed the way I look at everything in my life.
I think I can apply this to myself to take steps along the way. It’s not necessary a race to the top but one step at a time to get to my BVS. I often jump 3 steps at a time instead of slowing down to move one step at a time.
Just suppose a money tree really existed…ah the possibilities.
I had a sales meeting today and for the first time felt confident enough to say ‘why dont we do things this way’ and ‘why dont we try this’. We ended up brainstorming ideas for different approaches and went away with some positive plans to follow.
To check in with all my customers and see how they are feeling about the service and product. To teach my team to look for the BVS and make the time to discuss options and ideas.
Why can’t I improve this? Because I need to take a risk and I am scared of that.
Working on our house plans, arrrghh, driving me crazy. Today or rather tonight I’m going to try and look at these differently because I know I can x10 this to get what we require.
That there is not enough hours in the day.
The current view is only a very small piece of the whole picture.
Impatience, the world moves faster enough, I do not need to move it along faster.
That the world we live in is forever changing, we take, we learn, we grow. The democracy that exists today here in Australia is different to what our parents had and will be different to what our children have in their adult lives but it all stems from something that came before it.
That we control our own destiny
I am happy to say what I truly believe, but you must be in the correct frame of mind before you pass judgement on something and again ask yourself ‘why’ you feel that way in the first place. Emotions can make you say some pretty obscene things at times so you must always be careful abotu where your point of view stems from.
Change – we need to move with change so as not to disappear into what once was.
To contribute to the world by passing on stories and experiences to the next generation so they may take what they will from those stories and experiences to expand their own knowledge base. …And to enjoy the time I do have here, especially the time I have with my family.
That I can achieve everything on my own, asking for advice and listening to others has broadened my own knowledge base of different things and allowed me to see how others perceive things around them.
What a fantastic statement! Today I am going to move forward with my ‘something else’ – that something else is to expand my future by enrolling in learning another language.
It has been argued that babies are born as a blank canvas, this has also received criticism, however if this were true the above statement would be very fitting. We all innately know how to think, however the question is asked how do we become a skilled thinker. To be successful we must always be looking to move and grow, success is not necessarily measured by money, success could be a personal goal set and achieved at any stage in our life, but to achieve that goal we must move from one position to another. Thinking also requires movement from one position to another, when we think our thoughts drift from one place to the next as we make connections and sometimes we repeat similiar or the same thought patterns.Skilled thinking however to me takes this further, to be a skilled thinker our thoughts should not only move from from one position to the next but absorb new information by watching, listening and learning from others and the changing environment around us, while we then copy and repeat useful and valauble information so that we may shift it from our short term memory to our long term memory, and draw on it later to further make connections with new incoming information. By doing this we expand our own thought patterns and ideas and therefore become better thinkers.
Good: this process has been great to open up my mind to a bigger way of thinkingBad: I know this is a clique, but finding time to do this each day was challenging. It was much easier to do a ‘set’ of four or fine at a time and I found that I got into the groove of thinking in an open way, whereas after a busy day, I was more likely not to do this.Better: being able to deploy this style of thinking at times when the pressure is on would be an excellent thing to do… To pause and think rather than react
Reinforcement of the need to practice a skill to really excel at it….we apply this to our kids with sport and music and homework, and yet as adults we conveniently forget the importance of a disciplined approach to our work.
Sounds like a plan….. I will enter!
I love the idea of the adult as the Caterpillar, eating our way along the very narrow path that our lives often become; and the child as the bright butterfly, flitting around discovering the world with a mind so open that anything and everything is of interest and worth investigating. Gopnik hypothesises that children’s lack of focus is not a lack of focus at all – but an inability to filter out all the interesting stuff that adults do that allow them to concentrate on things.
It would be nice to think that teaching thinking in school’s can become a meme – one that takes on it’s own life and can eventually be spread with a bit of wombat marketing. Hopefully in time for my little one (currently 2) to take advantage of it.
Hi Michael,
I completed SOT in 2009 (note different email from back then). I would be interested in taking part in this training, it ties in very well with my current focus on community service which has come along with age (wisdom maybe?) and being a new dad :0) Currently I volunteer in a number of community events and was just elected to the board of a non profit community education organisation (WEA of SA).James comment below has some truth to it, however I also believe that while the idea of Chivalry and Knighthood (with the implied service to others that goes with it) is only an ideal these days, it’s still a worthwhile one for which to aim for. The alternative is for us as a society to stop aiming to improve ourselves and revert back into the muck from which we came (according to Darwin!).My focus in undertaking such training it to be half as good a person as my little girl thinks I am, and to use this training to continuously improve my own service to others. By doing so I hope to show her (and others perhaps) that being part of a community (either local or wordwide) means serving the community; and that such service enrishes the lives of others.Regards Ross
Adelaide – Sth Australia
From this audit, I have summised, that I mave the most brain power ever, what a thrill
Some people have more intelligence than you do and some have less than you do and, of course, the same applies to me.
Democracy is a forgranted in Australia. Perhaps i need to live in another country to truly appreciate what I have here and now.
Occupational Health and Safety has gone too far! When will it end? I say bring back see saws.
Firstly – hilarious observation.
Being self centeredin our own pursuits. Not considering the other. Being totally caught up in and of ourselves that we miss out on or ignore others.
That my way is always right.
I love the aspect of failing then moving on to try something else.
I love even more the learning from others failures and being confident enough not to try the failure yourself.
We need to learn
That the people doing the job have (where the rubber hits the road) usually have great ideas for improvments, harness that knowledge and let the reins go, give them the opportunity to demonstrate their ideasHave all your staff enrol in SOT… how great would that be
I had never thought of translating the Darwinian concept across to business. It makes so much sense now it has been pointed out.Taking that concept and applying the x10 to business is going to be so liberating
By taking 10 minutes every day to review what I can increase by 10xBy increasing staff involving by 10x – eg:
when there is a opportunity for change involve 10 more people than I would normally have done
Comon sense meme: we should all walk 10,000 steps per day
Impact meme: the grim reaperProperganda meme: if you don’t put solar power into your house you will be reponsible for global warming and all its consequencesMissionary meme: if you don’t accept the, Lord, Allah. xxx as your saviour you will go to hell,
fidelity: copy true to the orginal
fecundity: a potent copy that has the strength to replicate
Longevity: a robust copy that continues to replicate
I think the memorable meme will win…..If the important meme is not rated as important to everyone by the same degree then the memorable meme may be replicated….
………having said that both memes will be viewed subjectively which throws the cat amongh the pigeons and so are we really able to predict? depends how each meme is ‘sold’ and to which audience or target market
The selfish gene is the powerful gene, the one that gets copied, unfortunately cancer is a powerful gene and one that man has not yet been able to randomly select out (as in genetic engineering) although heading that way.I see this as another example about truths & memes … a few years ago it was a truth cancer gene was unable to be identified and genetically engineered out, that truth is being eroded as time goes on
My upbringing which exposed me to formalised religion which raised questions and got me onto a path of eastern philosophy and the link between spirituality and science!!! Read a fantastic book Message of the Lord as a practical philosophy….. The author (a world reknowned physicist) chose NOT to put his name anywhere on the book, what an example of letting go of ones ego. If you can get hold of the book ( I’m happy to provide publisher details if you are interested) it its a must read… ignore the first bit if you are not into eastern religion and go straight through to the Science and God sectionNegative:
Witnessed blind faith and while respecting everyones choice to believe what they want I have come to the long held belief by many that ‘religion’ is all about power and in many cases subjugating the vunerable
A meme is idea, concept, information that is passed on to others and replicated. The more it is passed on the stronger it becomes
In science, the power of a theory is the number of things it explains divided by the number of things it assumes….. I found this most interesting only because I did not know the definition, yet use the word ‘theory’ frequently. I can now use the word appropriately but more importantly drill down into my ‘theory’ and see what it exposes
WOW….. how true is that….. I can see why you (and I) would choose to read it regularly. I’m thinking of transcribing it and putting it in a prominent place
I wrote a note to my son who has had the toughest year imaginable and has demonstrated incredible tenacity and courage – wrote the note in time, but my computer died, hence the late post!!!
Loved the challenge to think
loved the shared thoughts from other folks – thanks
liked the structure
loved being able to work at my own pace as I have been away during some of the sessionsBAD
Would have like the opportunity to have diaglogue with other folks
felt stymied when I read the thoughts of others and wanted to explore further
Would have like feedback ( Michael I know you are busy but no harm in stating a desire)
Where do we go from here? just starting to get my teeth into things and nowhere to goBETTERHave a chat room established
Have people who are willing to share emails to do so
Organise get togethers/ seminars/ conferences
Plan for ongoing activites
For my #1 opportunity I will further explore and commit to completing a course to resestablish my consulting business
My #1 problem area is my half hearted effort at trying to loose weight and avoiding the gymI will PTO by committing to go to the gym a minimum of 3x per week and doing the recommeded 30 minutes exercise
I tend to focus more on the opportunities in my business/career/life.
Good leadership, by default demands trust and respect and congruence of values. As a team member you will be willingly to PRR an action if you trust the leader and believe the outcome will not contravene your value system. As a leader you have to keep proving you can be trusted. The synergy between a good leader and committed follower results in a powerful energy. However, it must not be ignored that powerful energy can be good or bad eg: egocentric leader – fearful followersTo throw in a curly one…. Hitler demonstrated his good and charasmatic leadership skills and people PRR his instructions yet the value systems were screwed and incongruent…. good topic for thought and debate
We are all so very different. We all have the opportunity to view strengths from a different perspective (BVS) opening us up to harnessing thoses strengths in a variety of ways.I find the diversity of people wonderful and observing how people use their strengths never ceases to amaze me. Look at Mother Theresa her strength was her faith. Faith could have been viewed as a personal and private strength but she harnessed a BVS and WOW!!! need I say more
I think the paradox is wrapped up in what I consider “situational morality’ eg: I was brought up not to steal….. however, I have never been in a situation where someone I love is starving. How do I know I wouldn’t steal food if my loved ones faced imminent death from starvation?To join the pipeline and PTO in siutations of extreme danger with little time for negotiatioin (war, etc) as a team you need cohesivness, trust, faith and hope. You as a team member have committed and accepted a BVS from the leader… thus accept to follow through. Having variations and diversity in these situations will result in disparate outcomes.
In less serious situations you either accept the BVS considering your own value judgement, or reject it and fallout from the pipeline.
For the trainee: The possibility of falling into a comfort zone and blindly following the leader thus loosing or not developing critical thinking skillsFor the trainer; the possibility of becoming egocentric and thinking you are always right. I would hope the traininer has the attitude that deberiefing, crically thinking through the previous process & being willing to move from a collective CVS- BVS for similar situations in the future is vitalFor the class to move into state of ‘group think’ and subconsciously designating the leader as the person with the BVS disguised as the CVS
A benefit for me the trainee is the knowledege that I have come from not being able to peel the orange (which was the truth at some point) to having the confidence in my own skill, ability and proficiency that through PRR I can achieve something I could not previously do.A benefit for you the trainer is seeing the outcome and subsequent satisfaction of the trainee achieve an outcome through PRRA benefit for the class is the exhilaration in the knowledge that anyone who PRR and by default had the dedication (otherwise they would have given up) can achieve.I have just experienced the above in a motivational weekend where after PRR, motivation, drive and persistance I was able to put my hand through and split a 1” piece of pine wood! something I would previously have said was impossible!
Top top ones for me (following the sheep and providing 5)curiosity
Today I can try building on my creativity by asking for help from others with regards my new business venture.Today I can try building on my creativity by searching for like minded peopleand people with creative flair.Today I can try building on my creativity by googling other businesses who provided the same service
Today I can try building on my love of learning by further reading and working towards my desire to formalise and build a business on executive coaching.
Today I can try building on my love of learning by pursuing my interest in sailing on a tall ship (for charity) and making sure I get ALL the activities in sequence and quick enough
Today I can try and build on my appreciation of beauty and excellence by stopping to ‘smell the roses’ and by noticing the beauty in the little thiings around me not just the obvious beauties.
VITALITY & CURIOSITY: It was a beautiful summer’s day. I had accepted an invite to join a friend skydiving (well why not, I hadn’t done it before). It all seemed like a good idea at the time until we had to get the gear on and be hoisted up to be suspended from a beam in a huge hanger. It still seemed like fun and there was no aassociation of anything to do with airplanes and dropping out of the sky. The only tension was on my crutch and leg staps. After being spun around, flaying my arms at the appropriate time and counting out loud I was sure I was ready to jump. The fact it was a single not tandum jump made no impact on me at all. Life was good, the sky was blue and I was pushing my boudaries I remember thinking how lucky I was and today was going to be great. I rigged up and climbed into the plane… it took off and then SHEAR PANIC took over. Looking at the other people in the plane we all had a stupid grin fixed on our faces… I could smell and feel the fear, it was palapable all around me… but there was no turning back now I had made the committment to myself (being iternally motivated I had taken the step beyond the point of no return). when it was my turn to jump out … I was like some robot… climb out onto the wing and then count and throw yourself backwards were the instruction. All good and well except I had no idea that at 8 thousand feet the wind plays a huge role… I FELL OFF THE WING … with a catatonic spasm fixed to my face (which was later misinterpreted as me being the only person who had a smile on their face… little did they know) The absolute and paralysing fear quicky switched to AWE and beauty. I felt like a bird, floating freely in Gods beauty. I felt the shute thud, thanked God for my safety and as I reached the height of the trees very quickly bumped back to reality. I landed closest to the target and lay there savouring my achievement. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the experience on relflection I realised I did not look up to check my shute etc and realised very quickly I was ill prepared for the seriousness of the jump and had my shute tangled I would not have carried out the safety procedures as they had gone completely from my mind, being a mother and wife with responsibilites I decided not to do another jump but will never forget that experience.
I was woring overseas in a team environment. We made a judgement call that caused a lot of angst. So much so the Minister and health officals wanted us to recind our judgement. The three of us were adamant we had made the right call and against nationial castigation on TV, the radio and in the newpapers we stuck to our position. Several weeks later other international consultants were called in to
” review our position” a very stressful time for us. Fortunately everything we said was validated! this not only made us feel good and relieved but people then stated how much they valued our opinions! We wondered if that would have been the case had the outcome been different but we were pleased we let integrity drive our desision and we did not give into the the threats and fear. A lesson well learned.
I suggest our brains have evolved to secrete a moment to moment CVS because that process was seen to have served us well to date and the switch from CVS – BVS has not been an evolutionary requirement – albiet it would have been a better way. Its only as we have progressed in our thinking that people are realising the benefits of the CVS – BVS
The real learning is in the doing…. real achivement comes with the repetition.What a shame that so often in the workplace employees and mangers state they are too busy doing the job to go and spend time learning how to do it… shame we can’t all go to the Scheyville school.
I will entre the pipeline and look forward to the journey. I am anticipating a benefit will be positive change in my thinking process through repetition and reinforcement
Hi folks,
My name is Pam. I was born in England but emigrated to Australia 36 years ago and live in brisbane in sunny Queensland. However, I have just spent the last 7 years working in Beirut, Lebanon. Work took me there on a World Bank project to put quality systems throughout 174 hosptials. My back ground is in health but I have morphed into a quality, management, HR, lean methodology consultant and love the diversity. I returned to Brisbane, from Beirut 3 years ago to help look after my aging and sick parents, which I am so glad to have been able to do. That time with them especially my father who has since passed away was so special.Its only the last six months I have started to have time for me again and have rekindled my love of sailing – taking part in the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race on a 100 ft tall ship to raise money for children & their familes with cancer.One of my other loves is reading, I swap bewteen non-fiction and the odd ficton and frequently have several books on the go at once. I’m currently reading a novel by Vince Finley, ‘Philosphy for Dummies’ (did two years at the philosophy school but thought I’d brush up on a consensed simple overview – I have an interest in eastern philosophy and religion) ‘Richard Branston’s autobiography” and I book I bought in India, ‘I Am That’. Enough about me, I look forward to the course and hopefuly interacting with all the other people taking part.havea great day, Pam
I would like to take this idea a little further, by suggesting that the coloured hat metaphor may be too limiting in some situations.If a current way of thinking is not working in some way, it may be necessary to be radical, & totally ditch small variations on the current mode of thinking.To stretch the metaphor, it may be necessary to ditch wearing a hat of any colour, and instead do someting else – e.g. transplant an eagle’s head in place of your old one – add three more different types of sense receptors on your head – so that, in imagination, you become a chimera, and act out how such a creation would think/feel/experience a problem from a unique perspective.
Looking at the feedback below – it seems that there are still a lot of compliant – people pleasing brain users…….In the meantime I will work on being so judgmental!
It is said that we should be thinking outside the box – but what if Thinking IS the Box.?
Thinking is much more than just using my Head…….
The useful meaning this motto conveys to me and which I try to apply as often as I can is that : all of us only know that which we been taught – so there is always room to learn something new or to see a situation through somebody else’s eyes.
It aslo include that I have been taught to have certain emotional responses and I can learn to have new/different ones – because I have learned to think differently about a situation. I am so looking forward to this new learning!
I am a true believer in all skills could be learned. Why not thinking is a learnable skills. But most people think within their limited scope of knowledge which they learn during their stage of their life but they could not think beyond what they have learned and experienced. If you could break theses limiters we could think much wider than we could imagine.BWONG
As a child one is very sensitive & impressionable, and I think the broad thought structures of Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas are absorbed unconsciously if one grows up in a western culture.
For me, such influences were not significant at home, and much more so at school via my church attending classmates, who expressed defined and fear-ridden views that jarred with my easy going nature.
I later began to socialise with these people more, which lead to an existential restlessness that had no connection with hormones!
I remember being much troubled by the lack of certainty about some life-questions. Perhaps as adolescents we need some things to be black or white, just for a sense of security.
It has taken me a while to be comfortable with shades of gray, to get back to a child-like relaxed attitude about the many ambiguities and non-clarity of life. Exquisitely expressed by a modern Zen master as the “Don’t know” mind.
My neck-top computer has all of these PTV effects. Especially being afraid to make mistakes (Lazy critic), and less so the space glutton, probably because my work has conditioned me to listen more than talk.
The first two PTV effects are evident especially when one is strongly attached to the opinion/conviction being discussed. Sometimes we have a vested interest in holding tight to our views because of the social network one is involved in; none of us likes feeling “on the outer” or “left out”, or disconnected from the consensus reality of our peers.
It takes mindfulness & conscious practice to get comfortable with standing aside from one’s views (and need to express them forecefully!), pushing them away temporarily, and open-mindedly exploring another way of being/thinking.
The predominantly secular-scientific education that most of us in the west recieve may be one of the more liberating advances we enjoy now, although it is not without it’s limitations. Secular-scientific education is certainly an advance on authoritarian church-controlled education.
I would hope that our education systems will continue to evolve, and full marks to SOT for catalysing this process. In the meantime, I think it is still a case of furthuring our personal e-ducation in spite of the formal education we have recieved already.
The defiant acts of Luther are a great example of someone thinking for himself, and unafraid of the ostracism that he knew he would face. He also opportunistically used the power of a new media – the printed word.An informed distrust of authority is a healthy thing in a thinking person, but I am curious as to how much slips past us when our guard is down. We may unwittingly accept an “obedience virus” which will compromise our powers of discernment.Perhaps it really is true that the price of (personal) liberty is eternal vigilance (i.e. of our own conditioning, our own blind obedience viruses)
One PTV I have noticed is being strongly attached to the assumed truth of certain views & opinions I hold. If someone is bold enough to contradict, while i often do not argue, I will go away & check my facts. Sometimes I find I was wrong, my original opinion is outdated or lacking in factual support.In connection with an active personal PTV, an interesting incident happened yesterday: I was at a fair, and spoke with an alternative healer selling alkaline water. Rather than commit to such an expense straight away, i wanted to do a scientific trial on myself first to see if i needed this alkaline water. I asked her “how can i measure the acidity/alkalinity of my own body?” She grabbed my hand, held it for a minute, and pronounced my pH was about 3.5 – 4.5. The personal PTV got irritable & I doubted this result. She asked if i smoke, drank alcohol, or ate much meat, all of which i answered in the negative. This stalled the discussion to some extent.I resolved to go away and buy a pH meter, measure & record my urine & saliva pH daily for a few weeks. Also, I resolved to become better informed on the issue of acidosis and lifestyle changes necessary. Here, i am challenging a personal PTV in a considered, scientific way.
I notice my own version of the PTV when I feel frustration when a person/people are not interested in hearing my point of view – e.g. by not letting me finish a sentence or fully explain a point. It is an attachment to the absolute rightness to a personal point of view.It is not so easy to identify a PTV when one is alone, and when the mind is thinking in an unstructured, “free” way, or when focused on a specific technical task.But once a PTV is activated, it seems to take the form on an urge to make itself heard, and to affirm a feeling of being RIGHT. A PTV does not make the mind relaxed and free flowing, but tense, agressive, and filled with a sense of urgency. It drives the mind on with a sense of mission, a personal crusade of sorts.Perhaps it is a sign of maturity to be unconcerned at others’ differing point of view, and also humorously self-aware when a PTV emerges, and one recognises that dogmatic ‘hard-headedness” that belongs to chershed opinions.
“Today, 2,500 years later, much of Western society still behaves as though
there actually such a thing as absolute truth. Somehow oblivious to real
world consequences, many Western universities and colleges are full of
discussions about ‘truth’, right’, ‘wrong’, ‘good’, ‘evil’, ‘honesty’,
‘justice’ and so on.”This statement itself seems to be taking the form of a “Plato Truth Virus”!
I see an increasing mindset of secularism and relativism both in society at large and in Universities & Colleges. These ancient Greek philosophical categories such as “truth”, “right” Wrong” etc may be taught in University Philosophy departments as early artifacts in the history of thought, but I would be surprised if these ideas are taught to be absolutes.If there is any limitation in the ways these Greek philosophical concepts are taught now, perhaps it is the failure of some universities to paint of total picture of how far we have come in 2500 years in the West in the ways that we think, and to describe the relativist landscape most of us (barring fundamentalists) live in.Another failure in the universities might be training students in good, enabling thinking skills, and in identifying unconsciously inherited thinking software from our culture & history, such as what is being offered by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson!This discussion may depend on whether one attended a liberal or a conservative university.
Here is an example of cognitive disonance which caused me to reassess what I truly believed, and helped me tune my “bullshit barometer”.
Some years ago I was following the teachings of an Indian Guru. A visiting Swami was presenting his teachings, and while i was at first sympathetic to the ideas being presented, i soon noticed some ideas that were counter-intuitive, some seemed self-agrandizing, and other ideas seemed irrelevant to me living in the 21st century. When i presented my doubts to the Swami his reaction was less than accomodating or patient! He calmed down when i pointed out that such enquiry on my part was not malicious, that I was genuinely seeking some sort of explanation to ease my doubts, and that i had no other accessible authority to discuss these things with.
I have always been willing to confront ideas that stretch my world view, but there is the danger of being too naive or gullible. Since the above experience i have been averse to accepting without scrutiny the statements of authorities unless it accords with my empirical experience. Anything else is put on HOLD until I can test it, and find some worthwhile use.
I have been using CVS2BVS (before even encountering this website) in managing personal finances, developing an excel spreadsheet to record income & expenditure, and plan my future.
My goal (i.e. BVS) is to save up a sufficient deposit to buy a house.
I have also expanded the spreadsheet to include listing assets and savings history. Applying CVS2BVS allowed me to identify wasteful expenditures, which motivates me to eliminate them!.
I have been continually refining it, using the data in the spreadsheet to model various scenarios (i.e imagining BVSs)
What started as a 1 worksheet spreadsheet now has 6 worksheets, and is growing continually as I strive to implement CVS2BVS programming.
All of this has helped me understand how much i can save as a deposit to buy a house, how quickly i can do it, and how easily or otherwise I can service a mortgage.
This means that i can plan how long I need to save enough deposit, and when the time is ripe approach a lender in a position of power & clarity knowing precisely what i can comfortably afford.
  1. At the end of the day, count 10 blessings that occured to me today
    2. When going for a run, try ten times harder to improve on the usual time
    3. Speak to 10 people on the phone at work
    4. Learn 10 new words in another language
    5. Eliminate procrastination by doing ten unpleasant chores
    6. Write down ten new ways to improve my life
    7. Try to remember ten dreams
    8. Give ten compliments to people I meet today.
    9. De-clutter my desk by ten items
    10. Write a do-list of ten things to do tomorrow.
The CVS can never be equal to the BVS
The CVS can never be equal to the BVS
The CVS can never be equal to the BVSAnd hopefully the BVS is more fun than the CVS!
The questions in the brainpower audit seemed to be heavily biased toward left brain, highly rational thinking.In reflecting on my own interior cerebral processes I notice that many factors affect the efficiency of clear rational thinking. External factors include time of the day (early morning is best for me); the various alkaloids found in tea (certain commonly available teas are good for settling the mind); presence of certain people; unfolding of the usual dramas of life. Internal factors include mood; previous intellectual activity. An individual’s score probably varies from day to day.I would guess that some of us are not as clear & efficient in our thinking as we imagine ourselves to be!I think some people think better “on their feet” – i.e when actually DOING something. Others think better when discussing an idea with others. The audit seemed to focus on thinking as a solitary activity happening purely between the ears, but i would say that for many of us thinking in actual daily life is far more interactive and dynamic.
Tools are important for intelligence. Tools, like a laptop, are not just the
result of intelligence but they actually ENDOW intelligence on the user.
When you give someone a laptop you increase or enhance her chance at arriving
at more intelligent moves.Tools can excite creativity in a person’s mind, but this “chemical reaction” (to use a metaphor) probably only occurs in a mind that is primed in some way to react. Hence the importance of exposure to as wide a range of experiences and points of view as possible, together with the need to program the mind with qualities needed for healthy curiosity – openness, ability to ask questions, willingness to tolerate uncertainty and “not knowing”. All these qualities (and more) make up intelligence.
The patterns of habitual modes of thinking, reacting, percieving.We can escape these limitations by eternally asking questions, seeking other perspectives, trying other methods, being willing to make apparent mistakes, stepping out of comfort zones.Basically, to escape patterns/conditioning, we have to be willing to change, and exercise our creativity, even if it means jsut baby steps at first.
The words following “It has to be…” lost me, because they are too abstract and conceptual!I am averse to putting democracy on some sort of pedastil as if it is Always the supreme form of government. This seems to be Mr Hoggart’s assumption, and it is worth a challenge.It seems to me that sometimes a society needs a firm, non-democratic ruler to restore stability, but only for as long as needed. Then an improvement on the method of rule should arise. In the past, the theocracy in Bhutan has served that society well enough.A democratic government can become too arrogant and become as burdensome as a dictatorship. The voting public become weary of a democracy that encroaches on their freedoms too much. For example, Australia has just changed it’s variation on democracy to a seemly more benign form.
There are plenty of things we personally believe in now, but lack an empiral basis and will be proved by someone else in the future. An example might be – the presence of intelligent, sentient life elsewhere in this physical universe.This question does hint at the tension between consensus reality (shared experiences, opinions, thoughts of a community) and personal reality (which may include more experiences than consensus, backed up by internally valid reasons, but not readily shared).Finally, “Proof” may take many forms, and individuals do not always agree that a proof is valid.
I think that we all make different judgements about what is prudent to say. Our cultural, societal, familial and even personal conditioning will have an effect on that judgement too.
One important criterion for making such a judgement would be that that one needs to be mindful of both self-interest and the welfare of others before blurting out something hurtful or controversial. Such a conservative stance may even at the cost of being “right”.Another criterion for deciding what to say is: One needs to pick and choose the battles that are worth fighting.But if a point really needs to be said, then there are many skillful and subtle ways of making your point without causing harm. Useful vehicles may include an innocent open question, poetry, song, drama, irony, or simple stories.
We need to watch out for a certain self-satisfaction, a complacency, not observing the changes happening around oneself, and a slowness to change. This parable also suggests a mistaken – or a limited – notion of our place in the world.
One should not passively accept information from a so-called authority without questioning it. QUESTION EVERYTHING!
On any given day i am likely to give a different answer to this fundamental question. Some days there is some certainty, other days there is vagueness!I can never settle for any one answer, although the ones i read in the responses are all good.I suspect that if there is some sort of awareness & consciousness after the rebirth that we call death, the answer will be clear. I am untroubled by this “not-knowing” state, but still exert myself to learn more, experience more, move beyond anything that could limit growth.
Skilled thinkers are “made”, but probably within the constarints of a large number of limitations – cultural, historical, political, etc.Perhaps the most powerful thinking skill is the ability to leap beyond any kind of cognitive (and any other) limitation.Perhaps the ultimate goal of skillfull thinking is cognitive FREEDOM. Hopefully this would result in a healthy flowering of all of our potential on all levels: humanity in all its potency and creative magnificence.
How can I make you happy? Rosie, a dear freind.How did you build it? The makers of stonehenge.
Imagine if we all thought about something and expended some effort to make a difference. It would be a global mind bliz.
last night I slept tight, buggered from a long weekend. Some of the things that keep me awake is my mind wandering and focusing on things that are beyond my control.
I still have to explore the capabilities of my brain and continue to increase the level of awareness. It’s truely a remarkable thing.
Starting a new business venture the problem is what to do and how to go about it. I’m absorbing all the options so my PTV doesn’t take hold.Focusing on my true goals to find a partner and enjoy life.
I’m now more aware of my thoughts in particular those old PTV concepts and focus on a sovereign solution. Time will confirm the benifits and the changes for the better should become evident shortly. It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I only wish I had learnt about this many years ago.For improving the DFQ myabe try asking questons on some current events then channing the responses to those dealing with the events. It may help spread SOT via active particpation. Their are some many great ideas and concepts even within these responses. Surely a combined solution to a particular issue will foster better thinking.
very little
Sovereign thinking increasing all the time surely the world will become a better place, improved science will lead to improve health care and knowledge about our envirnomnet and the impacts we are having on the planet. Life should get better. My only concern is how will the church and other religous groups react given they are not sovereign thinkers and what will their impact be.
The world is changing rapidly and the past hold over people is creating a bigger divide. The last part really stuck with me it states that if a couple “Bill & Belinda Gates ” can provide more to the people that 263 popes over the past. Where will this lead too, BVS.
that there is a hopeful future for myself and many people…..
Religion has a lot to answer for, both in the past and present. I can make a change to my world and hopefully my new thinking will provide a BVS that will affect others in a positive way. This provides me with a sense of community and doing good to others. Hopefully this will spread a new cure.
By coming to work I’ll be productive and achieve something, this is my PTV, by adhereing to established procedures and business rule, I’m helpig oohrtths. The SOT has instilled an element of challenge the CVS to achieve a BVS. I’m now thinking about the way I do things with a view to improve.
At Armageddon
all of earth’s inhabitants except Jehovah’s Witnesses
will be wiped out of existence.The concept that this group of people will be saved, how? what’s special that will prevent them from being wiped out. What would the world be like if everyone was of the one religion eg the song by John Lennon (Image).
That I can control my thoughts and the emotions attached to those thoughts and then to actually put in practice that concepts. It’s very refreshing to be able to set new directions and thought processes that allow me to radiate towards a much better future.
cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs
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cvs to bvs
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cvs to bvs
cvs to bvs
cvs to bvs
cvs to bvs
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cvs to bvs
cvs to bvs
Does this mean that we were born with a set of tools that was never developed? I feel like a toddler at the Duplo level given a Lego set to build.
By repeating it 10 X 10 and then seeing the change before my very eye, feel the change from within and experience the positive changes for the rest of my life.
cvs can never equal bvs
cvs can never equal bvs
cvs can never equal bvs
I don’t think about the anaylsis of my decisions, unsure if that bad. I was concerned that there is a range of different situations that I could act differently in the future rather than give a automated response (reactive ) I could take a little more time and change my perpective.
My usual routine can be changed I drove into work a different way, will have a swim in a different pool and see what else I can actively change later on today. Escaping the pattern is more difficult, but I’ll ponder on what am I escaping from Time saving or creativity.
We are all a product of our society and linking in from the previous questions relating to PTV which society has balance in an open society. During this time of Christmas were are bombarded with season greeting and good cheer maybe we should just be kinder to our fellow humans all year not just for Christmas.This is hard to write about Democracy is like beauty it’s in the eye of the beholder and we all veiw the world in different ways no one way is absolutely correct, they all work.
Fate and destiny are two things that pop into my thoughts. Fate is the path that some people alway seem to get it right and the cards just alway fall into place. Destiny whereby no matter what someone does they seem to be driven toward a particular direction, even after a specific event that leads to that person championing a cause.
Human impact on the planet, global warming, consumerism, greed and unsustained practices. We are destroying our puddle “earth” and there is only one. On a personal level I need to watch out for my desires and actions, ensuring I share compasion and don’t waste resources. Think positive thoughts.
Address the major issues in my life “being single and lonely” and taking steps to get out there and enjoy being with other people.It’s good to see the other responses are along the same personal reflections.
I had no say in it, no say in it at all. Product of my parents love. I have meandered through life up until now and only asking that question now. I believe that i’m here for only a short time, and would like to forfil my life a whole lot more. hence these questions.
I want to explore my thoughts and focus on increasing the pleasure of thinking.Hopefully after the next few lessions I’ll commence this new journey.
Healthy brains are born equal
I can reward the driver, who constantly puts up with peoples complaints and is at the end of the stick most. He really needs some moral ocassionally.
To constantly change your approach to interaractions with clients, try new methods, note what works what doesnt work.Make changes and adapt to different people enviroments and products. This will give me the ongoing results.
I have depression. I am constantly battling with negative thoughts and worrying. I need to escape these thoughts and feelings and become more positive.I wish that I could relate to people and situations without those old patterns interfering.
Bobby for guidenance in wellbeing and health mattersJohnno for his knowledge on all matters in education/HistoryMonica for her sense of fasion and style and allround social awarenessDarrin for career advice and inspiration.Kurt for his knowledge in the IT/ computer field.Ron for any trade advise like DIY thingsEric for sales matters, eg techniques, relationship building and approach to salesDom for his achievement and goal setting.
Should sales reps call in and see new accounts to show them new products.Some times the places can be a bit far and not worth the time, or maybe the account will buy big and continue to purchase products on a on going basis?There was no outcome.After thinking about it, it would be best to tell client that i can see when the rep is in the area and have her make an appointment.Check with rep when in the area and there view on the account and have them stipulate when they will be able to visit.
I am in an active mood – I am in work early on a monday morning, i am getting my tasks out the way so i can move onto other jobs and i am communicating to my superiors on what i a am doing.I am sure i will go through all four moods through out the day.If I can identify my mood it will be a great help.
I work in a great enviroment but i can get caught up in what i am doing, i could get more involved when exciting and fun things are happening around the office and start up more converstions.
Some times when dealing with late deliveries from distributors or lost orders you can get aggressive towards the person who you are dealing with even though it is not even there fault, I can try to solve the problem and fix it by using light hearted humour to achieve an out come and create on ongoing relationship with that person who inturn will probably be more likely to assist me in the future.
How to ncrease daily sales figures. I can do a number of things to increase the quality of the outcome, I can inhance my own performance by increasing the efficiency of the call i make to clients, I can sell in and close new products by working with client to both achieve a win/win outcome.
Using what you call the grreen hat it allows our actiond to be processed and theoretically placed in our minds for a clearer understanding on what needs to be done/achieved/implemented and performed.
The core idea that I have risen above is that feelings do not have to be judged as good and bad. It is possible to train your mind to be positive and live each day happily – whether or not external factors are in your favour. I have the power to change my reality and expect accept abundance in every area of my life.I want to (as Matthias says) discover that life is not a struggle (and rise above that core idea) and that on the contrary it is an abundance of opportunities, and also to have a core idea of perfect health, smiling and glowing with life.
That we need to be taught to think. Our early years are dominated by other people (teachers, parents) teaching us through their experience and knowledge not through our own.
The traditional teacher/student (Aristotle/Plato) discussions for gaining knowledge and also the ancient art of storytelling are becoming lost in this modern world. The Motto ‘no-one is ever born a skilled thinker’ is a truism that provides each and every one of us a starting point on our journey of language, communication and expressing our ideas in a way that has been ‘validated’. This validation helps to give me the confidence I need to ‘think’.
There is always room for improvement. Look for better ways of thinking or doing. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Always be open to new ideas.
Keep moving forward in every situation, e.g. waiting in a meeting, on-hold on the phone, in traffic . . it is easy, & at times fun to idle. Time is of the essence, keep moving forward, keep thinking . .
Abstinence to prove to one’s self that there can be a much more fruitful alternative to the path of least resistance
my partner . . her natural reaction is too dispute, when searching for absolute clarity & strength in an idea, put it to the ultimate test : )
why not some times start by keeping things extremely simple . . a product name or tag line for example . . undo the clutter & help customers find what they need fast
I will list idea’s for coming promotions and thoughts on new products and things we could change to increase sales.Look at sizes of the new powders.Look into changes formula’s to make the product cheaper.Set a meeting to discuss spring promotions.To talk about POS for the new products.
  1. Make the phone calls
    2. Do your visits
    3. make the time and effort
    4. get in the car
    5. cold call
    6. read data
    7. offer the deal
    8. get the research needed
    9. ask for the help
    10. follow up
When can I not do anything? My days are do do do at the moment, inaction is certainly not a concern for me! Will send email to staff about one of my wins to help seed XF communication.
  1. CRM
    2. super
    3. phone calls
    4. vets
    5. booking SW clients
    6. planning renovations
    7. budgets
    8. follow ups
    9. car service
    10. markets
  2. just suppose I had lots of money
    2. just suppose I could mind read
    3. just suppose I always had all the answers
    4. just suppose I was a genius
    5. just suppose I could speak many languages
    6. just suppose I was self employed
    7. just suppose I had 10 properties
    8. just suppose I lived in another country
    9. just suppose I had a convertable
    10. just suppose I could go on a holiday each year
In trying to show others a way of thinking they have either not thought of or purposely avoided . . future interactions can be more synergistic if there is agreement & they too will be armed with a different tool or option to make their life easier..
Why is this so complicated? Sometimes people are too entrenched in their way of doing things & may also lack the confidence or are simply too lazy to opt for a better way. Perhaps approaching things at a totally different, off-beat angle can not only enhance their cvs but my own.
  1. go on a holiday to Broome and watch the stairway
    2. think one step ahead
    3. keep my drive going
    4. put my self in others shoes
    5. keep being positive
    6. be persistant and never give up
    7. have a plan
    8. act on instincts
    9. keep strength up
    10. keep confident
  2. Go on a hloiday to Broome and watch the stairway
    2. Think one step ahead
    3. keep my drive going
  3. Mark my Manager
    2. Sales Rep Team
    3. Close friends
    4. Parents
    5. Store Employees
    6. Store Owners
    7. Other work collegues
    8. Store Customers
    9. Regular user of products
    10. Opposition
our production manager for his fabulous creativity and eye for detail
You can only have the skill from regular practices, so the more you use your brain to think, the more you’ll get better at it and you will then become a skilled thinker. Anyone can do it if they really want to make themself a skilled thinker. Also you don’t have to be smart/ genious to become a skilled thinker.
Negative cycles and old patterns of behaviour
That there IS enough time to get things done and achieve all that I wish to achieve
Why can’t we do this differently. What is the barrier to having company credit cards? Other companies smaller than ours have them. Our sister company in NZ has them.
The opportunity is to have a more professional, efficient and transparent system for purchases for the company and also to overcome people’s resentment at having to use their own credit cards.
Why don’t we have company credit cards? Why do we have to use our personal credit cards for company business?
Why not borrow an idea?
1. quick thinking
2. Challenging yourself
3.Take advantage of situation
4. Learn from idea
5. Connecting with a client
6. Research ideas
7. Be versatile
8. New methods
9. Be experimental with the idea
10. Getting the feed back
  1. to give back
    2. to teach
    3. to increase sales
    4. to build relationships
    5. to learn from mistakes
    6. to take the time
    7. to listen
    8. to express ideas
    9. to experiment
    10. to biuld solid foundation
What is the opportunity here?The oppertunity to put a first rate system in place that is upto date and accurate. This will alloy more time for this role and better performances to the clients.To learn my role and develop some great sales skills.
I looked at the margins we get on a product and and saw with the discount we are giving them we are not making enough and have started the ball rolling how we can get better value on the product.
Why do i have this CVS?
I had this CVS because I didnt know the full story and simply jumping to conclusions. How was this resolved ? By speaking to the Manager of this chain to find out exactly what was happening and where was our opportunity for the stores. My phone call resulted in an ongoing committment to our Brand, which was totally different to my preconceived ideas based on word of mouth. A good reason to question when , why, how and what if ….
I can try to escape from my CVS of viewing challenges as chores.
Q.I would like to increase my sales but can’t seem to get it any higher.1. Why is this so inconvenient?
It effects my future and my job position
2. Why do I have this CVS?
Because i dont seem to have the time to get all the things done that i would like to to get my sales higher.
3. Why do our customers hate this?
I dont have enough contact with maybe? because they are not offered deals and new products.
4. Why is this so complicated?
Can’t get the time to do it in a day.
5. Why is it organised this way?
To make sure all acounts are called on and fully stocked.
6. Why is this my reaction?
because i want to lift sales to enhance my position.
7. Why is this so difficult?
Alot of time needed to set up new call sheets, and calling all accounts.
8. Why is this so unsafe?
because we need to advance the company sales with new accounts, if we don’t wwe will go bust.
9. Why does it make this noise?
I am expected to make sales rise.
10. Why can’t I improve this?
Time, get stuck doing things, I dont maximise the orders i take to accounts.
Why do I find it so hard to talk in front of a group of people.Why can’t I improve this.
Why do I have this fear.
Why am I worried that people are judging me.
Why don’t I make sure I know what I’m going to say before hand.
Why do I try and get out of it.
Why can other people do it so easy.
Why can’t I be more confident when I speak.
Why don’t I do something about it.
Why should I be afraid.
I can read my book 10 minutes before bed
I can save 10% of my wages
I can do 10 more minutes at the gym each day
I can spend 10 minutes a day going over what I need to accomplish.
I can think of 10 ways to budget my money
I spend 10 minutes a day training my self on things at work I want to be better at.
I can make sure we have 10 promotions runing each month.
I can think of 10 placed I want to go on a holiday.
I can spend 10 minutes a day calling my team at work.
I can think of 10 things that I need to do to inprove my work skills and life.
I can use the number ten today by reading the book I’ve just started (The richest man in Babalon )for ten mintues each night before bed.
It is very easy to believe something to be true when it is the “norm” When a structure or system is put in place, it’s very easy to believe that this is the only way.
I am regularly reminded how my sense of a situation or person serves me time and time again. I have no proof or evidence, it’s just a feeling.
cvs: in order to be in the best position to develop & implement the ideas i dream of working on i have to wait until i have free my headspace of the things i perceive to hold me back.bvs or cvs x10: if i truly believe in these dreams, nothing should really hold me back. There are always spare moments in the day, more then just moments, minutes . . hours. Times when i am not creating something with my time – switch my focus. Research, write my ideas down & create follow-up. Time is of the essence. 10 minutes a day will be more then 10 times more then I currently doing per day . .
The old addage that the only constant is change.
I think by repitition I will be able to stay focused on my goals and achieve the out come I want. I see tenpower as a great tool as I seems to get side tracked on a lot of things I’m working on.
I think by repitition I will be able to stay focused on my goals and achieve them.
Working the same way. We tend to get caught in cycles that dictate how we approach frequent situations. I should make a concious effort to stop and think about why I am doing something a certain way. Is there a better way I could do it ? Being able to stop and challenge yourself is the key.
Most things never turn out to be as difficult as I think they will be!
My cvs is when I am in a meeting with a manager.1.Act professionally
2.Speak my mind
3.Listen to what they are really being said
4.Dont just agree with what is said
5.Stay relaxed and have good body posture Smile/laugh
6.Be diplomatic and suggest things
7.Get a result from the meeting and resolve the situation
8.Use the meetinf to network and build work relationships
9.Apply what was said and show that I understand.
10.Communicate and see points of views.
Trying to move away from negative thoughts, lies, wrong judgements slow thinking that just goes round and round and doesnt allow for moving forward.
The cvs that I could escape is my own thoughts that im not smart enough, educated enough or experienced enough to do what I actually want to do in my professional career.
This is subverting the dominant paradigm. You can start by changing your morning habits eg: When you get out of the shower, don’t dry yourself the normal way. If you normally start drying your hair, why not try drying your legs first ? It won’t seem normal because we are programmed to do specific tasks a certain way. Being able to break these habits / patterns, is the first step to changing your outlook on life…
I don’t think that Neil Armstrong actually walked on the Moon…
Sometimes we bite our tongues, we don’t want to challenge the status quo. Every now and then you need to be heard above the crowd. So what if you offend someone, chances are someone else will offend them more !
If I spend more time interacting with my children and less time worrying about tidying up the house then we both may be happier.
A tidy house is not always needed, other things may be more important.
That it is necessary for my house to always be tidy
You need to think things through clearly before making decissions.
Main Point for today would be just trying to get the most out of the day; what would make it really satisfying ? Getting some wins on the board would be ideal , getting some sort of real achievement today. I am going to set my target of two orders over $700 each for months end and set up by Monday 2 good pre orders for May . Then tonight I am going to do some sort of exercise that makes me feel good physically and mentally – that would top the day off !
The Truth.
They pattern I can escape would be the negative thoughts that cloud my productivety and judgements. This is hard for me to do but know i can do it with enough creativety and positivety in my thought process.
That I am being held back from what I truly want to do . . I do not need to be held back on an abstract level. If I am trapping myself then I am wasting my time.
The main point about any relationship is trust. The level of trust on any level defines the relationship & it’s strength. Can I accept this abstract yet necessary trust & also escape from it to really find what matters to the individual so that they can be happier.
I believe that we can control the good fortunes around us by positive thinking.
That influences colour our world.
Staying still at my desk… need to get up and move around and about more!
The unexpected!
That I must attend to matters of my self – prior to being able to attend to matters for others.
To bring out the best in me, so that others can bring out the best in themselves.
With training and attention – we can all become so!
By focusing on today and today alone, what additional income can I generate to our budget.
That we can all make the world a better place by giving our thoughts, ideas, suggestions and taking action rather than just sitting back and accepting and complaining.
Skilled thinking is something you learn with practice, not something you inherit.
I escape from people and pressures by being by myself. I talk to myself and ask myself what if….I love my dreams they help me escape.
Flying. Travelling to Sydney for expo.
Today I chose to escape (because i can) caring too much about work and taking my job too seriously. It is employment, I am paid to do it.
That man was not created by an old fella in the clouds playing with dust –
Meatloaf ! It sneaks up on you !
That Footy Tipping does not add any value. It is a pointless exercise that has no science to it at all !
I think that Fructose Malabsorption is a myth !
Motivation to apply one’s self is the key separator between us. Timing is just as important. Some times the window of opportunity is a little foggy . . constant application will ideally teach us how to seize these moments.
We come from all walks. I must continue to be sensitive to differing upbringings & journeys which others have paved.
Focussing extremely hard on not only pausing on matters which would usually cause an adverse reaction to me but also flipping the self perceived negative into something which is good . . not just for me but for others. I really want to not only do this today but all days .. i strive to one day deplete frustration out of my system. Being frustrated is time wasted. I cannot help the desires of others – I can let them know my opionions but I should not push . . pushing will mean I’m not flipping.
Not to dwell on past happenings. To make new and better things happen.
That to be mindful of others is a blessing.
That if the world in which we now live was created by two people of the same race, where and how do we now have many different races, each with their own uniqueness.
Believing that just because you do the right thing that others will do the right thing.Becoming depressed by the nasty and damaging behaviour of some people for no obvious reason.
Thinking about things before I react.
Democracy needs to be lived not just thought about.
Everyone should be treated equally
I believe in Spirits but cannot prove it.
I believe if you believe in your self you can make anything happen.
That acting with integrity should be a daily principle for inner peace
I try to say everything I think and feel rather than rely on other people saying things i may or may partially believe. I am not always as tactful as I should, which other people can often be. The only thing I struggle with sometimes is saying the truth – I dont set out to offend or upset people, and occassionally i will use word of mouth to send my opinions.
When the pressure is on us, do we sink and let it consume us or do we stay firm to situation.
I wouldn’t say anything that would put another person down and hurt there fellings. I think everyone is doing the best they know how.
There’s no loyalty out there anymore.
The core idea that I have risen above recently is that when dealing with people in sales and making sales that there is a old traditional level of service to follow NEWS FLASH it doesnt work. My approach is not about the sale but about the social dynamic of myself and the client 🙂
Most people exercise the use of filters & at the same time strive & rely on the use showering the world with their perceived knowledge & opinions. I in most instances do not require the energy gained in talking out. Circumstances requiring speaking out for my benefit & individuals involved & the situation overall are where I opt to share. Many people have the ability to say so much without really saying much at all. On the flip side these days I am choosing to instrument change with likely friction. Life is too short & harmony for all does not always prevail as you lose..
What they’re saying is generally something I hadn’t thought about. If I’m asked my opinion, Ill give them honest feedback; but I prefer to give solutions to problems rather than just complain or disagree.
For every belief there is an equal and opposite belief so I would say that someone somewhere is saying everything that I will not say.They obviously believe it should be said.
For every belief there is an equal and opposite belief so I would say that someone somewhere is saying everything that I will not say.They obviously believe it should be said.
For every belief there is an equal and opposite belief so I would say that someone somewhere is saying everything that I will not say.They obviously believe it should be said.
We need to watch out for complacency, nothing stays constant and you need to be prepared to adapt as things change or else you will not survive.
Even though I can afford it I do not have to keep up with our friends as they build bigger houses, fancier cars and buy more things. I have enough. While new things give you a some very short lived pleasure they do not make you happy.
No ones perfect
I`m here to do what I didn`t do in my past life.
This question is very open and depends on the inderviduals views and beliefs.I myself think that we are all here as part of the devine intervention and all things air, water, animals, electricity are made up of millions of tiny things (molecules,atoms or whatever). There for there are no restrictions on the capabilities of what we can and cant do. My answer to the question is to be live your short time with Hapiness.
We need to be mindful of manipulation. Too often, advertising misleads us, we are conned by a good opportunity. We must always be hopeful and open to new ideas but ever cautious.
I had a core idea about work ethic and loyalty and i have recently risen above that to – the truth. Hard work ethic and company loyalty doesnt really count for all that much in the grand scheme of things, a business is still a business…
I am here to learn, develop and to become a better person. I am here to be the best that I can be and strive for nothing but the top, but to mostly enjoy mself along the way.
We all need to be watching out for what we are not presently watching out for. There are family and friends growing older each day that we probably should have seen or spoken to yesterday. We get caught up on the express train of life and seem to convince ourselves that we will do things tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year. It is easy to break a committment to ourselves as we only have ourselves to convince that it will be ok. Stop rescheduling the lives of others in our own minds and pick up the phone, knock on the door or send an email to those we care about.
That I cannot decide the destiny of my children. That gravity will not keep them safe by my side. They must learn from their own mistakes and not until they do, do they then believe that parental advice sometimes does have merit.
The internet provides a safety net of anonymity. Consequently there is little censorship involved in the display of peoples thoughts and endeavours. To fit within a community, a large degree of censorship is perceived appropriate for acceptance. However, is it those that step outside of these parameters that often succeed and pave new paths.
Anonymity provides people with the confidence to speak their minds; 99% of the time someone else verbalises my idea or my work – I need to speak up!
I don’t think it’s a matter of “watch out for” , I think it’s more of , don’t assume that we can just sit back for things to happen and then do something about it. A good start is just to ask questions…. what, who , how much, when , why…. these will all lead to things that we can act on or understand before the puddle disappears.
Thinking is a learning process. Our decisions are widely based on what we have been taught as we have grown up. The way we think is also governed by our experiences, expectations, objectives and fears. As such we can ‘change’ the way we think. We can subvert the dominant paradigm.
“I think, therefore I am”
Not only is the environment changing, the world & it’s people are changing, but we too change. We change before we realise some times. Being carried along in this change is healthy .. yet not for too long. We must remain aware of our experiment so as to remain happy whilst not bringing harm to others or entities around us. Without remaining aware we can lose sight of who we are . . lose sight of our dreams . .
For some time I’ve had faith that in most cases logic will show the light to all. Logic seems scientific & therefore true. Yet how do you discuss matters clearly & concisely with people when elements such as emotions get in the way. Feelings of passion & pride for instance. If people can not open up their mind as well as their ears – a debate at that time will truly be time wasted . .
I search for happiness . . I have the ability to ride out the struggle. I see things others ordinarily would not & often feel I was born older than my age. I search for clarity & times when I am feeling social am able to inspire others from all walks. Ultimately I wish to satisfy others with my business ventures & one day give back more to the community . . more to the world. For now that is why . . but as I achieve & progress the ‘why’ shall grow . .
I think pondering why we are here is a little overrated. I like to think that my existence is contributing overall to the function of society but I am not sure how true that is. I will eventually populate, contribute to the demise of the planet, but hopefull by that time an alien race will have used their technology to help us save ourselves.
That I cannot fianancially support myself. That I’ll always be strapped for cash. That I cannot save for my future. That I require someone else’s assistance to keep me afloat. That I won’t be successful in career.
I am now looking to purchase a property on my own, I have a well paying job, I have recently seen a fianancial planner, I have set up a saving scheme. And it all feels really empowering.
I am less than a speck in the universe living in less than a speck in time. We all run about so focused on the now and what we are doing seems so important but in terms of the universe and time it is all irrelevant.I think I am here as just a part of the whole.
I think we need to be aware of our tendancy to become complacent in our false sense of life’s permanency. Nothing in life is certain or permanent. If we fear change and growth, our lives will inevitibly be thrown into a spin of dispair. By continually adjusting to change and seeking the positive in that change, we are able to journey through life in a more relaxed and accepting state.
Sometimes I feel that Life is isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, that it lacks purpose, that it is an ongoing battle to overcome obstacles constantly put in front of us; but how lucky am I not ever have I worried about having employment, but also that I have an Employer that makes my job all that more inspiring and enjoyable and treats me like I am a real asset to the Company. How many people feel like that?
I feel I am here to learn, grow and develop out of conflict and challenging times. To learn from my experiences, good or bad. To be proactive and to become a happier and a more positive well rounded individual. I am regularly reminded of the important to allow spirit in to my life, to appreciate more and allow more love into my heart. Life at present is challenging me and at times I have a lovely vision of how much stronger wiser and courageous I’ll be for having endured this painful time.
I think I’m here to learn about life and people so I can offer other help, this is my biggest thrill in life.
In the words of Spike Milligan: “everybody has to be somewhere”. As far as defining a purpose for one’s life, I think he also said “all I ask is for the chance to prove that money can’t make me happy”.
The useful meaning that this motto conveys to me is that thinking in a skilled way is something that can be aquired and it is not something that you are born with.
This motto reflects that everybody has the opportunity to develop their own personal skills in the art of thinking. Every human is born with the ability to think but how they develop this skill is determined via their own human exeriences through out life.
What I get most out of this motto is that despite education, environment, intelligence, everyone (including me!) has the potential to become a skilled thinker.
Although born thinkers, being a skilled thinker is an acquired, learned attribute if you are open to trying that is completely indiscriminate and that is pretty powerful.
Step 1. Think again about your first thought!
When we apply a second thought to our first thought we are on our way to becoming a skilled thinker, all that is required from here is our high, wide or deep we can stretch our thoughts from there.
We all then have an opportunity to learn how to think beyond the square even when you think your chips are down and that for me is very reassuring.
There is no right or wrong answer
“There is hope for me” – That we can learn how to make faster, more accurate decissions.I think this is done by repeatively teaching the brain a new applied thought process that becomes second nature, and breaking through the old slower/neutral way of thinking.It has the power to change the way I work, the way I deal with relationships and my financial affairs.
We each have the opportunity to enhance our individual base of thinking. Although we cannot improve our genetic disposition – we do not have to be left behind & can push our own potential to the limit.
Quality thinking is the product of innate ability honed by practice.
The motto gives me comfort to know it’s possible to become a skilled thinker. I believe anyone can learn anything if they are willing.

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