2 thoughts on “Optimising the Performance of the Human Mind: Prof Steve Peters

  1. … great little clip and all so true. My chimp has taken some persuading and at one point I really thought it was going to to get its way and sit under a palm tree on a tropical island after giving up. Then suddenly one day it said OK lets play together. The secret for me was imagination, mental rehearsal … try it.

  2. When ever I begin a tour and get on stage for the first time. the chimp is screaming all of those negative things. it’s really quite challenging to move forward. but as the minutes roll on and I push forward the chimp usually relaxes and as the tour progresses theres only comfort with the stage even joy. I think or the chimp as ego or irrational fear. its a never ending battle. Lately when faced with a challenging discussion or argument, I try and take 8 seconds to think before speaking, to avoid reacting. and to be in control of myself. this seems to be proving valuable.

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