From Cognitive Deficit to Cognitive Surplus

Many people are operating from a cognitive deficit yet with as little as ten hours training they could be operating with a cognitive surplus.

This deficit position can be for a combination of two main reasons: one is cultural and the other is training.

The default position of many evolving cultures is one of a negativity bias. Young people may grow up in an environment of negative judgment and authority rather than positive innovation and thought-leadership.


To exacerbate the negative bias many young people are trained to react first rather than to think first. For example, in the Western culture children are taught Greco-Roman Logic, which is the duality system of Right/Wrong, Black/White, Us/them, Men/Women, Gay/Straight, Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Labour etc etc.

This I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong brain software causes young people to be very slow thinkers because it cues them to defend their viewpoints rather than to search for much better viewpoints.

Our ancient Westminster parliamentary system suffers from this negative bias, too. We-are-right-and-you-are-wrong!

To design a safe and productive future we may need to switch from a cognitive deficit culture to one of cognitive surplus.

With enlightened and determined leadership, this is not difficult to do. It simply requires an upgrade of cognitive thinking software which can be done with as little as ten hours of training. An upgrade from the Right/Wrong software to the Good/Bad/Better software.

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