Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson launches Wombat Labs Pty Ltd in Melbourne on 1 Sepember 2016

For thirty years I have been looking around the world for a company that has a genuine R&D department in it’s sales division. In other words a company that asks itself, ‘ we don’t know everything about selling so what more can we learn?’ Curiously, I have never found one. Corporati0ns do R&D in operations, in distribution and even in marketing but I’ve never seen it done in sales. Why not? It’s about time that CEOs took a serious and scientific look at the business of selling”, says cognitive scientist and author, Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, on the launching of his Sales R&D company, WOMBAT Labs, in Melbourne.

WOMBAT Innovation

Creating very clever ideas that people talk about!




At Wombat Labs we do experiments designed to create new knowledge, new ways, new products, new services and new customers.

We do experiments, not because we know what will happen but in order to see what will happen. These are true scientific experiments, authentic R&D.

As you would expect, some experiments fail and some experiments do not fail. In either case we learn from the experiment and we carry the new knowledge on to the next experiment. This is the continuing cycle of R&D.

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