VCCI x10 – Class for Mastery

vcciRecently the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) completed an intensive ‘Green Beret’ training program with School of Thinking as part of their R&D sales campaign.

This team consists of consultants with a variety of experience–from new and inexperienced to very experienced. They are launching a focused R&D sales campaign on wombatting their VCCI membership base.

Here are some of their insights they took from the x10 training …

Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson researched and developed a series of 8 weekly masterclasses for their sales team for multiplying their business by ten. As part of the experiment, the 23 participants were taught and drilled for mastery in the x10 Toolkit (see below).

INSTRUCTIONS: To multiply your selling by ten you first have to multiply your thinking by ten. Use the x10 Toolkit. There are 3,628,800 possible combinations of using these ten tools. Start with the switches.


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