“Productivity + Innovation = Return On Payroll”

Video – 6 minutes.

PRODUCTIVITY IS MEASURED BY GOVERNMENTS and companies, but it is only part of the picture. A return on payroll, or ROP, is what leaders should be delivering to their constituents and shareholders, respectively.

So says Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, founder of the ‘School of Thinking‘ and prolific author on creative and lateral thinking. In this Insight, Michael discusses how X10 Thinking can assist in growing value, by improving the capability of the existing workforce to make the right management decisions more often.

11 thoughts on ““Productivity + Innovation = Return On Payroll”

  1. “Productivity + Innovation = Return On Payroll” What a wonderful insight:)
    Michael, you are the most brilliant person I know. Your thinking is of the highest class and you have a deep understanding of management and business. Over the past decade you have changed my thinking to BVSX10.
    In your video you say that managers need to have the abillity to think sience they make right or wrong decisions that impact the ROI to the investors. As a management startegy consultant I find that managers need to learn faster and be more creative in solution generation. They need to be able to analyze multiple data streams in ral time and use their 5 sensences and experience based intuition to make the right decisions. They need time and energy to learn thinking skills that will allow them to lead in a highly competitive markets. They must learn the 80/20 models and integarte them into your 10X thinking mode. One can not become better leadr without the 80/20 and the X10.
    Thank you Michael

    Opher Brayer

  2. An insight in the importance of making decisions within a business, the point that the worse thing to do is not making a decision.
    the growth of GE and Google highlight the application of different thinking and decsion making processes.

  3. In commercial business, the key driver for success is ‘return on payroll’. All the enterprises each individual in the organisation undertakes daily, should be directed toward this long term bottom line (ROP).

  4. ROP is key factor to business. To allow your staff to think outside the square and come up with new inovative process will increase productivity and team moral

  5. ROP- its everyones job to make decisions within a company to help it develope and grow, it would be great if there was more consultation and decision making shared across all levels of staff.
    Empowering staff to see how certain decisions can benefit both themselves and the outcomes for the business.

  6. Return on Payroll is something new to me and make sense as people are the most important asset to discover opportunities and grow the business.

  7. This struck so many chords with me. If only the powers that be are listening to this too; maybe they will consider better technologies for us to be more productive, and maybe, just maybe, they will take a good hard look at the wasted $$ on some overpaid senior roles that are doing nothing but ‘defending’ rather than just getting on with the job they’ve been brought on to do!!! then we would all have a much BVS than the current CVS we have no control over,

  8. Return on payroll is an honest measure when applied across the organisation and related to the purpose of the business and or program of work. I am a fan of increasing the productivity or value of existing employees for those who choose to participate. True leaders would look beyond just managing the status quo and welcolm measures that encourage and demonstrate performance.

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