#cvs2bvs The Crash Course …

Many SOT students are daily practitioners of the Universal Brain Software known as cvs2bvs. Here’s an advanced one week crash course you can do (at a lesson a day) on four powerful insights about the strategic thinking switch cvs2bvs


The Think Switch


Introduction – <Lesson Link>

Insight 01 – <Lesson Link>

Insight 02 – <Lesson Link>

Insight 03 – <Lesson Link>

Insight 04 – <Lesson Link>



One thought on “#cvs2bvs The Crash Course …

  1. Have been working on developing the new habit of attempting to escape from my autopilot thinking to creative pilot thinking for about a year now, but still need these reminders to get back on track. The CVS to BVS works if I work at it, I sure hope others aren’t as slow at learning this new way as I am.
    “So a BIG Thank you Michael for hanging in there”

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