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We are science-based. We teach x10 thinking as a skill. 100% online.

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Double your speed of thought in ten days!

x10 Thinking is:

– A powerful lateral thinking tool
– A free service that is 100% online
– A bottom up approach that liberates innovation thinking

Welcome Stanford thinkers to the online campus of the School of Thinking where you can get a competitive edge and upgrade your own innovation and lateral thinking skills.

I’m Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and I will be your online tutor and send you your daily lessons by email. The lessons take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. The lessons start quite simply and gradually build and build and scaffold your thought-leadership skills. They are not puzzles and mind tricks but practical science-based strategies for you to apply to your everyday life at college at work and at home and in sport. They are also fun and interesting to do!


5 minutes practise a day!

As with sports, arts, and other areas of expertise, virtuosity and skill comes from practise and repetition over time. If you wish you can enroll now for daily lessons in x10 Thinking. Each lesson only takes about 5 minutes but it’s the DAILY practise that will build your thinking skills.

Click on the orange button below to go to the Enrolment Form, then just write your preferred first name and email address and press START. You’ll then start receiving your x10 Thinking lessons straight away.

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School of Thinking is 100% online!



Personal Benefits of X10 Thinking

Jack Welch of GE and Larry Page of Google are both business leaders who use and promote x10 Thinking. Not only in business and careers there are many rewards and benefits for x10 Thinkers, but also you can make even faster and better decisions regarding your wealth, health, productivity and personal security. x10 Thinking skills will help you to:

  • » Be able to see more opportunities

  • » Be better at solving problems

  • » Enjoy making decisions

  • » Be more effective at planning

  • » Offer direct feedback to the CEO

  • » Find it easier to be innovative and creative

  • » Be able to take advantage of changes in circumstances

  • » Get more things done

  • » Think more efficiently and worry less

  • » Own a basis for a higher communication with others

  • » See information in new and more useful ways

  • » Get much better results

  • » Generate better and better alternatives

  • » Raise the level of every other thought-based skill you possess

  • » Apply these new skills to your personal and family life.

– To get started just click on the orange button below and then write your preferred name and email address in the x10 Enrolment/Enrollment Form. Your first email lesson will be sent to you shortly …


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Larry Page of Google says he

“lives by the gospel of x10 thinking!”

(WIRED, Cover story, Feb 2013)


SOT Pedagogy: What is a DFQ?


SOT is famous for its constant stream of DFQs. 24/7/365. 

That's how we have been getting such superior results ... through our online content streaming. Not only in Australia but in the US and around the world. 

SOT developed the DFQ streaming education method in 1995.

If you wish to really build your brain muscles and empower your metacognition skills you can use the DFQ method. 

DFQs are the daily nudges we send you to help grow your skills.

Round Two - Ten Mindful Emojis

We'll now start sending you the Ten Mindful Emoji lessons once again. This time, in Round Two, you can raise your metacognition skill level by doing two things:
1. have a read and pay attention to the feedback comments of the other students, 
2. have a think and then post your DFQ comment at the end of every lesson in 25 words or so. 



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Download by clicking on the titles below …


GE x10

Jack Welch multiplied GE from US$30 billion to US$300 billion in just ten years!


WOMBAT Innovation

Creating very clever ideas that people talk about!


The NewSell Switch

The world’s first PhD in lateral thinking!


Bad Philosophy

How to escape from logical thinking, today!


The Joseph Sayings

The Greatest Teaching Giant in History.


What they say …

Jack Welch, Chairman of GE (1981-2001).

I wish I had a management team that really understood Michael’s x10 thinking because It’s the value-added role in the management process.


Sir Gus Nossal AC FRS, Chairman of the Gates Foundation’s Discovery Expert Group.

I like its simplicity and its directness. I like the facets of humour. I like the design which makes it so easy to read.


Andrew Bassat, CEO and co-founder of SEEK.

I’ve gone through it on my iphone as suggested. lots of interesting thoughts


Professor David Penington AC, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne.

A commendably ‘sharp’ and pointed document. Easy to read.


Maria Deveson-Crabbe, Telstra Business Woman – Community and Government, 2014.

So exciting. if we could de-operationalise bad philosophy (in the same way we avoid viruses and addictions) we would abound with a lot of x10 energy for fun and work-life balance.


Peter Dale, CEO of Volgren Marco Polo, Australia’s largest bus manufacturer.

I just had another read of your new book on my iPhone. x10 is truly such a great concept. Easy to read, punchy and fresh! Congratulations.


Professor German Spangenberg, Executive Director of AgriBio Victoria.

I loved it! I couldn’t stop opening the file and reading it to the end on my iPad!


Scott Wilson, CEO of iSelect.

Wombat selling has now become our corporate mission.


HE Count W. Brind Zichy-Woinarski Q.C.,

it gave me much pleasure to read it and brought back some of my father’s sayings and made me remember just how much he taught me.


Jason Crombie, Editor In Chief, Monster Children.

Love it. I like that it’s quick and easy to read, and the information is easy to digest. Makes me want to find out more about WOMBAT and x10.


Ross Campbell, Principal RCA Crisis Management.

Slamdunk! What good timing for this. A great read and very relevant values for the current market — who are confused and concerned.



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