Employees from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank are engaged with the x10 Thinking lessons for personal innovation and future-proofing the bank. 

The CEO’s Invitation was sent to 6000 bank employees. The program is voluntary or opt-in/opt-out. The basic 10% signup goal was achieved in the first week. 
2,178 people received the first lesson which means the total opt-in rate was 36.6%, a very good result for the bank.
So far 1,198 Bendigo bankers, the majority of participants, have completed all the lessons.
Their daily feedback provides evidence of their high levels of engagement.
Here is a sample of some of their feedback conversations from the lesson DFQs:


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Bendigo Bank x10 – Employee DFQs

Hard to say, open-ended question. Who knows what is positive and what is negative and religion as you point out is everywhere.
Memes are replicable data copied from word of mouth, person to person.
Explains the existence of a billion well-adapted species by simply assuming genes existso simple! the whole equation is what counts
I got a 38. I think because I live alone and I have no dependents that it makes it easier to make decisions freely and quickly, but often make the first decision that seems logical rather than thinking through all possible alternatives.
thank you.
I told a colleague to do this training on friday because I feel i hlpee dme to define what a leader really is. Someone who is willing to peel the oragne, so that they have the confidence to oknow others will peel their poranges, but also have the courage to know when not to peel the orange and lead to a better solution if that is needed.
My intern, a small card for her leaving. Thanking her with an inspirational quote.
GOOD: made me think, made me see new ways, made me more open minded to what leadership actually is
BAD: annoying to click through so inhibited my time management working on different devices, the system never remembers my email, i saw in need to manage time better
BETTER: better with technology, better view on leadership, better view of the world.
I was recently given feedback at work in regards to how I am perceived by others. While my first instinct was to think to myself ‘the other person is wrong, it is their problem not mine;, I instead decided to take a view that I am able to use the feedback to better myself. I am not above being judged or criticsed, and while I do not feel the need for everybody to like my personality, it does become an issue when my corporate personality is being judged as less than desirable. By accepting the feedback, I am able to adopt a view of self-awareness and in turn will hopefully change the way that I am perceived by others in a professional sense. While not a positive view, it is a better view because it should ultimately benefit me in the long-run
I think I am here to first learn and receive, and then once I have the knowledge and resources, to teach and to give. I like to think that I have been put here for a reason, and I hope that one day that I am fortunate enough to be able to make a difference to others’ lives and to leave something positive behind
Try and identify which employees fit into which category. Give special attention to the thought killers and try and actively engage them by providing accountability towards the success so that they become advocates of the projects
Laughter is a great de stresser
Keep working on thinking differently
its’ at times like this i wish i had a memory chip inplanted so when i feel i am starting to doubt myself or to blame others i can just think ‘play my own awakening’ and the above passage will play in my head and remind me to focus on the important things, the things that matter.
Work on active listening. Implement the ‘two ears, one mouth’ approach and work on self-awareness
To me this says that feedback is not just given, it needs to be followed up on and continuously provided.
Then feedback is given on how the previous feedback was followed.
So true and all this can only happen as we live life, learn and let go. Very appropriate read this morning for me.
I need to notice how I say things to people.
Most of it, we should learn or review something everyday
anyonePartner, friend, workmate
Regarding my opportunity orange I will create renewables development in Australia and the world as long as it is my path and spend every moment in the centre of uncertainty so I do not get in the way. I will stay in my seat, own this and get it done by staying out of the way.
Interesting. I just believe in owning my decisions. I think that makes a difference. Create each moment as though you chose it.
My problem is GOOD.How will I face it. Just by acknowledging it and making it a focus I can peel it. Earn more, do more, be more? What is the answer. Keeping moving?Just looking at the Orange and identifying it needs to be peeled is first step?
I tend to focus more on the opportunities in my business/career/life.
Very true comments which include valuable thoughts on acheiving a positive and realistic mindset.Sometimes though people/families that have experienced great difficulties must me assisited over time to get to a position where the thoughts written in Your own awakening.. can be fully appricaited.I look forward to reading more on the subject in the future.
An incredible contribution to society.
Real laughter is valuable indeed.
I did complete the task in exactly 111 words, I did not know this was the crusical thing only that it was very specific soI found a way via Microsoft word to count my words and do it. I created a bvs in using word so I dndt need to count the words as I thought that was a waste of time. so Ilearned that even if you dont understand cvs you can find a bvs maybe?
Stop yourself from automatically taking your default position of thinking and force yourself to swap your point of view in order to see a obscure point of view. The key is thinking to force yourself to stop.
We’re still “lucky” enough to maybe not really appreciate MOE’s significance/importance nor realise just how many people in the world do not have it.
Can we do without this task?Twice today I have eliminated tasks which will save time
Another person who is doing a good job.
As Leaders we need to have good judgement, to have good judgement you need clear vision and belief that people will follow you. If you aren’t willing to follow then you cant have the confidence to lead; you’ll never be certain people will follow, equals a catch-22. In order to break this chicken and egg catch-22 you need to learn to follow good solid instructions that are BVS instructions.
To do this you need to be able to clearly determine the difference between CVS and BVS. This requires another fundamental leadership skill, trusting your instincts which requires knowledge and understanding of CVS, this makes a good leader and answers the paradox.
CVS: A email discussion where I thought a structure should be A-B-C and the other person thought it should be C-B-A.BVS: B-A-C or B-C-A was much better. Where we put A and C didn’t have any real impact, B was the important one.
Disadvantage – trainee – that if creates a negative outcome for meDisadvantage -the leader – that it creates a negative out one for the project I am leading and creates unintended consequences.
For the class- again unintended consequences of groupthink and negative outcomes of maintaining status quo if we were better off questioning business as usual and finding a new way ie if it kept is in cvs not bvs!


CVS is that there are not enough hours in the day
Main point is that I constantly feel like I should be doing more with my day, week, month…
I will work on my delegation skills
It’s a difficult task. The older I get, the more experience I get, the harder it is to escape from my CVS but I am always looking to see if things can be done better. Just because they have always been done that way does not mean it is correct.
Everyone else directing my time. I will make the choice on when to assist, talk, coach, visit.
Have a regular reminder each day to be aware of this issue, and continue to practice mindfulness
stop and get my mind away from concentrating on whatever I am doing. Then start to think about what and how I need to do differently whatever I’ve been doing to achieve a better result.I have been analysing lots of data for days. Today I wanted to escape from the analysis and free myself to think outside what my brain has been doing hard for the last few days to focus on how I can ‘understand’ the data and what I need to do to achieve my understanding faster.
CVS can sometimes be one of challenge – the BVS offers one of possibility/ opportunity/ energising change.
To mix things up. Find new ways of doing things and to enjoy it
my CVS is that my personal side is reacting to the situation instead of the objective. i.e. system 1 . I have to work really hard to pause, think and make activate system 2 side to analyse more openly the situation, people and process
The core idea I have risen above is questioning my beliefs about any given situation – there are always other perspectives and facts that you could not be aware of. I have escaped from the box of ‘this is fact’ to having a more open mind.
We need to constantly strive to challenge ourselves to learn more and develop our way of thinking and knowledge.
The daily task driven work loads and look at better options to escape to
I am here by chance, and as such I am in awe and fully aware of the opportunity my life presents to participate in the awesome diversity and opportunity life offers, with a responsibility to leave at the end, everything I contribute too in a better state than when I found it.
Well I like to draw and paint. The current view in my mind works with Black, Brown and White. What if I added red?
Need to switch my cvs on a report to management by giving myself more motivation so that I can meet my deadline…
To me the motto is a way of saying that we all must grow into ourselves. No one is born knowing what they know now and we must all constantly challenge ourselves to be and know more.
My first thought was to get the analyst to do some stats. I then thought how I could do it quickly and applied filters to come up with the answer I needed, probably in the same time it would have taken me to write the email request to the analyst!
I can try to escape from my everyday CVS tasks by looking at the way I complete these tasks & seeing if there is another way, possibly a better way or quicker way to complete these tasks.
CVS to BVS a more powerful way of thinking – maybe more structured and focused
I try to always focus on the positive…it gives an entirely different view of things.
The problem is, the further we go in any given project or task, the more we invest (real dollars or personal commitment) in the CVS.
If that CVS is our own personal CVS, the more we defend that CVS.
If the CVS is a more project centric CVS, the more the PM defends that CVS.
So, the earlier we investigate the potential of switching from the CVS 2 BVS, the more cost efficient it becomes.I am very committed to finding out how to switch CVS2BVS at any stage, but I haven’t found the switch yet.
Isn’t that a given?
I need to move from being overly concerned about obvious (to me) ineffective business practice that presents itself to a state where I focus my time and energy on areas, which I can influence. Change in behaviour requires a change in thinking – that takes time and patience.
that I personally have to deal with everything for it to be best looked after.
Need to try to escape from the daily CVS – doing the same thing, the same routine everyday.
Maybe just switching things around will open my eyes to a BVS. Look at different ways of achieving the mundane tasks; maybe it will make them a bit of fun as well.
I can multiply this by ten when you are thinking more realistic..
Just because we have done it a certain way, doesn’t make it the best method. Question everything – look from a different angle, go against your instinct…
My current CVS is regarding the best way to address a current project, considering other approaches other concepts and a different away of completing the project.
I will work on my frontline management course material today.
To enjoy life and provide for my family utilising the lessons and teachings from my parents.
The cvs that M Hewitt-Gleeson is anything other than a crank and a snake-oil saleman. The cognos….. Piffle…..
Being different from my competitors.
41.. it was a great exercise that highlights how much attention we are giving our lives.
Instead of seeing a target as unreachable (CVS) escape from that mindset of trying to defend that stance to the BVS – how can this possibly be achieved?
Current CVS is to do most of my loan applications myself, v, getting my assistant involved and get him to do it all. My current CVs allows me to do this quicker and easier whereas BVs would be much more advantageous to my assistant in the long run, and hence me. My CVS is taking the ‘easy’ option, whereas I really need to take the other option.
I have taken steps to walk down a different path. The more steps I take in a direction that is considered ‘strange’ to others, the more negativity i get from those that don’t understand why you wouldn’t just follow the crowd. I’ve learnt to do my own research, trust my own gut feelings and not be afraid to experience the comments that come with deviating from the norm.
I can focus on the positives throughout the day, not the roadblocks created by existing processes
41 – This x10 is starting to make sense. Enjoying the daily x10 work.
37 – Thought I would have got lower as I do struggle in making decisions at times
If we want to develop poor thinking, we have to continually practise the same way we practise our sport or in early our reading and writing.
56 – Apparently superior bran power???? Interesting comments? – You be the judge……I’ve worked with many different leaders (good and bad), in many different types of organisations and industries, and I’ve witnesses a lot of great stuff and not so great stuff. I’ve learnt a lot. Throughout my working life and personal life, like many of us, I’ve had challenges and those things have helped me to build resilience, to involve and trust others, to look at things differently, to assess road blocks as opportunities, to be prepared to make mistakes, to take time when time is needed and above all to assess things and make decisions based on my values. This exercise is a reminder that I’m on the right track in my decision-making and thought process.
To make a difference. To learn from my life and give back to others what I’ve learned.   To leave this place a better one having been here. To enjoy the moment, and to show my children how good life really is.
The cost of a new product (selling price) doesn’t equal the value of the new product, but value is in the eyes of the recipient, not the creator. I will work on the recipient of the products POV today to find the value that the recipient sees to ensure communication of the value proposition is clear and future product enhancement is aligned to their POV of value.
I can escape from CVS by taking a different approach on something that is hard for other to understand but simple for me and it may just help me come up with a completely different view.
The CVS I will try to escape from is MY CVS of the project I am currently allocated to. Instead of viewing issues in a negative way, viewing them, as opportunities for positive change will improve my CVS.
Food for thought. I love the challenge to challenge my brain and it is about training it to perform to it ultimate level.
Every day I am working on escaping from my CVS in situation…. There is always a better way!
Understand the elements that make up the CVS and search for alternatives that will take me to a BVS
23 – I need to take more time to make decisions.
I would like to escape from the CVS that I do not have enough time to read a book. I will find a BVS that allows the space in my day to allow this to happen
If I am “really” listening to what is being said then I don’t have a problem escaping my CVS.
You will easily be able to identify the authentic thought leaders.
Identifying developing though leaders could be done through discussion, observing how staff work in smaller groups and through providing development opportunities and observing outputs and behaviours.
Thought choosers and followers could be engaged through regular open and honest communication, inviting them to include their input in the decision making process and creating a clear vision of the future that clearly aligns to their role.
Thought killers are easily identified and the root cause of their disaitisfaction needs to be uncovered – this then needs to be resolved or the thought killers moved on.
Being concious of my current point of view and making the time to explore different POV to identify better options!
Forget that i am EXTREMELY bored with my day-to-day work and and find a way to make the most of the situation.
I think that I need to listen to what other people are saying about any given situation and then, taking on board ALL viewpoints, make a better judgement call. I recently had a lawyer tell me that another barrister wrote the same thing as she did but in a different way that was far more beneficial (for me).
I think we tend to get stuck in the routine of life, no thought required. Just get up follow the same routine day after day wether it be at home or work.   It’s just easier. I need to break this cycle. Change the day-to-day routine, or get rid of the routine completely. Having to do things differently, take some risks, even if not work related should kick-start the old grey matter.
Working from home today I can escape my current thinking of needing to work a 12 hour day to achieve effective outcomes, and instead look at how I can encourage the kids to amuse themsleves with structured activities for components of time so I can be focused and engaged in my work.
We’ve always done it this way; I don’t want to waste my time on that because it doesn’t work; I don’t need anyone to help me – It goes on.
But being open to change and assistance, having the courage to accept that what you’ve always done isn’t working, digging deep and persevering with a new strategy – These will help you defy gravity to rise above and escape the mediocrity that surrounds you.
New financial year – challenging times for sure but the opportunities are immense and exciting. My CVS/BVS.
36 – It will be interesting to compare my score after the completion of this learning.
Someone sent me a quote today, which empowered, by changing your mind, you change everything.
CVS is also a state of mind. Having a positive view of things is a type of BVS and provides you with a better way forward.
Thinking about hard issues with this mindset is a good way to escape ie how can I put a positive slant on the situation
To escape will take some time and training as CVS is a natural as waking up in the morning. It is not a negative thought it is just that is currently how I am programed. But can I say i am looking forward to changing or upgrading the program.
Everyone is born with a brain, yet we need to train ourselves & sometimes be trained, on how to skillfully use it.
We are always learning
41 -I was surprised by my score as I thought perhaps at times I paid less attention that I thought. Still much room for improvement.
It means that everyone has room to grow and learn new things and that nothing is set in stone. When we apply ourselves anything is achievable
  1. very surprised thought i would have got alot lower than that.
I am here to make a positive change to the world, no matter how small it may be.
51, still more room for improvement.
51 – Still lots of areas to improve on
46 When pressured I sometimes rush to judgements/decisions that given time I would not reach. I am more conscious of this as I mature and am actively trying to be more measured in my approach at all times.
I will try and escape today by looking at the set ideas in my work place and look at ways we all can benefit.
We are all born with the ability to grow and learn, it just depends on whether or not we are given the opportunity to.
Have some down time to reflect on my day, and try a different view on what has happened. I find it very hard to relax, and feel like I always have to be doing something.
Just taking the time to time out of now thinking ( CVS ) and be willing to look at what else is possible except for the same path.
51 – Daily personal development to stretch my thinking could explain my score. The test reavealed an opportunity for me to judge ideas more from their value as oppossed to emotion. I am reminded that when we take the ‘e’ out of emotion, we are left with motion.
40 – I know I am more of a thinker. Like to explore all possible alternatives and always believe there is a better way to achieve an outcome…sometime it is the issue of confidence.
I can improve my thinking
Plan what you need to plan for but remember you are only limited by own thoughts and beliefs and ideas.
34 – there’s room to improve! Would be interesting to do the audit again after our x10 training and see if it’s made a difference.
38 – Interesting test
Build and provide an environment where free thinkers are encouraged to express their views even if those views are not popular at that time
I always thought I’m an over thinker and a perfectionist – seeking the unattainable perfection – and I think the higher a person scores, the higher their unsatisfation will be – seeing the unfullfilled opportunities, knowing a better way exisits, but due to time, being limited on what can be improved.. and being frustrated about other people’s lack of drive to also improve where possible.
Maybe with a higher score, my view will change?
Sometimes thoughts and the way we feel need challenging – taking the time to reflect on our thinking can provide new prospectives.
Pause, reflect, think about the other part of the half empty glass, then respond
I think the first step to escaping is to recognise the need to escape.I have spent a month puzzling over a large-ish & challenging piece of work, wondering how I’m going to finish it. Muddling my way through, just trying to get something down on paper, without stepping back and thinking “what is the best way to go about this?”Today I recognise that my CVS is not ideal.
Today I recognise the opportunity to escape.
Today I will take the time to step back and consider what the bvs in this situation might be.
Judging someone for their actions, as it is my CVS that they are wrong. I need to look at why this happened and find a solution to move forward with for resolution.
37 I think I need to consider more alternatives as well as other peoples viewpoints and concerns more.
To accept the current view of a particualr change for what its worrth, or take a step back really focus on the reasons why and if they don’t stack up mount a case against.
We are not born with all the skills we need any skill including thinking can always be enhanced and improved upon.
46- obviously still room for improvement
Thinking is a skill & needs to be developed – use it or lose it.
  1. There are some great techniques there which are immediately useable.
Our brain develops it’s thought patterns over time and with our life experience makes our brain think and relay the thoughts on the journey of life.
  1. I’ve had a fantastic leader over the past few years who has already been helping me with many of these concepts, but I note still plenty of opportunity to improve.
We are all born with a brain but we are not automatically able to unlock its true potential without training and practice.
CVS-it is easier to become stale and accept a situation and not see a way out. But as soon as you think there has to be a BVS it became for me a real turning point!
I have learnt to focus on the things I have the power to influence and not those outside my influence whic gives me more personal power and satisfaction. I also believe collobaration and sharing provides the ability to perform at a higher level and provides greater satisfaction.
47 Always room to continue to improve active listening and taking the time to fully consider before responding.
I am here for my family and friends and to give back to others and the community at large. I believe in karma what cones around goes around, so a good dee or action today will come back to you in the future.
My most recent csv2bvs is about constant reminding what matter most to me? We can be so easily trapped into situations where we want to fight for our rights rather that fighting for what is good for people around us especially our love ones.
Actively promoting the culture of openness and inclusiveness and setting up programs to engage and cultivate potential individuals as thought-leaders.
Finishing as many X10 Thinking sessions today. 5 more to go 🙂
I can watch a movie I have been putting off for a while, which will help clear my current thoughts
We are born with a brain, but have yet learnt what to think about to improve our lives
Don’t delve too much into something. Think outside the square
The more you think and concentrate, the more skilled you become either on a single project or collectively.
Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with the negative of a situation. Change our thought process and finding a positive out of a negative can make everything seem alright.
52 – Interesting questions. I always thought I over thinked things however this may now explain.
We are all born with the capacity and capability to think but we need guidance, efforts and time to learn to be better thinkers.
Most recent cvs2bvs – CVS was that whatever I did I could not run 10km – BVS was if I prepare myself correctly I could run 10km. I am now up to running 16km. Very basic thinking but extremly powerful.
I’m here for my wife and children.
My journey is one of self-learning through life experiences, to enjoy and find happiness and fulfullment from the people who come and go through my life and hopefully to enrich some lives along the way.
45 – I guess I have a way to go – striving for the perfect 60
39 – my result indicates that while I have the ability I don’t always allow the time to fully adopt the process and raise the quality of my decisions. I am reactive when under pressure and more fully considered decisions would no doubt achieve much greater results.
Try to train myself to question my automatic thoughts & preconceptions. I should pause before giving an automatic response and question what i consider to be the norm.
Everyone’s brain can be moulded to think in a way which is more efficient and useful.
The current view may actually be ok – but there is always room to improve so a better view can be obtained – through time, additional resources or lateral thinking. Collaboration can assist greatly in extending a current view to achive a better view of the situation.
33 need to spend more time thinking through a scenario, rather than feeling pressured to give an answer immediately
I have revisited past hurts that have made me angry and have asked myself what have I gained from them and instead of looking at how they affected me negatively I have decided to flip them and look at how they made me grow as a person. I now look on them more favourably than I did before as they are now seen as learning tools. I also asked my concious mind to release the negativity that i was holding on to .I feel much more aware and freer than I did before.
33 – I am very passionate about what l do however sometimes that can cloud my vision and l need to step back and look for other alternatives/make different decisions/look for effective outcomes more thoroughly
37-i think about things more than i thought!
43 Interesting questions Many of these thinking prosesses are done automatically without analysing each stage
my ‘something else’ today is working on my PDP. reflecting on the past 12 months and work on new goals to challenge my thinking and doing for the next 12.
Being at the mercy of others in an organisation and waiting for their decisions and advice. Rising above and taking action in the first instance brings self motivation and belief.
To be happy and share my life experiences with others.
Be more aware and focus on my thinking.
The main point that i am trying to move away is to be positive and not to argue.
Just do!! Don’t procrastinate because time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on feelings of stress and anxiety.
Thinking is a skill that can be learn’t
44 – I receognised a few shortcomings and will work on them.
I felt good, but I definitely can make my brain work more
I believe you must try different experiences in life. We have to get out of “comfort zone” to learn more about people, learn to respect the differences to enjoy whatever you have now. I have moved to Australia when I was 39 years old when all my family and friends though I was crazy. I changed good jobs for more than three times just to change my status quo. I really like to experiment and learn the new, knowing it will not be easy. I got a lot from that!
things are constantly changing. Sometimes when options are no longer available we are forced to strive for altermatives that can turn out better than the original idea.
Other day a religious customer came to me and said my mission was to serve people. It was hard to accept this idea in first moment, but later on I found out he was right.
50 – I nearly always over think things. What is lacking is action…
40 and confirms what I’m already doing
Score 42,
I found it a little difficult because I would answer these questions differently for my personal and work lives.
but it made me think that sometimes I do over think things, or am i over thinking that 🙂
49 – I was surprised by my score I am aware i think with my head and not my heart
Sometimes it is very easy to stress and fret about decisions you have made in the past. Moving from a current situation of stressing and regretting to a better position of focusing on the future makes me feel better.
I am here simply to live until I die. During this time I will try and glean some enjoyment from it, whilst trying to avoid reducing the enjoyment of others.
  1. I believe the environment in which the questions are applied would see a variance in these scores.
39 – where I am planned and proactive I consider and make conscious decisions. Where work becomes reactive this becomes difficult.
It is easy to keep doing the same old same old. Something else I could do today…I will take a steop back and think about what is really important to me.
58, I’m ever full of myself or oblivous to the truth!
43 – I guess I am on my way!
Simply to live, to live life in a way that after its almost gone you can look back and feel proud.
49 – decisions need to be thought about before being made because they affect everyone around you
To bring life into the world and to enjoy life to the fullest 🙂
Not putting off the things I don’t want to do.
Skilled thinking is learnt overtime does not just come easy.
To make the world a better place – improve where / what i can – create beauty – and inspire people to want to do the same
Completing a Masters for the sake of it – in a field I am uninterested in, which wouldn’t improve my employability, is a waste of time. Other people may find a use in it, but it is stress which is unwarranted, and focusing on things I am passionate about is proving to be more fruitful.
49 – I don’t believe the result I got even though it’s more often than not the way in which I do things.
This must mean that even the best minds and thinkers in history have needed to apply themselves to achieve their results. By extension, by applying myself then there is the possibility of significant gains and improvements. I suppose the key is the “skilled” aspect of thinking which as with anything worthwhile needs learning and commitment
I’ve been thinking to make sure I am being positive and supportive of the things in life that matter as I focus too much on how everyone else affects me. The core idea I’ve risen above is that while it’s important to be effective at work, it’s not the be all and end all. I would like to get my personal thought processes in check to balance my life out.
Accept my CVS is a product of the limits I set for myself.
score 31 perhaps I need to consider things more carefully?
Skilled thinkers are not born, they are made, so while all humans have a base capability that is equal, they also have potential that only the individual can realise.
What a ride; viewing cause, effect and options from the highest, to the smallest level accessible to me, is the challenge and the opportunity.
Negativity saps energy and destroys well being while remaining positive in times of trouble and seeking new ideas and creativity will bring rewarding outcomes.
42 – We all need to consider if our decision will impact on other areas of the Bank – can this change assist other areas
38- often I don’t look for alternatives mainly due to the work load.
Reworking the way we complete team meetings to ensure that all team members receive the same message when meetings are facilitated by a number of individuals.
To do the best I can and to help other people achieve their goals.
38 – really depends on the decisions at the time though
Prioritise email responses to ensure that I respond first to those emails requiring a quick response. Although this is is basic time management when you return from a meeting and have another 20 emails in your inbox – mostly branches closed & re-opened or stock destruction etc, you waste time deleting these before you get to the important ones.
39- wow there is a lot to think about!
To be the best person I can be
Having the realisation that ‘If it is to be, it’s up to me’…. Any issues that I have with work, home or children can only be resolved by making a positive step towards improving the relationship or the situation. Waiting for something better to happen is a waste of time.
I scored 47I have learned that thinking about my decisions, its not unusual to think through the pros and cons thoroughly
I think the most important thing is to always be open to the idea that ther could potentially be a better way of doing anything!
That even the best thinkers of our time had to learn to be skilled thinkers.
Trying to think through the large amount of change occuring almost on a daily basis. To not allow change ti have a negative impact but to think through the reason for the change
I am here as one small part of thee whole, we are ehre to interact and make life worthwhile
to not rely on pre-conceived thought processes
Thinking needs to be taught as much as maths and reading
32 – Depending on the situation at the time, further exploration of alternatives may not be required and often there are past preceidents to follow – thinking about it now – there may well be an even better way!
To have more patience and take more time making decisions – not make so many snap decisions
to simply be the best that I can be
36- keep looking for alternatives
Enjoyed the questions, thought provoking in themselves.
40 – However, I do not see myself as having “better than average brainpower”…
46 – much better than i expected. I have been making an effort to keep my brain active, doing courses as well as learning about and trying new activities.Maybe it’s paying off!
35 – I don’t believe that every decision you make requires the same level of thought.
To make the most of every oppportunity and enjoy every moment!
46 – would like to be “superior” tho!
48 – I don’t keep looking for alternatives when I’ve found a solution I like because I’ve already moved onto the next task.I do like the idea of staying open and not locking into particular patterns of thinking because they’re familiar. I’m going to make a commitment to be more open to alternatives.
Challenge everything!!!!
Do sdmething different every day. If you do what you always did you will get what you always got.
45 – Interesting questionnaire. Definitely had a few questions that I had to read more than once to ensure I understood the context.
Total score 41 I found just by reading and answering the questions, my engagement went up a notch.   This has certainly reminded me to actually “engage” my thoughts when listening.
43 – looking through my responses there is a clear picture of key areas that I can add more focus, understanding and deliberation.
31 – it is an interesting course.
Getting to know others (emotionally, their thought processes etc) is important but equally important is knowing yourself first
30 which is not a surprise as I am a harder rater of myself than anyone else would be. When I intentionally looked at the meaning of the questions I think there’s plenty of opportunities to make better decisions and be present much more often – in the moment.
To learn, to make the most of every opportunity and to help others… and to have fun!
Work on thought processes that don’t serve me well, and try steering them onto an alternative paths
47 – My tertiary education and experience has helped me achieve this result but I’m still learning
I cannot say I have risen above a core idea, or CVS yet.   But saying that “out loud” will give me the impetus to look at my environment and take such a step.   Something I am conscious of is the feeling of needing to be anchored to my desk to be viewed as present, productive or contributing to my team. Just doesn’t make sense when I lead a virtual team …….
To lead & learn every day, and inspire my children to never say never!
taking a step back and seeing the situation as it is rather than what you percieve it is when you are in the thick of it
47 – quite surpised and impressed that i fit into the better than average category
Examine my network and set up time with someone who will challenge my “current view of the situation”. And allocate some time each day for thinking about thinking – even 15 mins early in the day when I am raring to go!
40 – I take my time with decisions –
49 – very interesting – working in lending trains you to collect and consider a vast array of information before making a decision – and seeing other viewpoints that you might not agree with.
To provide support and encouragement to the people in my life.
even the smartest and well defined people can improve themselves…it only takes a little effort to become a ‘skilled thinker’
Think deeply and know yourself at your core, and let everything else flow in and around that – but never stop challenging and refining who you are, everyone is evolving.
My score was 58
Questions it self represent an alternative for a structured strategic thinking process that will benefit Many.
Just gone through the process of saving for and buying my first home at 60 and I’m female. Feel like I’ve risen above a number of core ideas and boxes 🙂
To shake things up…in a good way.
47 – Surprised, but I think when you look at the questions, if you are engaged at all, the results make sense.
Find a quiet place for me, and me alone. Here I need to forget about everyone and everything and let my negative, stressful emotions go for a short time during this period.
Finding time to spend alone when Iam overwhelmed may also benefit my relationships. Rather than taking stress out on those around me, I can take a little while to focus on myself and escape my day-to-day obligations. While it does mean taking a “time out” from work, or the kids, or whatever else I have on my plate, it will actually help clear my head, change my attitude, and boost my productivity once I get back to “real life.”
47 – My goals are typically not as defined or structured, but the approach I take to work towards them could be more structured of defined to ensure I have proper and timely review points.
The something else for me today is working on my PDP. Taking time to focus on what I have done this year and try and look at it from the perspective of a friend.
Hopefully to add a bit of warmth,color and support to those people important to me.
Try a new tactic everyday.Keeps you motivated and in the plan if you think outside the square
try to complete more jobs from my to do list before adding more.
Don’t allow myself to get stuck on one thing. Move on to other things if that happens.
Get to know the staff and get to know what they can bring to the table. Some ideas may be good, others not so good.
51 I’m surprised at that result but tertiary education, and a lifetime of working in positive environments plus the various personal development courses I’ve done has obviously had more results than I would have thought. I think that many years of management experience has helped as well. There’s still room for improvement though.
I am a bit of a pessimist and am consciously trying to look for the positive in all current situations. If nothing else it is helping me to be a more critical thinker and hopefully the repetition will turn it into habit and help me leave worry behind.
29 – I look forward to guage my improvement towards the end of this training.
Spend more time working out what the something else is to get better results.
Score 39. I am pretty sure I carefully and thoroughly “think” about issues before putting my sugegstions forwards and take into accout all people my deciosn affects.
46 – I’ve always thought I have a tendancy to over think things and not go with my gut feeling more. Interesting that I’ve seen this as a negative in the past and this audit has made me think differently about my approach.
47 …interesting outcome…
To challenge my thought and decision process to move away from the standard answers I would usually give.
43 – Must continue to challenge my thinking to further develop my abitlity to see all posibilities
That we all have the ability to be taught to be better thinkers.
A very philosophical question which will have no one answer
People all have their own opion as to why we exist.   There is a bvs, which is gods purpose.   Do your research and you to can find out the bvs. The point: it doesn’t matter what the subject is, do your research and you can always rise above and know the bvs.
37 – It looks like most of the time that i’m happy to be more open minded when the decision making comes from someone else (by accepting thier decisions and seeing thier points of view) but when it comes to making my own decisions they are often more prone to my emotions at the time or I do not fully explore all options before making the decision.
33 – Seems about right at this point.
42 – I realise there is always room to grow your brainpower
We are here to fill the earth and make it a happy place. I am here to teach others to the best of my ability and from my example to do just so.
I must remember to try for the BVS ilo CVS view
I have learnt to put myself first some of the time, 2 years ago left a 28 year very unhappy marriage, bought my own little house. Learnt to like time on my own just reflecting or doing what I want to do.
All of this has made me more calm and look at things more positively. I was a extremley negative person filled with anxiety and always looked for reasons not to try new things.
Just cruising, enjoying the ride.
49 – good, but i still have some work to do.
Leaving the ageism thing behind. Over it. Moved on.
Be in the now, do what has to be done, but don’t get mentally ‘caught up’ in it.
I have become more selfish. I realised I have sacrificed too much of my own happiness and enjoyment for others. That doesn’t mean I am becoming a narcissistic jerk. It means I am bringing balance to my life; I have recently decided to improve and challenge myself and not settle for the comfort of the status quo. The areas that I am improving myself in are fitness, relationships, knowledge and accomplishments.
48 – I realised that the way I think at work is different to the way that I think about my personal life and my family. I believe I am a more superior thinker at work than in my personal life. If I were to retake the audit and answer the questions only in relation to my work I believe I would have a much higher score.
50 – Interestingly, there doesnt appear to be an allowance depending on age or experience. I wwould have thought that an experienced leader would score well given years of learnings
48 – I think that i do consider everybody as I always want to keep everybody happy. I am a morale person and I always think of everybody when I have to change a procedure etc…I don’t like it when people make decisions hastily and don’t consider others. I enjoy doing group consensus to ensure that i get lots of different opinions – not just what I think is the best way.
We regularly reported a performance metric which was not discussed or debated. So we changed the metric (still the same performance area) to look at the business from a different angle. And generated some discussion.
Negative thoughts – I used to have one negative thought and it would grow and grow! These thoughts coloured other areas of life and work. I had to make a concience choice to change this pattern of thinking. Now I can examine the negatives and spin it around to find positives – all negatives have a up side but sometimes it takes effort and time for it to be revealed.
I feel that i am here to help others and am confident that the time will come when I have both the time and money to do so.
if you aren’t born a skilled thinker then its never too late to start.
Physically I’m here as part of a biological process.   Spiritually I think I’m here to serve a useful purpose whatever that might be.
I just am … does there need to be a divine purpose?   While I’m here, I’d like to enjoy the life I have, and do my best to help others enjoy theirs too.
I have been asking myself that question for some time and have never settled on an answer. The way I see it, the most important thing is to keep asking myself the question.
It’s important to consider feedback and know your own truth to grow in a direction that builds your confidence!
i do believe we are all for some reason but most of us dont discover what the reason is.
To borrow from a famous Einstein quote; The definition of insanity is thinking the same way over and over and expecting a different result
Try something new
defending and contradicting my own current views and   differing views of others.
To leave the place better than I found it
To promote positive thinking in stressful situations. To convert the negatives into positives.
That there is a set way of working – a set kind of employment situation, or employer, that will define my career. My bvs is that I can work in any way, for any one (including myself) I like. It can be paid or unpaid… there are many ways to work and expand my career, and limiting it in the traditional sense is just that – limiting.
Think of new coping strategies
It is best to keep going back and looking at things you have done as you will keep on improving them as you mind may be in a different place teh next time you look at it.
To enjoy life and help others whilst also helping myself.
I can organise my day betetr to enable a more efficient use of my time.
Unconcerned why I am here, more concerned in what can be achieved whilst I am here..
I have a long held view for a particular change that is starting to materialise, with that materialisation, I am challenging that â€Å“long held view” to ensure that the cvs2bvs is indeed true.
I believe I am here to assist myself and others to be the best they can be while enjoying what we are doing.
None of us know why we are here, and I’ve never thought I’m here for any specific purpose. It’s true that I’m part of the complex social organisation that is our modern society and we rely on each other both in a social & work sense.
Never lose sight of the fact we can always improve ourselves and can learn something new everyday even though we may think we know it all
I don’t know why I am here but if I am able to become a reason for somebody’s smile or if I am able to share somebody’s pain I consider it a life well lived…
i will think of deleting Clash of clans … so far i have enjoyed playing that game … now thinking about deleting is a big ‘something else’ for me as it will destroy the empire i have established but on the other hand it will save me a huge heap of time to do something more meaningful going forward
Get to know them.
When thinking about the solution to something new, ideas may flow freely at first but then they become laborious to extract and the answer seems further away than before. I find it useful to recognise at what point that situation arises, drop the challenge for a while and then return with a fresh start and or consult with someone else.
Plan ahead for the following week
I was thinking to apply my managerial skills to my personal finances. The core idea I have risen above is you are destined to be doomed. I have escaped from the box of Always expecting the worse to happen. My cvs to bvs is realisation that, Look at the bvs and work towards that from cvs.
sometimes its hard to go outside your comfort zone and try new things…….will work on rectifying this!
Looking at all of the possible answers before deciding on a particular course of action. Considering other alternatives.
To enjoy my life.
Thinking for myself is about seeing a situation that I have been stressing over and then coming to the realisation that I may not be able to do anything about it so move on and let it go ie rise above the situation and try or do something else if need be or walk away from that situation if there is no resolution and get on with more important things.
great optimistic view. The future can be brighter or better depending on our view or what we want the future to be. To be optimistic, the future ‘is’ better than the current.
To make a difference….even if that means making a difference to just one other fellow human being or one other living creature!
You have to work hard at being a good thinker.
Gosh!!! The Meaning of Liff….beats me
Challenging my demons and realising that I have the ability to overcome them. Looking at the things that are going well and not concentrating on the negatives. Having positive thoughts and not negative thoughts
Started studying in an area I am passionate about.
MOTTO: like anything (worthwhile) in life if you learn/practice and have the right attitude, you can become skilled in anything that you choose
not look at facebook till I’ve left the office
We are all here for a purpose some of us will never know why, some will think they know.
I am here to leave a mark and to make people happy
Being positive
Thinking is a learned skill we aren’t born with the ability to excell at thinking.
Changing the way I think , moving from not so much negative to positive -more of a different approach. Being more mindful in my everyday view of life.
Get to know your staff, develop your staff, and counsel and coach your staff
Following an illness I was told I had only one path to go down or I would not see too many more tomorrows and I would literally be in a box. I did not believe that and chose to find another path, which I did and have now left that illness behind me.
we’re all continuously learning ….learning is a a life long journey.
“Brainpower” is an interesting term. I get the thinking with these question, however the scoring is so flawed that it has no meaning. I guess it is an attempt to place a stick in the sand to gauge improvement. Even though I scored myself high the reality may be that the capacity in my thinking is no different than someone that assessed themselves with a lower score. An extemely subjective exercise.
Allow and empower people to make decisions. Celebrate the successful decisions, and allow people to learn from the unsuccessful ones.
Clean up emails…
Using your brain doesnt come naturally. You have to work at it…..
To help others and continuosly improve processes or how things work
Worker harder towards my creative personal goals
There are no excuses.
Rising above the current view of focussing on what I am not achieving to a bvs of what I am achieving and doing well. bvs = Celebrating our daily wins.
There is always room to expand your thinking
This is a bit like stepping outside your ‘comfort zone”. I think agreeing to do this ‘thinking course’ was my most recent idea I have risen above. Perhaps normally I would not worry about such a course, but to take this on, is a small step forward here.
Thinking is obviously a skill & comes over time
Having lived life so far taking very safe calculated risks I have recently embraced the need to follow my heart more and take a chance with big decisions in life as the regret of not doing so is far worse than a potential failure.
Always looking for an alternate answer to negative responses
I always try to question the way things are done to determine if there is a better, more efficient way to do them. Whether I do this with the way I am thinking though is questionable.
don’t believe/assume current situation or what you are told. Think for yourself about a better way to do it, continuous improvement.
go to bed earlier & not get caught up on social media.
All of anyone’s thinking is thinking for yourself – even if relfecting on the thought’s of others. I have done little rising above core ideas (sounds a bit John Howardesque) and I have not been trapped in any boxes of late (really hate the sloppy jargon used today – what is wrong with ‘paradigm’ for example?).     I do not even uderstand what is meant by ‘view of the situation’? It is clear that to appreciate a cvs2bvs you actually need to perform a cvs2pvs (whatever a vs is)…….
I do not think there is any reason why I am here. If obliged to give an answer, it is the same as any organism – to reproduce…..
The doing something else is only when others copy what you have been doing. I’ll not be doing something else….
Always endeavour to get it right the first time and then you will not question yourself and look forward to the next challenge or opportunity
Not really sure. Maybe I have something unique to offer to others and vice the versa.
from experience comes knowledge
Inject personality into the tasks I find less interesting.
This is a good question. I feel that my existence and life purpose are influenced by those around me and how I choose to be engaged on all levels. To be the best I can be for those in my life and to continually develop.
Thinking is a skill and like any skill it is possible to improve with training/practice.
I believe we all have he capability of rising above the core idea but do we have the courage to voice those opinions and will they be welcomed. I frequently think outside that of general consensus but pick my moments to voice those opinions being aware of the perception this type of thinking can garner.
That its ok to think about your own health and remove myself from situations that were out of my control yet were causing me stress and grief and affecting my health.I feel much lighter with less heavy shoulders.
is the better view of the situation really hindsight?
I aim to be a great daughter, friend and wife and look to ways where I can continually help those less fortunate than myself.
Sometimes I wonder the same thing.
Keep trying to stick to my short term goals.
To share the journey of coming to a BVS with the relevant people. You get a better outcome from the diversity of different minds working on the same problem. You all get to share your knowledge as everyone has something different to bring to the table. If my mentors had not done this I would not know what I know today!
Having recently celebrated a milestone birthday I consider that I am 2/3rds of the way through my working life. I have been thinking about what I can do to make the final 3rd as productive as possible.
Just make the decision and back your judgement. If you miss the mark, try again.
Thinking outside of the norm, looking at things from an unexpected perspective, challenging traditional thinking, actively seeking new thinking in everything I do.
I have changed the way I coach my staff, instead of trying to come up with the answers I ask them questions so that they have to think and come up with the solution
You never stop learning.
one thing i am conscious of is worrying about the idea of what people think of you. This may be important to an extent but you need to be yourself. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t so may as well be yourself
To experience the joy of living, being a mother and being part of a family and to help everyone who’s path I cross
I don’t think I can say I have risen above any core idea or escaped any box recently
In my job I see a lot of Current Views and often at the end of the project we see the better views – I do try to assess the better view when ever I can even if this means I have to investigate things further
I’m constantly hypothesising in my head and collaborating with others. But that’s the key, collaborating ideas with other people and finding the right tools to help you think with more clarity.
I think my core idea or belief is the ‘right’ will always defeat ‘wrong’. Recent experience has shown me that based on my cvs, no matter how ‘right’ I am if I don’t have the power of influence those who are ‘wrong’. Then it is time to either move onto where I can influence change, or change my cvs.
Hadn’t really thought about the people who have been before us, you get wrapped up in your own everyday stuff you forget until reminded. Try to make a difference to the people around you each day.
Embracing everyday and being happy to take on new challenges
work on cleaning up the archiving
To overcome challenges and become a better person
thinking for yourself takes a lot of courage
I can work on not procrastinating.
No, Don’t have enough resource.
Yes, please wait while we are building capabilities based on your needs.
We only know what we know, so learning to think differently is a skill and like all skills, needs plenty of practice.
The better view quite often pops into my head. The trick is to capture the thought before I forget it.
That everyone can learn, improve , upgrade their brain to be a skilled thinker.
I’m still working on that most recent challenge. I’m not quite out of the box yet.
There’s hope for everyone!
Use multiple perspectives to brainstorm a plan of action.
Most day-to-day challenges will be overcome if we stop, think, act and review (STAR). It might take more than one STAR (depending on the ‘size’ of the challenge it will probably take several) but more and better works.
To be best I can be for family, community and employer.
Observe. Consider. Accept/ Adapt.
you can only truly learn and appreciate a skill through experiencing the pros and cons of its purpose…..
Think we need to keep looking for the reason we are here just in case what we think now is not actually it – but just around the corner. Think it’s about gowing, doing the things we want to do and the things we have to do. But…sometimes putting the things we want to do first.
I started keeping a journal 2 weeks ago. Not for writing mushy stuff, but so that I was encouraged each day to think about my actions and behaviours and acknowledge both positive acheivements and also how I could improve and act/react differently next time. I must first acknowledge before I can improve.
The age old battle of ‘this is how it’s always been done’ vs ‘but how can we do it better’. It is not easy to drive change, especially when the current version is not ‘broken’ – but not broken does not mean the best it can be.
That we can fine tune the natural skills we are born with – in this case our thinking skill, to reach our full potential and/or a level that we didn’t know we were capable of.
To make a difference to everyone I have in my life.
remember to think as things are not always as they seem
This useful motto conveys to me that skilled thinking must be developed
the bigger picture, instead of the detail.
I understand literally that we can’t take it with us. That has helped me realise that life is what matters, we care about belongings, but will we care about them at the end….what will matter then?
Embracing the Challenger Sale model
Stopping a negative thinking attitude.
Followed other pursuits which challenge the way you see things and think about them. Still trying to escape a few boxes – out of one box and into another thus far.
Sounds lame, but I changed the position of the bin in my kitchen after 8 months in my current home. After weeks/months of getting frustrated every time I was preparing food/doing dishes and had to throw something out, I realised that there was no reason I had to leave the bin where we had put it when we first moved in!
Sometimes it’s hard, and I am very slow, to break away from our human nature as creatures of habit.
CVS versus BVS i have an opinion if i think it is right i can defend it if it is incorrect or negligble i have the power to change it
To contribute to the world
Applied for a new position and move the family to a new area. The cvs2bvs view is about looking at the opportunity it has created in the present environment and to focus on moving my thinking to the better view. I guess i have gotten out of the’same old routine box’ with the changes made.
We have to learn everything , and we never stop learning
I have escaped from the mindset box – being with negative people creates negative views. It is amazing how different you can feel when you realise you are free of those thoughts….
Stepping back and re-assessing an idea, situation or challenge can give you a fresh approach on how to move forward.
To accept that there is a massive amount to be learnt from experts in podcasts and other media, about making myself a better version of me.
Being innovate and not afraid to take a risk!
cvs – by being a stay-at-home mum, my view was always: it works, why should I change it, I know best.
bvs – when taking the step and entering the workforce and exposing myself to more views and opinions, it has become very clear that I need to change my thinking and I definitely do not have all the answers, actually I feel I have very few answers but many more questions
I can work on my self belief to succeed and not let my negative thoughts win
I have stood up for myself and not be boxed in.
I was trapped in a job that seemed to have no real future and held no real excitement for me. After the birth of my second child i had to look beyond what i percieved to be a ‘dull job with no future’ and work harder to give myself every chance of excelling and hence make sure my family is looked after for years to come.
Slow down thinking of what can’t be done and focus on what can be done.
Thought Leaders not only bring up problems but will try and have a solution to that problem.
To be a part of someone’s life. Not just one person. To be their happiness as so many others are for me.
Talk about own thoughts, ideas and share with others to enable them to also share.
Don’t know why we are here but because we are you might as well try and make the best out of it.
Now I am a mother, this is easy – to look after my son firstly, then for work, to look after everyone else !
To enjoy my life to the fullest, appreciate my environment to the fullest, share that experience with others in a bi-directionally enhancing way, and contribute to the world and society such that it is a better place for my being in it.
A short visit but with a lot to take on and pass by… Just make sure you take and pass those things that make this place a better place to visit…
I tend to spend a lot of my time thinking of ways to change the current view – whether it be mine other others’ views. I usually start with what would I create if I had nothing to start with and no constraints.
When I have a task to complete I will pause and ask if there is a better way of doing it. By taking time to examine what needs to be achieved, and considering alternative ways of getting there may result in a better outcome for everyone.
It takes skill to become a skilled thinker
the top thing on my ‘to do later’ list that never seems to get done.
You can develop and improve your skill of thinking
Undertake work with different groups, or using a different process, than I normally would.
Empower everyone. The born thought leaders won’t need your permission to be leaders, they will do it naturally, but for the others letting them know they have the opportunity and are encouraged to be a leader could be the incentive they need to step up.Thought followers get to know them, what leadership style do they respond best to?Thought Killers – don’t give them a free ride. Address their negativity, get to the bottom of it. Can be time consuming, but could also be rearding if you can make them see/admiot they are being negative just out of habit.
The default way of thinking is not a skilled one – we need to learn how to better utilise our hardware, including all the tips, tricks and hacks, that allow us to think better, faster, and more efficiently, without draining our resources.
The thing for me is to tackle the things that don’t work, the challenges. Find a better way. If it doesn’t work, why doesn’t it work and how can I make it work.
To remember my family, friends and community and leave a memory for my family,friends and community
My CVS is with me 24 hours a day so l have to continuously work at my BVS. Sometimes it’s hard and l feel sorry for myself but l think there are people who are worse off than me and that puts me back on track. Start BVS”s on a positive note and the rest will follow.
Something else could be viewing you from someone else’s perspective or looking from the outside in rather than the inside out.
We all need to be taught the skills to think
I am presently in training for a 1/2 marathon. All the training programs I could find did not fit me so with some research and experimenting I developed my own program including the taper at the end.
With just over a week to go I will see how my thinking was.
I need to grasp every opportunity. I have recently started a new job in a new Company, which is very daunting. Whilst my head said no, my heart said yes and I have made a leap of faith. Sometimes the core belief of staying where you are and not taking any risks breeds familiarity and it is good to extend yourself.
To learn from those around me and to share the learning with others…continuallly repeat that process.
Bringing diverse thinking and perspectives to the table helps to challenge my own thinking and that of the team, and ultimately helps to uplift the overall capability of the surrounding team, including myself.
Look for those who challenge the status quo in positive ways.
Look for those who can identify the cause of an issue not just examine the effects of the symptoms.
– Those who can identify the cause are more open to potential solutions.
– Those who focus on the current symptoms, are more likely to accept anything that make the symptoms go away.
– And thought killers just want to pretend that it’s not even broken, so no fix required.
Part of nature to keep the human race going, and perhaps on the way contribute something worthwhile
That we are born a blank canvas & skilled thinking is something we can train ourselves to do.
To learn, grow and leave a mark – pay it forward.
If you think the way you always have, you will always get the same result.
It’s okay to say no – It’s okay to give feedback in a positive and constructive way. You can be a supportive peer as well as a Senior Voice. Not every decision is going to be right – but there is always a chance to amend procedures to make them more efficient…
Thinking is a learned skill.
48, not bad, I thought I would score higher, but I am happy
Not here for any specific reason or higher purpose but I do know that if you don’t appreciate / help those close to you, it’s going to be a pretty miserable and lonely existence. Work together, exist in harmony.
Why am I here? Firstly to observe, experience, experiment and learn skills that will enable me to survive life’s challenges and grow in areas of my choosing. Secondly, to enjoy in the sharing of knowledge and wisdom gained in support of achieving the potential of beneficial outcomes. Thirdly, to reflect, contemplate and revisit the question … why am I here? – In pursuit of happiness.Other thoughts including those of a more esoteric nature belong in more appropriate forums.
To make a difference.
Something else could be discovering a new way that we think about the events & circumstances that happen around us.
To learn, feel, relate and experience but most of all to nurture my children.
Someone in the making.
Think outside the square
I can make myself a better person. Feeling safe and comfortable is not always the right way.   By extending myself and taking risks I can experience the thrill of the hunt and joy of reaching the finish line.
Don’t think so much about things and just do it.
CVS – I didn’t start early enough so I don’t have the skills to be a programmer.
BVS – Build on my skills a little each day and train myself to be a skilled programmer and data analyst. The best rewards come from working hard at something. I shouldn’t just give up because it seems hard and other people started earlier. There’s plenty of training out there to take advantage of.
I need to set aside my immediate response to problems that arise (based on past experiences) and give some thought to other alternatives and the ideas of others before reaching a view.
I’ve risen above the idea that politicians and governments are leaders. Citizens and business lead, and pollies and governments follow.
To live life, learn from others and appreciate those close to me.
You can teach your brain how to think and re train it to think on a skilled level
Mothers may not always know best. My son landed an apprenticeship on leaving year 10 about which I was thrilled however from about 2 months in he hated it. Every adult he talked to especially me listened to his concerns but advised him to stick it out, the future will be bright. He became more and more unhappy and withdrawn before I really listened and helped him weigh up his options. To really understand another persons point of view and to be of any help we need to be sure we have put aside our own opinions which are ingrained through our up bring, beliefs, hopes and dreams.
I constantly question what I have been told. I want to know the facts behind the theory and dig deeper to find the tautologies, which many of our modern theories are based upon. I see cvs<bvs all around me. Everyone has an opinion, but that does not mean everyone is right. There are two ways you can be, and truth does not depend on me.
Today I will try to listen with a view to understanding rather than an opportunity to comment or enforce opinion.
CVS = is something i tend to get stuck in when working with others, pushing myself to pull everyone out is what i need to work onBVS = i need to focus on this to achieve goals and achieve positive outcomes.
48…. room for improvement
We are here as result of series of natural events I don’t believe we are here for a purpose but as we are here it makes sense that we work together and if each of us does our little bit together we can make the world a better place to live
I recently had reason to give much greater consideration to the negative impact I personally have on our environment and re-considered the importance of making physical and behavioural changes to could either reduce this effect or replace it with actions that have a positive environmental impact.
To do good for others, this is not selfless but is joining the cycle that you both feed into and receive benefit from. This is what creates fulfilment for me.
cvs = When the same outcome is achieved time and time again someone else needs to change
bvs = If the same outcome happens time after time then I need to change my approach not expect others to change
This is a huge challenge with no easy solution, the first step is to listen, spend less time telling people what you want out of them and listen to their ideas and needs, give them room to establish their own direction allow them to succeed and fail. Then observe the results, look for: resilience, an ability to fail and learn and not repeat, and for those that others are naturally drawn to follow in a positive sense, if you can find this your thought leaders will not be far away. Similarly identify thought choosers & followers by those who react positively to the success of others and follow their lead and are prepared to learn. The remainder are likely to be your thought-killers, more easily identified as they lack the abilities you are looking for above. Deal directly with this group and do it early.
You can become a skilled thinker.
You should not assume that the way you think is inflexible in that you cannot mould and change it to be a more effective thinker. Always to strive to develop yourself learn to be able to change the way you think to get the most out of every facet of your life.
42 – Oops Average score 🙁 Need for improvement. X10 is a step in the right direction.
So anyone can become a skilled thinker.
I can be taught to improve and I can teach others to improve
You are never too old to learn
None of us choose to be here, but once we are here, we can choose how to conduct ourselves and have choices as to how we interact with people around us. That may simply be to nurture, to encourage, to assist. However by our support the other party may be given freedom to go on to do the same or better. Its like the ripple effect on a pond.
To leave the world (or at least my part of it) a better place than I found it.
Look for people who consistently exhibit a positive attitude, in various (sometimes challenging) situations, are also able to articulate mitigates/benefits to this approach to those around them, and always willing to take on board and consider the ideas of others.
I know why I am here. I was created to be here and I have a definite purpose to my life.
I believe we have lessons to learn and are put on earth as many times as is required to learn what we need. I think I am here learning self awareness.
Being more proactive.
Today’s something else will be to practice looking at the bigger picture.
What we do individually, can impact many.
I wonder that myself sometimes. Working full time and having a young family keeps me busy, but I think my work in both of these area’s is why I am here. To question so I learn, learn from my mistakes, and guide those who I pass my knowledge onto.
I will work on understanding the different personalities of people around me
Everybody is bound by what they know at the time and make decisions based on this knowledge. I realise through sharing knowledge and experience, people become more aware of different ways to approach a situation and can learn to make better decisions.Therefore I understand that I can learn from each person I meet and enhance my ability to make better decisions.
I don’t know – life is a mystery and I try to live in the moment
The circle of life brings me here.
That overtime we can learn the skill of thinking.
I often wonder that question? I think we are all here to make a difference no matter how large or small .
Parent, child, friend, colleague, coach, mentor …
To make myself and the people that surround me happy and fulfilled!
We start learning from birth
To learn, grow and live with purpose. To be a role model to my children and others, with the aim to make a positive impact on their lives.
As life changes and advances so does our thinking
Communication is a big key, If done well you can get many followers.
The eternal question; and i reckon the answer changes with the situation and your own skills, knowledge and capability. Right here and now, my reason for being here is to help others to take a step forward every day.
Try to look at things through my kids eyes
No man is an island. we are all connected and depend on each other for our well-being.
Well depending on which ‘here’ we are referring to. I am here are the school of thought to learn and improve myself, so I can help improve things here on earth.
To co create and contribute to the wellbeing of those with us and those that will follow us.
Go out of my way to assist someone with a work task
I sometimes ask myself that question. Maybe to make a difference somehow no matter how small.
Take some time to complete a to do list.
A strategic plan for the year ahead
To bring empathy and creativity to an environment not typically considered having much concern for either. Really ‘just’ to challenge.
Watch and wait for those who challenge the status quo and observe the way in which they do so.
The natural leaders will do so with integrity passion and clear objectives aligned to organisational benefit. They will challenge the ‘whys’. They will ask questions throughout. They will step up and prove how.
The thought killers will get bored and nothing will be changed.
The ability to think draws on past experience and skills learnt through life and the ability to do this effectively is enhanced over time but continues to require deliberate effort to achieve much better thinking.
to be an effective thinker requires skill which needs to be developed
Working for an organisation of any sort ties your thought patterns to certain outcomes. I have recently taken the CVS and applied BVS to have a stronger ownership and make things happen. Its amazing what you can achieve with the right mindset.
Take some time out today to work on me rather than work, other people’s problems, what’s for tea etc etc
Beginning from the ground up
because i am not over there
To leave the world and the people around me in a better way.
Letting everyone in the office know their doing a good job.
Surprise Surprise, room for improvement 🙂
Complete the contacts that keep getting put off.
we need to work on mental fitness and technique, like we do our physical
Listening more to others.
Not a born leader but may I can learn to be a thought leader
question: What something else can you work on today?
Answer:   not working.
Something new
That we can increase our thinking skills
great reminder of how we can influence the lives of others every day
to love my family and my friends
I am here to realise the best version of myself and bring happiness to those around me.
Don’t do something for the sake of doing it or because that is the way it was always done. Look at why it is being done and think of other ways it can be done more efficiently.
People have to learn & work hard at learning to become a skilled thinker.
We need to develop our thinking skills to become better.
Work on what is important not what is urgent
To make a difference – to be missed when I’m gone. To enrich at least one other life for the better.
Interesting question as no one chooses to be here. I think the answer to this question would be completely different if asked 10 years ago. So I think I am here to take what I’ve learnt from life choices and experiences in the past and try and improve the future on many levels. For example: work, relationships, family, some one you just met. Possibilities are endless really.
Every skill can be learned, and thinking is a skill.
To help my children and those around me learn from my mistakes and experiences as well as guide and support them through their own mistakes
Be positive even when I don’t feel like it.
I will clean up my emails, and delete the things I am keeping “just in case”.
I am here to learn and grow as an individual and to share what I learn with others.
to question & expand
CEO’s should not be afraid to engage staff on a more personal level. A brave powerful figure that staff can put a face to the name will likely provide those Thought Leaders the motivation to become better. Make those staff accountable and the cream will rise to the top. Those who wish to follow should be encouraged to and not looked down on for choosing such a path.
Challenge how I approach my everyday work and apply a new ways of doing the old stuff – think about it and act on it!
For a greater purpose than yourself
I believe that the main purpose that I am here is to be in relationship with God, Family, Friends and others that pass by in my life. I will never know what impact I have on many but hope that it has been a positive one.
That we can all learn to develop our own thinking powers
I believe I am here to enrich the lives of those around me – my family, my friends and at work. To give a smile, to make even the smallest difference to people’s days. To experience life, encourage and allow others to do the same – with my help if needs be.
Don’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same things day in day out.
I once heard it said that “a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out”.
Objective assessment of my strengths to help me further improve
To live and to love and to learn.
I think I am here to give others a chance at life through pro-creation, and to give the earth a purpose to continue revolving around the sun
I am here because I made a choice to be here . I have to make the most of this choice and take everything that comes with this choice in a positive, constructive way and keep moving forward from where I am !
If you ask the rest of your staff, confidentially, who they think is the negative ninja amongst them, you will be able to tell from their replies who are the followers and who are the though leaders
Thinking is something that needs training, just like any other part of your body
To not be frustrated by interruptions but rather accept this is part of my role and most times it is dealt with quickly so I will get my work done
Go through the ‘leave it for tomorrow’ pile. and complete Q2
35 – it reminds me, as I have to regularly remind myself, to look before I leap… Some days I think well with purpose and strategy, other days I think emotionally.   I almost need a post-it note telling me to ‘think first’!
We are here as a matter of science. Maybe to bring my children into the world who will have a more meaningful reason than I.
We have to learn how to be useful thinkers
Motivation can sometimes be a struggle. My current view was that I wasn’t being motivated.   My better view of the situation was that I wasn’t motivating myself, which put the power back in my control.   Opportunities seem to leap from the woodwork after that.
To experience “LIFE”
If something fails don’t dismiss it straight away. Look at it and work out why it has failed keep the good things from it and try and improve on the things that have not worked.
that anyone can become one (skilled thinker)
We all learn to think differently by our experiences in life, it is important to understand that this applies to all of us!
As Atticus Finch once said in “To Kill A Mockingbird” “climb into someone’s skin and walk around in it” i.e. improve relationships by stepping into someone else’s shoes.Bring my technical skills up to speed.
The brain is constantly absorbing information from life experiences. Thinking is something that we take for granted and I now expect that by not taking it for granted I can make changes to the way in which I do think
Thinking is a skill that can be learned and heightened through practice.
From a work perspective – I’m here to add value to the Bank and both my internal and external relationships.
It’s my DFQ – Have I added value?
Don’t just think about doing the something else, take steps to make it happen.
36- room for improvement, and some good tips in the questions.
I believe that I’m here to make a difference no matter how big or small it may be or I think it may be. I’m here to enrich the lives of others mainly my family & friends but hope I have a positive impact on all that I meet in my life.
  1. Give people tasks that are just beyond their reach and see who thrives.
    2. Tell everyone that they’re a thought leader and see who rises to the occasion.
    3. If you’re a CEO, talk to more people than those who report to you. Ask the regular Jo(e)’s who they think of as thought leaders. Gain regular exposure to more people in the business.
For most of my life I haven’t known what I was here for but now I have got older I am sure I am here to help others.
Don’t focus on the now at the cost of thinking of forward.
Learn and Grow and help others Learn and Grow
To build on opportunities that I have been both fortunate to have received but also earned. If I do this well then I am leading by example – not just in the workplace but importantly in my other roles as a parent, a husband and a friend.
I need to focus on what is important to do and not just the endless amount of stuff I need to do.Also let others views in and not be blinded by my current view point
Thought Leaders show natural leadership and positive attitudes and they can use these strengths to assist other people that they also hold these skills to excel to their ability.
To me this means that one can improve one’s ability to think, that our thinking is not finite. We can learn to do it better…
I’ll be working on defining a department structure that best fits our vision; leverages off the project work already underway; caters for our existing capabilities but importantly provides for staff development opportunities; and is sustainable over 5 year horizon. This may take some time and quite a few attempts!
Ask more questions and challenge existing processes.
As human beings we tend to do things the way we know how to do them, which we probably picked up by watching how other people do things.   Over time we learn better ways to do things, and we might slowly adopt some of them and alter the way we act and think. Eventually we might become wise. If we can learn a way to think better, we might save ourselves years of slow realisation, and maybe this will improve the rest of our lives.
I’m here to live, learn, teach, support, love, enjoy…the list is endless.
To help others not make the same mistakes as me, through guiding, teaching and supporting.
I am going to work on different ways of doing things
Practicing better thinking will improve our natural ability.
As I escape from one box I enter into another box. If you form a better view of the situation then this becomes your current view of the situation to which there will always be another better view. With the cyclic nature of this approach, how many cycles of views are needed to accept your current view is adequate in order to make decisions and to take action. Its all relative, someone’s prison can be someone else’s refuge. Maybe the important point is every new box you enter moves you forward… but there is no end to the number off boxes.
Don’t leave the tasks I am least fond of doing until late in the day (or the following day) – Tackle them head on and cross them off my list early!
I’ll try completing a problem task rather than pushing it to the side when it it starts to become “all too hard”.
Here as a result of two people wishing to demonstrate the love they had to share, they helped shape my outlook and provided me with the opportunities to develop myself, go out into the world and hopefully make a difference to the people I care about .
Stepping up and not being afraid to offer new ideas, appropriate new ideas but something new.
I’m not sure why I am here – I would like to think that there is a purpose to me being here. A life without purpose is no life at all.
In my current day-to-day routine, the time to consider ‘something else’ is impeded by the constant demands of work and home life. My ‘something else’ is to focus on or further explore the positives of all situations regardless of how difficult the situation may appear.
I am here to do the best that I can be, to make people smile and enjoy life to the fullest.
It means that we all need to work on improving our thought processes to uncover a better and faster way to process information and to improve the way we think.
This motto conveys that you have to work at bettering yourself mentally.
i.e Do what you’ve always done get what you’ve always got.
To learn about life before its too late, to be more forgiving and understanding.
Does anyone really know? but here is a thought. I am here because I exist, not by choice but through circumstances that beyond my capacity to comprehend. All of us who are here, aim to create and environment that feels satisfying and one that prolongs our survival. This is achieved by using our abilities and efforts as individuals and as a collective with others. It appears that almost all of us who are here, unknowigly act as one human organism that exists through the resolution of coflict to continuously expand our knowledge as ahuman race. We have free will to make choices but only within the boundaries of the unconscious purpose for which we serve.
Confronting the unknown the areas and things I am hesitant to venture into
I am here to enrich the lives of others as I work every day to improve on my own human failings
Like most things we have to be taught. We are born with a brain, we are taught to use it.
Tough question. I know I have an impact on other people’s lives, and I know why I do the things I do eg. find the best job I can to be as content with work as I can and earn money to fund my lifestyle – but I don’t know if there is a ‘divine’ reason for my existence.Anyone seen Fight Club? “You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.” Interesting perspective.
Growing up I used to speculate and ask this question and others of the mind and heart.
I’m still waiting for an answer. It is it in faith and beliefs or is it simply nature at work. Your born, you live and you die. I believe we all get busy, tied up in own our lives and daily activites that we loose that enquiring mind.”Why do you think your here.”Well I don’t know but I aim to keep asking.
Step into someone elses shoes for a moment. Try and see why they are doing what they are doing.
To improve on the generations before me
Tackle the things that make me uncomfortable head on, and first.
We can all learn to use our brain’s potential more effectively and become better at thinking!
Push myslef to do the things that I would normally avoid eg having more meaningful conversations
I am here for a purpose, and that is to be the best person i can be in this life. Inspire others and follow and achieve all of my goals to help not only myself but to help others around me succeed also.
Sometimes we need to apply the thinking we have regarding the raising of children to those that we are training or enhancing. For example, children need to be taught to think, how to make connections and use the networks in their brains. If we are learning or teaching someone something new, we should apply the same principal, in that they need to learn how to make the connections and network their thinking.
Coaching my staff – asking questions and have them come up with the solution
I am training to be a skilled thinker by training my brain
Just like many other things in life you need to practise the skill to become better.
We all have the same start in life. I suppose when we’re babies we start with learning by instinct, and as you get older you realise that you’ve started to think.   You’re not born knowing you have these abilities, and you have to work at it and train your mind!
The logical answer is i am here because my mother and father wanted me. I was to serve their need of wanting another child and enriching it until the day they die. The purpose of thinking outside the logical reason is I am here because in one way or another i have contributed to someones making up and may have altered their lives. Weather meeting me has been a benefit or caused pain i have changed someones outcome in life
We don’t know everything. We need to be open to learning new skills and to think about things differently.
We aren’t born with an inherited skilled way of thinking. We learn the way we think and I believe it is influenced by our environment, our experiences and probably our personality. I think the message here is twofold. Firstly, thinking is a skill we learn. Secondly, there is a danger as we get older we just fall back on the methods of thinking we used through our development years and don’t develop the skill as far as we could.
I am here to bring light, joy, compasison and understanding into the lives of others. I am here so people feel seen and acknowledged.
For a purpose that I am yet to fully discover
a concious point in space and time
I can work on stepping out of my comfort zone by trying something different.
That intelligence is learned.
To take a step back and look at things differently – be open to other peoples ideas
The way we think is a skill we learn like everything else. We need to learn if we wish to advance our thinking capabilities.
I believe we have to give us more time to think. I fell better when I am doing something, but the true is I could do better if I spend more time thinking.
Creativity comes with thinking not doing.
Understanding the core of the problem in depth before forming any point of view!
Work on thinking about what it means to do something else!
You must learn the art of skilled thinking
Doing something I’d prefer to ignore but know will be beneficial
Skilled thinking is learnt and available to all
Seek to understand assumptions (thinking) that underpins current state behaviour (practice)
People need to want to become an effective thinker. Learning how to think is a skill that needs to be taught.
My ‘something else’ today is something that’s a little uncomfortable, but feels right to do – leaning into the discomfort of a situation – knowing that after I’ve done it, it will have progressed the idea further, and I would have learn’t something about myself, the idea and someone else.
I am working on how to use our e-room more effectively, this is a new tool to me and I want to master it.
Keep on learning and growing
Spending 80% of my time thinking about a situation/problem, and only 20% trying to action/fix it, and not the other way around.
I am here to be the best person that I can be; to live a rich, fulfilling life, and to help others around me to do the same.
Stepping out of my comfort zone, take the initiative
Getting out of my comfort zone, explore possibilities.
Think about thinking, (metacognition) of ways on how I can increase my salary. A myriad of ways 🙂
The brain needs continuous stimulation, to become a skilled thinker you need to “train the brain” and learn the skills
Taking time to understand others points of view and not always trying to convince them to my way of thinking but rather what can I adopt to come up with a better way!
Look for something new to work on today, what is something different that we havent considered before. Put aside dedicated time to work on “something new” everyday…
Try new things to get a different result, in order to grow my thinking I need to leave my comfort zone!
We have to be taught to be a skilled thinker.
Make time to plan my day.
Our thoughts make the world and this motto conveys the meaning that we can change how we think, which in turn changes our view/experiences in our world.
we spend a lot of unproductive time defending our positions & actions
nothing comes to mind at the moment – hopefully I will think of something later
Listen to the point of view of others, understand that there is more than one right way, and try new things.
the something else doesn’t have to be a showstopper ….
If it is not something we are born with, everyone has an equal opportunity to develop on the skill of thinking.
Walk (think) forwards, not backwards.
Today my ‘somthing else’ will be looking at things differently. By looking at things in different ways I will get a better view of the situation.
Ask someone different for their input on a task/problem
don’t accept what you are comfortable at or with , look for the next challenge
As far as thinking is concerned we start on a level playing field, we all have the ability if we want to use it.
Not give an answer or solution but ask for one (or two or three!)
Getting rid of the paper I am drowning in at work. In these times of advanced technology there is no need for the use of so much paper by such a small group of people.
Think outside the square – Thinking differently is a great way to think of possible solutions.
Be infectious by being positive. Embrace the opportunity today represents.
With time and effort I can change how I think.
Listen not defend
Re-explore my creative side, maybe it will calm and reinvigorate my mind and engage others around me!
Don’t rest on your laurels, what’s next?
Solve. Resolve. Learn. Repeat.
Look at ways things can de done differently. Just because it has always been that way doesn’t mean it is the best way.
If we’re not born a skilled thinker, think of all the room in a lifetime for learning.
Skilled thinking can be learned!
It conveys to me that, like most things that are worthwhile in life, becoming a skilled thinker takes time, practice and commitment.
We can all be taught to think more effectively.
You develop skills for thinking as you grow and learn.   You need to train and practice these skills all through life.
Look at a task in the group that is monotonous and repetitive, ask why its done that way and is there a better way.
Start thinking outside the box. What can I do that is ‘something else’ that will assist me
My something else today is commitment.
I need to be Commited to what I plan. I choose to get things done.
I can work on other ways to achieve my current goals
Maybe not being so quick to defend my point of view if challenged. Listen- and maybe learn something from the opposing point of view.
Positive attitude to change
The something else for me for today is to do something for me, rather than always trying to please others and do what they want me to do. Being in charge allows me to take more responsibility for the outcome.
Empty my mind from the current situation point of view. Be open. Try something else instead of the old way.
We survive by instinct but learn more through thinking
Read more. Tech myself to use my imagination more and get lost in some of the great books of our time
Try and put myself in the best frame of mind to tackle the next task.
My attention to detail is something else i can work on today, with improvement in that area, my efficiency and work quality will drastically improve.
My meeting techniques. Mix it up and get committments.
Making that extra sales call.
Be more open minded to new ideas
Taking a break to get better clarity. Walking away to find the answer.
Try and think “outside the square”
‘Escape’ from my point of view by listening to others, not just hearing.
Switch my brain off from over-thinking and dwelling on a point in order to move forward to the next task/challenge.
Change my approach and look at the bigger picture. Be more open minded
I’ll be able to learn better thinking skills to help me with work and life! This is something I can improve and build on now and in the future.
everyone is born as a baby, so won’t have the skills you are talking about
Clearing my mind before starting a new task.
Everyone is capable of skillful thinking we can train our brain and work towards it.
Being a skilled thinker is something that is taught and learned in life.
You learn as you live
We are not born skilled thinkers but we can aspire to be skilled thinkers by seeking to learn and develop by others around us
From the day we are born we are on a journey, our experiences in the past influence our future
No one is ever born with all the skills they aren’t learnt just as you can learn to be a better thinker.
Regardless of the life we were born into, we all have the ability to become skilled thinkers.
There are many things l can work on…but if it’s one “something else” for today then that would be attitude. If l have a great attitide, then that affects all the people l come into contact with during the day.
Thinking is definitely a skill that can be trained and like all skills, the level of training is proportional to each individual capability and desire.
Every one has a natural path they take when thinking about things but you can always change this path depending on the need
Being more tolerant of other people’s opinions and faults
think and approach a situation differently to how I would normally approach it. Be prepared to try new things but approach it differently to how i would normally approach – out of the box thinking!
This motto conveys to me that we need to use our life experiences (both personal and business) to look at different ways we tackle solutions to problems, or look at new ways of doing things.
The way we think can be very positive and it can be self defeating if you let it – Better Thinking is something that should be taught in schools
I am here to be the best person that I can for me, my family and others around me.
There is hope for us all… don’t give up on yourself so easily a clever mind can be taught !!
I can learn how to be a skilled thinker
Today I am starting a “thinking journey” – I am going to focus on a new behavior.
If no one is ever born a skilled thinker then it stands to reason that one can learn to be so.
There is always opportunity for us to improve our thinking.
Although no one is ever born a skilled thinker, we can all be trained to be one, or we can learn the skill. However this means it is not something that happens automatically, we need to put in the effort and desire to learn the skill.
Plan something new for tomorrow. Something different than what I did today that is going to assist the partners I work with and plant some inspiring ideas – something new – something that will make a change to the normal ‘process’ we often work to.   Keep work interesting.
Don’t really know, perhaps opening my mind to different ways of tackling things.
We all need to be open to new ways of thinking – this is how we evolve.
Everyone can be a skilled thinker – it just depends on the effort you put in.
We can all make better use of our thoughts.
That being a better thinker is a skill that can be learned – most likely through exercising the brain.
Something else that I can work on can be interpreted as my ability to be different, to show what makes me valuable or perhaps more valuable than the person next to me. The something else I have to work on today is a   mini project I have initiated to take on myself.
Clean out all historical issues so it does not impact on my current state.
Today I will focus on maintaining the allocated time to complete tasks and then move on to ‘something else’ despite the attraction to overthink the current tasks in focus.
The door to a new financial year is only a few short steps away. We’ll caste out what hasn’t worked, do more of what has worked and a whole heap of the something else starting with…….
focusing on the industries that drive our communities.
You have to develop behaviours and work on being a skilled thinker
A French philosopher once said “I think, therefore I am”.
We can now extend that to include “And if I challenge the way I think, just maybe, I can improve who I am”.
clear and concise instructions
learning is never ending,
Finding new and unexplored ways of better connecting and being relevant with our customers
The first step to becoming a skilled thinker is to first understand what we are thinking about, such as the problem or puzzle we are trying to solve.
Maintaining focus and concentration when all about is chaos.
To me it means everyone can actually learn to be a skilled thinker.
tonight I am working with a team to assist them to galvenisa a communities support for a community bank. I now hope to encourage them to think outside the box. Come up with new ways to harness a community for a common cause.
Everybody starts somewhere, learns differently and will continue to learn througout their lifetime.
Garbage in, garbage out
It depends on what you mean by “skilled”
Learning to deal with diverse personalities
The skills you master are those that perfect practice will make you achieve
We all start at the same level and how we develop is up to us.
I would like to think I can make a difference to someone.
dropping resistance….. by practicing having a clean page in my mind before each task is started
You you are always learning how to think. It is something that does not stop through your life
“Something else” needs to be something that is outside of your usual comfort zone, and which will have a positive effect on yourself and those around you.
Start thinking about what I can do that works big so others can copy it!
analyse my current work processes and streamline to enable increased productivity therefore increasing my time to source new business.
To become a skilled thinker you need to practice the skill
This motto means that we all have the ability to learn new ways of thinking. That we can change our thoughts and how we perceive things by learning to think differently.
Look for differing ways to do things within my branch. Being new to the branch, I have already started but there is a long way to go…
There is hope for me yet! I can make a difference to the way that i process and opening my mind to new techniques is a firsst step
Skilled thinking takes continual development.
Motto highlights that training in and exercising thinking is way to develop skilled thinking behaviours. Effort = return.
It takes time and effort to consider other processes and ideas.
take advantage of any opportunities that come your way
Given that I learnt Latin at school, and couldn’t translate the motto, it reminded me that if you don’t use it you lose it. So that not only do you have to learn to be a skilled thinker but it must be an ongoing practice
Engage with a colleuge I have not spoken to before.
We need to train our brain to think effectively
This means to me that you have to train your brain, so we possibly all start off the same way and what we expose ourselves to is how we develope our brains.
Identify things other people are doing well, and emulate them, or evaluate what it is I am doing now that isnt working.
That like anything the more you do it the better you will become.
Think about the reports from the end user’s perspective. What’s the most important information to them? How can we deliver it quickly? What will have the most impact? What brings us closest to truth?
That thinking is a learned skill
That skilled thinking is a learned process!
Become the most positive & enthusiastic person you know….
Escape from right/wrong mentality and see the issue from the other’s point of view.
It conveys a strong message that each of us, regardless of age, culture or our current thinking capabilities, have the opportunity to develop and enhance our thought processes and continue to evolve.
look at working smarter not harder on todays task
Even if you aren’t good at thinking things through you can learn to do this.
Jut because we have done something in the past, dosen’t always mean that it’s the right way to do it going forward. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions
it means to me that everyone has the capacity to learn and it is up to the individual on how much they learn and develop their skills.
Investigating new communication techniques outside the norm for our industry.
Not repeat the mistakes of the past
The more we read the more we think! A combination to better thinking.
Effort put into learning how to think will be rewarded.
take initiative, look for my own opportunities to benefit my daily work.
Listen to other people’s point of view to try to understand where they are coming from.
Being positive & thinking positive. It’s amazing what you can achieve with the right attitude.
I’m working on a Federal Government grant submission for a local community group. My view is if you’re going to be busy then the focus of that activity ought to be making something easier for someone else. That will be for customers, colleagues, or just someone else.
Make an effort to have a conversation with EVERY customer not just every 1 in 3. Even if its only two sentences
Complete one difficult task today
Be decisive and action each item as I touch it – don’t put it off until later
That thinking is a life-skill that can be nurtured & developed, and isn’t simply “there” from the outset.
The best thing to do is just remember each day to appreciate and reflect a bit, even if it’s only a few minutes.
Practice makes perfect!
  1. cvs2bvs is software for the human brain
    The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and perhaps the most remarkable.
The motto gives hope and motivates to acquire tools that can exponentially increase everyone’s existing ability. But I will also like to share some additional knowledge.
Daniel Kahneman , Nobel Memorial prize winner in Economics talks about System 1 and System 2 thinking in his book ” Thinking Fast and Slow”.
System 1: Fast, automatic, frequent, emotional, stereotypic, subconscious
System 2: Slow, effortful, infrequent, logical, calculating, conscious
System 1 is the instinct developed …System 2 is more deliberate .
As we acquire skill in a particular area it become easy to solve problems in the area of expertise An example of System 1 thinking is that a mathematician can solve equations very quickly. And we have dip into System 2 thinking when we are solving the same equation.
As per Daniel Kahneman it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to acquire a skill.
So I am “thinking” that how much skill I have acquired on thinking so far in my life. And if 30 days acquisition of skill and then it will take another 10,000 hours needed to hone the skill of thinking.
There is always more to learn & you are never too old to learn.
The motto for me is that being a great thinker isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, but with commitment and focus, it’s a skill that can be learned and improved upon.
It conveys tome that you need to think about thinking- it isn’t just something that happens- even the best thinkers – have to think about things!!!
It can be a learned behaviour
We are all born equals and our “thinking ‘ ability is entirely up to us. Thinking would be influenced by many factors as we porgress throughout life however irrespective of what we become, we all think, but to what end.
I can learn!
Like most things, getting the most from our thinking takes practise.
There’s plenty of thinking to do beyond yesterday and today. An open mind and a willingness to listen can’t hurt either.
Thinking is a skill that needs to be learnt, developed and continually evolves as our experiences and knowledge grows. Some of our basic thought processes develop naturally through daily interaction but makes sense if we want to grow stronger in this area we need to challenge ourselves.
The motto conveys that thinking is a learnt skill, ergo can be improved
Life is about learning and the more we train our brain the more creative we become
Looking at the bigger picture before I come to a decision.
sounds to me like fight/flight instincts and evolution have affected our instinctive behaviours and thinking, and we need to become aware of this. reminds me of a mindful leadership course I went on. Being aware in the moment of your thoughts and feelings, accepting them and then aligning thinking to unbiased values based thoughts & behaviours, as well as more rational thinking.
I am going to challenge a behaviour. Something i do everyday, I am going to challenge whether it is critical to the business and if so, am I doing to the best of my ability?
makes sense that the brain is the hardware and our software needs constant updates. It is also important to remember that a healthy and active lifestyle is also important to keeping your brain healthy.
I can not wait to learn how to update my software.
The human brain is a blank canvas when we are born. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!
It is something that we can all learn and get better at over time, with each of us bringing our own unique perspective!
It means that you can improve yoyr thinking capacity at any age or stage in life
Like any skill, you need to exercise and continue to improve your thinking through constant and consistent training.
Everyone is able to learn and upskill themselves in thinking.
Thinking is a skill like any other (learning a musical instrument/learning to drive for example). I like that ti implies that we CAN all learn to be a skilled thinker – its available to all.
To have the right attitude toward thinking we need develop the skills to think.
Skilled thinkers are never born. They develop the skill, awareness, life experience and the pragmatism, the tools to be a skilled thinker, during their life time. No one is born with these but they are all gained.
If we have the motivation to learn, anyone can be taught to be a skilled thinker.
Like all aspects of our lives we need to learn to think and to understand where that thinking could lead us. Maybe even more important, not be afraid to challenge our thinking.
Something that is worth looking into
ask why more often
We all have to work hard to improve.
Each of us is the product of our journey to date, i.e. plenty of diversity in thinking which is a resource to be mined, and each of us has an opportunity to develop further to suit our circumstances and aspirations.
There are always different ways to think about something, other than our initial thoughts which are often ‘hard-wired’ and driven by past experience.
See myself as really having something worth contributing to the team – not just being a useful administrative resource, but having valuable thoughts and opinions too
I have high hopes. It would be great to use more of the brain
Thinking develops within the mind with experience.
It must be nurtured and rewarded.
There is always new things you can learn
Look like a nurture over nature argument. Indicates thinking is a skill and not genetic.
There’s always something to learn if you keep your mind open.
There is hope for all of us!
A person learns as a person grows, obtains skills and improves ability to use what he or she is given.
Learning and growing involves thought, and the ability to think like every thing else, evolves and is not necessarily an ability that is at its’ peak of power at the commencement of life.
experience and continued learning create a better capability to make decisions.
Make lists
To me this brings a principle of humility to the art of thinking – levelling and enabling each individual to grow their thinking skills, from a fundamental truth of equality.
Skilled thinking is a skill we can be taught, not something we are born with.
Even the brightest and most skilled thinkers did not attain their level of thinking by chance, they all had to work at it – or think about how they think. We all have the capacity to think more and therefore learn and understand more.
Recently I have thought about my place within my personal and professional relationships, where I stand and how I can create a better mutual fulfilment.I have risen above the idea that I should be a mindless consumer, escaping from the external pressures of society which identifies consumption as success.The CVS is that my contribution to society is insignificant to the world, VS the BVS, where my contribution is significant to those impacted by my actions, and hence creating a domino effect. (Maybe my contribution is not so insignificant after all).
Because others can sense my existence and I have a level of impact to others existence.
We have to learn or to be taught to think
The term “something else” is pretty vague. If it is referring to something brand new or different then options are endless.
The brain is a muscle and like your other muscles for it to get stronger requires training and exercise.
This reminds me that it takes application and practice to achieve most things and thinking is no different.
Thinking is an art. It requires continued evolution. Having a system that inspires you and your brain to train is a great thing. The first step is this one. I’m on the journey to expand my way of thinking, and how I relate that to various situations in my world. Some of the greatest minds, came up with many things that both were good for society and the world, and some not so good. Ideas come from thinking. Bring it on!
Make a conscious decision each day to phone someone, when my immediate instinct is to e-mail them.
If I am not born a skilled thinker then perhaps i can teach myself to be one?
Learning never stops.
As someone who is passionate about continual learning and development I love the idea that “thinking” can be learned and improved upon
Everyone has the opportunity to become great thinkers
Creative thinking can be learnt.
(seems a misnomer but lets see how it goes!)
This motto means to me that we all have the capacity to become skilled thinkers if we develop ourselves. Thinking is like any other skill you need to hone it to become skilled in this area.
Thinking is a skill that can be developed, refined.
From when we are born we learn. We learn to learn from mimicking other successful people. Then we get sent to Kinda, School and University but all the time we are mimicking others or adapting what we have seen or read. Sometimes we experiment, other times we just follow. So today’s feedback rings true BUT somewhere, sometime, someone would have had to develop a skill of thinking. So was he/she the first genius? What useful meaning does this motto convey? That yes it wouldn’t hurt to improve and polish up the ol’ original personal computer.
This motto conveys that those that are skilled thinkers have learnt to be skilled thinkers – and are not naturally talented or born with this attribute. Therefore, as like any skill, this skill can be learned and unlearned as necessary.
It’s a continuing experience – we learn something new every day and need to think about things more
I need to learn how to be a good thinker and keep my brain up to date with an ever changing environment
there are opportunities to bring better experiences into your life by thinking differently
The motto conveys to me that skilled thinking is a learned skill and as such can be continually developed, with the right stimulation and effort, throughout our lifetime and is limitless.
Being a skilled thinker is something that we learn and develop.
Thinking is a skill.
It’s about “How?” we do it.
Not everyone thinks the same way, proving that it can be taught, learnt and developed.
You learn as you grow.
That we can all learn to be better thinkers!
Thinking is a skill that can be taught.
Your thoughts are a product of your life so far
Learning is something you have to work at
To me, this means that we should never believe that we are not capable of great things – only that people have made us think we are not. What a great opportunity to take control of our own strengths and apply them to everything we do!
We learn to think.
Skilled thinking is an acquired learning, which one can attain should they choose to do so.
Skilled thinking is something that is learned, practiced and adapted over time.
you can learn to be smart, it is environment not gene based.
It means I can learn to think better and with more skill.   It is a quite exciting to think I will be able to utilize my brain more efficiently.
It means that I can learn to improve my thinking
I like the notion that this is a skill to be developed, and that the possibility is there for everyone to experience.
Skilled thinking is a learnt behaviour anyone can do it
We are only limited by our attitude to learning and growing
thinking is a skill and needs practice, just like other skills they need to be used to be mastered.
it makes you think more about how you think about things.
hang in there, help is on the way
We are all born thinking, of course, but to consciously up skill HOW we think is an amazing life skill.
Thinking is something to learn and develop.
Everybody is capable of changing the way they think.
There’s always room to learn to build on skills.
Your brain is a muscle, exercise & diet is needed everyday to keep it healthy and running smoothly.
A skilled thinker is learnt. It must be worked at to achieve greater things. Its something that doesn’t come naturally and you must change your thought process to become one of these.
A skilled thinker is a learned & developed technique that we apply to our lives and all situations
we require time to learn how to think in a different manner. Think outside the box
Thinking is something that can be worked at and improved upon.
I can learn new thinking skills and “upgrade” my current thinking capability!
Skilled thinking is a learned behaviour.
It can be taught and it can be done.
Learning how to think better will teach us not to ‘expect better results by doing the same thing’.
Thinking is something that is learnt
Every person has to self develop their brain and learn to learn and think. It is up to you.
Great thinkers are committed to and invest in life long learning. Capability is not a gift of birth but the result of a commitment to seeking knowledge, listen to and genuinely consider different ideas. It is entirely possible to improving your ability to think, to be influenced and to influence others.
We all have room to improve
Take one action that is outside of my normal comfort zone and learn from it,
A skilled thinker can be anyone. It is not something that comes naturally. Anybody can learn and exceed expectations.
We have been developing thinking skills throughout life but the learning does not stop.
Everyone has the potential to become a skilled thinker… Though can someone define what being a skilled thinker is?
Skilled thinking is a learned skill. You have to practice, you have to experiment, but ultimately it is up to the individual to become a skilled thinker.
That we all have capacity to learn all the time.
We require the knowledge, practice and aptitude to embrace self improvement.
That we can all become skilled thinkers even if we don’t naturally have the skills to do this already.
No one is ever born a skilled thinker – we all need guidance to develop this skill further.
As like most things in life we need to be shown on how to use our legs arms bodies to perform different tasks and practice ton further develop the skills, to become a “think “is no different.
That we can all learn to become great thinkers.
The motto to me means: thinking is like any other act, talent or sport which can be developed.
Not sure if I agree considering the amount babies learn and develop over their first few years. They watch, think and then do.
That we are born thinkers however not skilled thinkers.   We need to learn to think skilfully.
No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!
For me, this means that we all have the ability to LEARN to be a skilled thinker.
We all have an opportunity to become a “skilled thinker”.
Why was this motto shown in Latin?”Anyone has the ability to be a skilled thinker”
That no matter who we are, we can learn to be a skilled thinker
To become a skilled thinker you need to be taught how.
People develop people, this has gone on forever and will continue to go on as long as we exist.
learning to think further and deeper is a skill that is learnt and takes practice to try a perfect.
That you can train your brain to process information differently resulting in a faster and more diversified outcome than what you may have once come up with
Skilled thinking is like any other skill/discipline; the more you practice the better you become.
Don’t agree with it entirely. Every one is a skilled thinker when it comes to survival why because survival is basic human need and we all think based on the circumstances to survive. A tribal group in a remote jungle might not have high philosophies yet they have tools that keeps them well feed. What I do think is that not every one puts out the energy to challenge their regular thoughts and also come up with radical changes plus hold on to that radical thought for longer than few minutes. Its almost like rewiring the neurons on a regular basis even when there is no need.
To become a skilled thinker requires practise.
Skilled thinking is just like any skill……we need to practice and hone our skills to become adept at it.
You need to learn how to think in order to improve your ability. No one is naturally born with an innate understanding of how to improve their thinking.
For me this conveys the idea that it is possible to learn how to think more efficiently.
One learns to be a skilled thinker.
The motto to me is – You learn as you grow, your mind will also if you train it
We are born with the capability to think but like anything skill comes with practice, learning and experience… making mistakes and learning from yourself and others.. etc.
The motto conveys the idea that we can consciously change the way we think and also learn to think, ie: that the process of thinking is a behaviour which can be trained and practiced in order to become a ‘skilled’ thinker.
Thought leaders are inspirational and life around them is positive and interesting, they think about the group goal not the individual outcome
Ask more questions
Constant proactive learning is what enables us to become skilled thinkers. It is not something that we Are able to do without aiming for it.
That all of us can develop the skills necessary be a truly skilled thinker, ie a “metacognitor…”
Like many things we start out equal, so we can assume that like those who have succeeded in their field those that practice thinking will be better skilled at it
The useful meaning this motto conveys to me is that to become a skilled thinker you only get back what you put in, meaning like most things in life the more effort you put in the greater the rewards.
make time for my team to engage with me!
You need to be shown how to be a “skilled thinker”
Developing a more agile way of thinking
Even though when I am at a function and meeting people for the first time, i say to myself, repeat people’s names so i can remember them and not forget. We guess what. The first person I meet, I have forgotten their name before I have left them and moved onto the next person 🙁
I am so looking forward to learning how to increase my capacity to be a “Skilled Thinker”. The retention of information will allow me to be a far more personal person. I care about people because People Matter. I am only doing this so I can be someone who gives people a hand up not a hand out.
We all start with the same ingredients, it’s up to us if we want to make cup-cakes or go for the soufflé.
Your thinking effectiveness will be improved through ‘training’.
That skilled thinking can be learnt and developed
There are always better ways to think and i should give myself the time to learn to do it better.
We’re a product of our environment.
We develop the way we think by learning how to be self-aware to our thought process(es). As a result, our ability to apply more skill and deeper thought about how we do things improves and allows us to work smarter, not harder.
Thinking is a learned capability that must be developed and honed – everyone is born with the ability to ‘think’, but also the capability to improve their thinking skills.
I never thought about it that way. Everyone is born a thinker, however there is a big difference between being born a thinker and being a skilled thinker…it’s a learning curve and it’s achievable to whoever desires and strives to learn.
I will never stop learning. I can learn new skills everyday regardless of my age. The old motto ‘you cannot teach an old dog new tricks’ is incorrect.
there is always room for improvement
This means to me that everyone can learn to improve his or her thinking. It is not immediate; it takes time and needs to be developed like any other skill.   It means that in order to develop skilled thinking we must practice and do.
I can build upon my thinking skills they are infinite
You need to continually practice to become a good thinker.
No matter how young or old we are – there is always a new way to think of different solutions to lots of things.
As with all things in life the first lesson is accepting the need to learn, the motto asks us to accept the need to learn to be a skilled thinker.
You can learn at any age and it’s never too late to start.
We can learn to be a skilled thinker.
I have never had to remember so many things- both personally and professionally. Three children, 17 staff, policy, procedure, meeting new people everyday and attempting to remember their names, PIN numbers… it is so difficult! I use basic techniques like word association, however I am sure that there are better ways on untapping the potential in my brain. We all have to learn how to use our brains- I am keen to learn any new technique to became a skilful thinker…
Your brain needs training like a muscle. Use it to develop it.
We need to train our brain to use its full capacity. We were created to accomplish so much more.   We need to train our brains to think clearer and faster.
The training has given me a new view of thinking…
Thinking is a skill that can be taught.
My thinking does not stop, and sometimes keeping me awake at night. I always think outside the box., over analyse and am of the view that cvs can never be equal to bvs
Your never too old to learn new things, everything that we know now, we have learnt since we were born. I always had a saying “Well you learn something new everyday”
Skilled thinking is not something that we are born with it is something that we need to learn and repeat – this gives us the option to learn to think outside of the box and not within the confines.
This means to me that to be a skilled thinker is something that takes practice, reviewing regularly and considering how else we can become more skilled at thinking. We are not born to be skilled in our thinking but develop our thinking over time.
Thinking is a skill that can be taught like anything else.
The motto to me suggests that we can upgrade our ability to think –
I don’t think I know yet. I’ll let you know when i get there.
Perhaps each new generation of my family must be in a better position (whatever that may be) than the generation prior.
If thinking is a skill, it can be taught, and learned
Need to upgrade the software/apps of the brain as currently the old way of thinking is obsolete/out-dated however this can be done and is possible to retrain by upgrading.
Thinking is a trained skill. In the absence of real thought a person is acting purely on a level little better than instinct.
Thinking is a skill that takes time and repetition, along with correct form to improve.
Skilled thinking can be learnt. Like most things in life it takes the right approach and a willingness to learn to get good results.
Like any muscle, the brain can be developed for optimal performance. With the right stimulation, support and coaching a person can build their thinking skills.
We are born with no skills. It’s a miracle that we can even survive past the first day. Even our bodily functions operate without any conscious effort (auto pilot). We enter this world totally dependent on others to nurture us and to keep us alive and safe from harm. It I only through time and experiences we grow. Our mental capabilities and thinking develop at a rate dependant on those who teach us, our environment, our own cognitive capacity, our physical well being and the relationship we build with others.
We are here for a reason; we have to fulfil our role. I personally think I am here to help wherever I am, and as possible as can be. I would like to see my family growing in happiness and success, I would like to contribute to the prosperity of my company, and would like to put a smile on many sad faces in this world.
Looking at thinking as a skill, it can be practiced and improved.
Although we are born with the tools we need to think, our ability to think needs to be developed. The more we practice and train ourselves to think, the better we will become at it.
Can Pressure, Stress, Anxiety be manifestations of how the current view of the situation can effect us? I think so. I have been thinking for myself quite a bit lately and not allowing the thinking of others to cloud my CVS. I have thought through the various scenarios in an endeavour to gain a better view of the situation.
It’s not too late for me! It’s not that I missed out on the special “skilled thinking gene”, just that I haven’t (yet) spent much time turning my attention and energies to developing that skill.
This motto conveys that like modern technology, the brain needs to be constantly updated to become more efficient and effective to evolve with the ever changing surroundings.
Like all things, we have minimum skills when we first do something we do the bare minimum. It is not until we practise that we become proficient at the skill.
it reinforces to me that this is something that we can continually develop and improve.
Our brain has the operating system and the capacity to hold and use our thoughts, but we must train it, or program it if you will, in an appropriate manner for it to be able to efficiently and effectively undertake our broader thinking activities.
To co-exist in my environment, be inspired, learn, grow, appreciate, contribute, educate, and inspire.
This motto conveys to me that the ability to think at a desired level is a ‘learned’ skill. Therefore the ability currently possessed can be enhanced further with training.
Thought leaders are the thinkers and the moneymakers for their companies. Leading it to success and prosperity
If we approach life in a simple way things wil flow easily. Complicate things nothing wil be achieved. Be patient and success I’ll come your way.
Patience 🙂
You change improves your thinking skills at any time, any age.
Take the lessons learnt, be positive and try something new
Like anything the more you practice the better you become and this can be applied to your thinking skills. You can always improve.
You arrive with the basics. As with anything we do; continual practise rewards.
All minds are a plain canvas. It is how each individual use their technique learnt to create a masterpiece to be proud of.
It conveys to me that we are all born on a level playing field. Just like we are all born without the ability, skills and knowledge to walk and to talk and just about every other skill we have as an adult. When you look at someone who has an amazing skill and think that you could never do that, you forget that when that person was born they couldn’t do that skill either, they weren’t born knowing how to do this.
They had to put alot of effort, hard work and time into learning and developing those skills.So in the same way with being a skilled thinker, we are all born with no particular skills in thinking and we all have to learn and work at ways of thinking.
We all have an on-going opportunity to keep learning throughout out lives. It’s a matter of wanting too!
I have a CVS right now that is all encompassing. The something else that I can work pon today is to look past this CVS and determine what the FVS (Future View of the Situation) could be and work the plan to achieve that.
That yes I do think but to think better will take some work.   Stretch!
Thinking is a process, the production of effective thoughts is a skill, skills are developed, not inherited.
It’s all a learning process & we can improve our thinking day after day.
Generally our ability to think is a function of nature and nurture- nature via millions of years of evolution, and nurture via our family, education and influencers. So far no choice from the individual. Beyond this we have the opportunity to chose to optimise our ability to think more effectively- an active decision to get better at it.
questioning my thinking skills
We are trained to think in a certain way. It is only when you can think beyond this way, that are you truely free to yourself and can escape ‘the box’. To exceed in all that you do, either being on a professional level or personal.
That with effort we can train our brains to become more effective much in the same way training helps with our sporting abilities.
Thought Leaders naturally shine and magnetise people with their positive attitudes. They are constructive team members and leaders and are constantly looking for new ways to improve their enviroment. Such people are easily found are are easily distinguished amongst the crowds. Their uniqueness inspires all.
Thinking is a skill we are born with; we can think from birth. Thinking in the most efficient and effective manner however, needs to be learned.
We excell in what we know well, but success in life is daring to try something new and unfamiliar to what we are use to. It is in spreading our wings to new horizons that will make us as individuals unique and maybe just achieve the ‘impossible’, that is the ‘something else’ that we could work on today.
Thinking is an aquired skill and not one you are born with. We train our thoughts into certain steps to become a skilled thinker.
The Current View of the Situation can never be equal to the Better View of the Situation
The Current View of the Situation can never be equal to the Better View of the Situation
The Current View of the Situation can never be equal to the Better View of the situation.This makes a lot of sense to me in that there is always a better view of the situation, you just need to think about it
My score was 30. This audit made me realsie that I need to consider different varibales and alternatives when making important decisions, but I also think that quick decision making is also an important skill to have.
How do I think better about what I should think about next?
My usual daily routine, it is important for me to try to challenge myself whenever possible
That our beliefs and values predominatly come from our family and others around us
I believe in ghosts, spirits and psychic ability.
Many things that I believe in. I need to learn to stick to what I believe in and speak up rather than saying what I think people want to hear, or remaining quiet when I don’t think people will like to hear what I have to say. I need to be more confident in my beliefs and myself.
Opportunities. Many opportunities are presented throughout life, but if you are not on the watch out for them they can be easily missed. Looking for opportunities and being open to them is how people get ‘lucky’.
That I can learn and train myself to think about things in different ways. A combination of this training and a university course I am undertaking has helped me to realise that there are many correct answers and that you should strive to think of as many of them as possible and not just always go with the first thought that you have on a topic.
To experience life and bring happiness to my family and friends
Skilled thinking is something that needs to be worked on and can always be improved.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed going through this course, although I didn’t have time to regularly post answers. I wanted to register here that I did go through each question, thought about it, then read the related comments from others underneath. It was amazing that many of us have similar thoughts. I found I was seeking the comment of one particular person each time, that her thoughts reflected mine, while some mindsets are completely different, that’s people I suppose. I am new to the bank, so didn’t feel there was an area I was qualified to suggest improvement in, but hope that there are some people with the knowledge and experience to really make a difference in this space. It’s a fantastic feedback mechanism. Hopefully, one day I’ll be that person too. I was pleased to score 55 in the ‘thinkiing test’ so feel my thinking mechanisms are sound, however as people have said, there’s always room for improvement. Thanks for the opportunity Bendigo Bank, well worthwhile.

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